The Fag Prodigy And The Vatican

In another blunder, probably not unintentional, the Vatican has awarded a young faggot an honour for some medical advancement I do not even care to copy and paste here.

I do not know whether this is an attempt to show “faggotry friendliness” or just that the people responsible did not know the young chap is a homo, but there you are, “Vatican honours “gay” scientist” is now everywhere.

Now, it is not known to me the Vatican pre V II ever honoured Soviet scientists, or Nazi medical researchers. Why? Because to honour a single accomplishment – even if useful in himself – would have meant to unavoidably further, or be seen to further, the much bigger ideological issue behind the fact.

If one is a Communist, he must not receive any honour, period. Why? Because it’s not honourable to be a Communist, it’s an infamy.

The same applies to sexual perverts, like this young chap. To honour him means to allow him to further promote his diabolical agenda. Those who honour vocal perverts simply make the work of the devil.

This was a big mistake. The Church is there to promote Catholicism, not faggotry.



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  1. Perhaps as an encore he’ll find a cure for his same-sex attraction.

  2. Ugh. Obviously, his research sounds like it has value, but since he also sounds like not only an unrepentant sodomite, but also a great promoter of the same, there is no worldly way he should EVER be allowed anywhere near the Vatican or the Pope.

    It just gets worse and worse…

    • Apparently he hoped to be received by Francis himself.

      I can picture his men holding him with sheer physical force as he whispers “cameras… journalists…. who am I to judge…” as in a trance…


  3. Thanks Maria Victoria.

    I will not publish, but it is duly noted.


  4. And here’s how the young homosexual understood the award:

    “It’s really amazing to be recognized by the Vatican, especially as a gay scientist … I mean this would be unheard of just a few years ago. To be part of this bridge of progress is really amazing. It just shows how much the world has grown to accept people that are gay and are LGBT.”

  5. M., In the same vein, I was recently examining a chapter in a very recently published Psychiatric textbook–written for psychiatrists, not generalists–and was pleased to find that there is strong evidence in the research (a compilation of examination of all studies for methods, validity, etc) that about 66% of individuals heretofore considered homosexual are able to satisfactorily change their orientation to heterosexual. If the root issues (and yes, relationship with parents is paramount) are addressed via psychotherapy, many people do successfully change their orientation. The textbook also waxed philosophical that no ideology should ever hamper the quest for truth. Of course Holy Mother Church is never afraid of the truth, for she is Truth. Certainly, the textbook did not advance putting homosexuality back on the perversion roster, but it was a lot more politically incorrect than I ever dreamed. I believe with the passage of gay marriage in the West, there will be far more human suffering than can be imagined and the Truth will prevail. It may take 100s of years, however. .

    On another note, for a nice overview of what Francis has wrought, check out The New Oxford Review, November 2013, The Poor Misunderstood Pope? I even learned a few new things I think you too may be unaware of. To subscribe:

    $24 Domestic/yr $55 Foreign/year

    The New Oxford Review
    1069 Kains Avenue
    Berkeley, California 94706

    • Yes apparently they have been deleted? At least I can’t see anything, but then I am not logged in.

      Beware priests posing for the cameras in strange fashions, like the one in those facebook pages.


  6. Imagine someone accepting an award saying “…especially as a notorious adulterer”, “pedophile”, “serial rapist”, etc.


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