Rumours About Benedict’s Vision Officially Invented

Unfortunately, the sign on the front door of Zenit wasn't really noticed.

“Invented from alpha to omega” is how Archbishop Gaenswein described the rumours about the Pontiff Emeritus' alleged “mystical visions” (many of them).

I have already dedicated a blog post to this, and warned from falling into the trap of those fake Catholics trying to create a new Magisterium, made “infallible” by the Holy Ghost's alleged endorsement of Pope Francis.

Well, now it's official. From the mouth of the de facto speaker of the Pontiff Emeritus himself.

This reminds me of the idiot who left a message in my combox accusing me of being so evil that I do not read the signs of the Holy Ghost, and blasphemous in stating that God is immutable (never read Aquinas, of course).

From the rumours they are ready to believe you will recognise them.

I expect abject apologies from Zenit, who first spread the rumour. I personally would also be interested in knowing the source of this revelation, because the suspicion the sodomite mafia had a finger in this is more than legitimate.

I somewhat doubt either will happen.



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  1. Even at my age, I have some naivete left: I really didn’t think that a news service would completely fabricate a story like this. I thought that there must have been SOME basis for it, even if it was just a trivial incident that was magnified and distorted. But maybe that was the intention; even when there’s a denial, people will think like I did: “Oh, but there must have been *something* behind it!” And the sly suggestion that Benedict somehow played John the Baptist to Francis’s Christ is pushed a little further.

  2. There is evil abroad in the Catholic Church. The evidence grows apace and the useful idiots can’t see it for the smoke of Satan.

  3. “From the rumours they are ready to believe you will recognise them.”

    Pure truth!


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