After The Resignation: Paul VI.


Blessed? Blessed?? BLESSED????

The sudden resignation of Pope Benedict has a positive side effect that I thought I would not leave uncommented: the freezing of the beatification of Vatican II via Paul VI and John Paul I. This very questionable plan would clearly have been tantamount to a desperate last attempt to reinvigorate Vatican II. Pope Benedict, who was unwise enough to give the plan the green light, was wise enough not to carry it out before stepping down.

The beatification of the two former Popes – and with them, de facto and certainly in the intentions of the Vatican, of an entire generation of disgraceful Catholicism, as Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II are already beatified –  – is now officially on ice, hopefully forever.

Pope Benedict’s successor will, though, find two highly “charged” beatifications baked almost to perfection, and his decision whether to serve the unsavoury dish to the Church or to let the matter die quietly will be a useful indication of what his plan for his pontificate are.

For the moment, I am glad this madness will not take place.


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  1. I believe that I recently read somewhere that the cause for JPII has been put off until at least 2014. if fr. villa’s book doesn’t crush the cause for montini than nothing will….and then I will have to reconcile to myself how a supposed infallible act (such as I have always believed the canonization of any saint to be) is wrong. as far as im concerned, paul vi was by far the biggest influence over the downfall of the church in the last 50 years…more than jp 2, more than Ratzinger, and more than john 23. I reserve judgment on jp 1 for obvious reasons. he never got a chance to screw up and he may have been silenced anyway.

    • I am a bit confused, arwiv.

      JP II’s was slated for al ater time, but I do not think it wouls be problematic in the least. A bad pope can be an excellent saint, and a great sinner a great Pope. I believe (as I should) in the infallibility of canonisations and will not question it whomever the “chosen one”. Beatifications are a different matter of course, and there I have huge reservations particularly considering the changes in procedure introduced by… John Paul II, who has basically made of the process a blessed producing factory…

      As far as I know, though, no one is proposing Montini’s canonisation, “merely” beatification. If the day should come, though, that Paul VI is beatified, I would accept it de fide and be very happy for him, too.


  2. we’ll have to agree to disagree here. I don’t believe either of the two is worthy of any honor which the Church bestows on the holy (through the proper process of course). I look at how many souls were more than likely lost under their watch due to lax teaching and I just don’t see it.

    • I agree with you on the lost souls, arwiv. The responsibility of a Pope is certainly enormous; but I want to think that holy men can be wrong whilst they are holy. In the end, we are not all fit to be Pope, it’s a job we a job description not easy to comply with.


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