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If you are sensitive about the Pope, stop reading now. If you continue, consider that I will, most certainly, not publish your comment.


The surprise decision of the Holy Father to step down is only a few hours old, but I am sure you have already read all the sugary stuff your liver can muster.

You are, I hope, not a reader of this blog because you want to read the sugary stuff. If you are, you will be disappointed; but frankly, you haven’t been paying much attention, either.

I have waited before starting to write this post, and have not “stopped” a blog post – and a very bitter one – written two days ago, and scheduled for this evening.  I haven’t, because I do not think that simple facts of life change because of our emotional reactions to historical – and today was truly historical – events.

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  1. I don’t think I was reading your blog yet last year, so I’ll comment now. I pretty much agree with you that summorum pontificum wasn’t implemented well. But, it was the shot heard around the world for many. Albeit it’s small, it started a revolution. Those(the post v2 generation) discovered what was stolen from them. For many of us, we know too much now. The geriatric modernist gang can’t do to us what they did to our grandparents. I am forever grateful to pope Benedict for summorum pontificum.

  2. Good expression! To those who whimper “But he left us Summorum Pontificum!” I say it’s like a shepherd running away, who tosses down his stick just before he leaps over the hedge to safety. “Here you go, sheep! This is good for keeping off wolves!” Trouble is, we’re sheep, and we’re not that handy with using sticks; that’s supposed to be HIS job.


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