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After The Unspeakably Stupid, The Blindingly Obvious

Bishop Galantino is on record with stating that concubines are not allowed to receive Communion. He adds a couple of bla blas, but the message is clear: I haven't said that they can, so get off my neck.

No, of course he hasn't. Not even he is so thick. He has said that they are not allowed, and this is too harsh a punishment and an unjust discrimination.

Galantino is not new to this kind of exercise. Search this blog and read how already in the past he has delivered a truckload of first-class bullcrap, and has then whiningly complained of how misunderstood he was.

Like Francis, this man should have had his ass kicked all the way to the church a long time ago.

Too late now I am afraid, as they are both bishops.


He Will Have His Reward




“Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly”.

The “Catholic Herald” informs us that Francis has sent a “personal gift” of some consistence (“one million”) to the persecuted people in Iraq. Article not online yet, but the headlines on this morning’s CH were very big so this was the message.

One wonders what has happened of the Catholics of old, by whom the left hand did not know what the right hand did. This here reminds me, not for the first time, of the hypocrite who puts himself at a crossroad in order to be seen by everyone when he gives alms. The hypocrite, at least, did not have journalists to blow his trumpet.

Then there is the matter of the provenance of the money. Yes, the Pope is the absolute sovereign of the Vatican, and there is no distinction I know of between the bank accounts of the Vatican and his own patrimony. If it belongs to the Church, it’s his to give.

Still, every dog and cat know this is not money the man earned or inherited. It is not his money qua Jorge Bergoglio. It is “his money” because he is the Pope.

By every other man, it would be considered in extremely bad taste to let money acquired by way of the office appear as “his own money”, even if this happened to be the case. In the case of a Pope, it is in even worse taste. In the case of a Pope feigning poverty everytime is convenient, it is Francis-tasteless. 

Do you think his predecessors did not send money away on such occasions? Why did they not let the world know about it, even selling it as “personal gift” of theirs?

And no, there are no excuses. The headline did not say “Francis orders help to be sent to Iraq”, as on other occasions a Government could order such measures. This is a personal gift of the oh so humble Pope.

Poor when it’s convenient.

Rich when it’s convenient.

Hypocrite, always.




A saintly man, it is said. Invincible ignorance, very probably. Still, J S Bach had no right to a Catholic funeral.

Another very confused blog post from a rather confused blogger priest, who will not profit financially – as he normally does – from a link here.

The priest in question feels his duty to criticise those Catholics who point out to a very simple truth: Protestants cannot receive a Catholic funeral in any way, shape or form. This is not me, or my cat, or Mrs Johnson down the road. This is Canon Law and, even before that, it is common sense.

Canon Law – and Catholicism, comes to that – is not about emoting; it is about thinking. A Protestant cannot have a Catholic funeral because, with his dying a Protestant, he has visibly put himself for all the world to see outside of that (only) Church outside of which there is no salvation.

Now, it can happen – I do not know how rarely; but I do know that it would be senseless temerity and self-righteous arrogance for anyone to presume he does not need to convert – that the dude or dudette in question does die within the Church, because that very Christ to Whom the final decision is given admits him to be part of the only Church in the last moment of his or her life, and the dude or dudette therefore dies a Catholic and avoids hell. But the fact remains that for the world he has died a Proddie, and therefore he will still – whether he has saved his backside from eternal barbecuing, or not – not be entitled to a Catholic funeral, lest scandal be given.

Is this so difficult to grasp? No. It makes perfect sense. Until one stops thinking and starts emoting.

Then, this person will reflect that the deceased Proddie might have been – as human standards go – a better man, a more faithful husband, a more thoroughly recycling and better driving citizen than the Catholic small crook who died on the same day after a life of expedients, but in the fear of the Lord and at peace with Him. Which, the reasoning goes, would not justify the double standard and make it unjust, or unreasonable, or too “pre-age of Mercy”.

But this is not an argument. There is a double standard for those “in” or “out” of the Church because there is only one Church; and this Church makes – she must make, if she is to be the Church – a very clear distinction between in and out, and must attach to it a concrete risk of horrible, eternal consequences for those who choose to die… out.

In this respect – that is: considering whether one died in or out – how “good” one was is neither here nor there. He wasn't good enough to be entitled to a Catholic funeral, for sure, and he should be happy enough if he has saved his ass; which, seeing his death as a Protestant, is ipso facto uncertain.

This mentality that “goodness”, not right thinking and right choices, entitles one to something – a Catholic funeral but, by extension, salvation; which is the big underlying issue, and the one that gives rise to the prohibition – is a very emotional, very irrational, and very effeminate one. It is the thinking of the emoting wussie, who does not get that adults make choices and pay the consequences.

The atheist “missionary” who spends his life fighting Ebola and dies in his atheism will still go to hell, because the offence to God of dying in one's atheism is infinitely – as in: infinitely – graver than any brownie point his humanitarian activity might earn him in one million lives. It is humanitarian effort without God, and therefore without any charity, and therefore voiding – as far as the issue of salvation is concerned – any contrary argument.

Is this difficult to understand? No. Is it rational? Quite. Is it uncomfortable to hear? You bet.

But this is what Catholicism is: as hard and as beautiful as a diamond. He is wise who understands that the diamond will not become soft for the sake of the Protestant glass. He is a fool who thinks that he is quality glass, and the diamond will have to yield to him.

Those who understand Truth know what the Church is: a barque helping us, wretched sinner as we all are, to cross the perilous sea of our sinful lives and safely reach the opposite shore. What profits the Proddie that he is a better swimmer than most Catholics on the barque if he is still out there, in the cold, swimming? Many a swimmer dies, who thought he had no need for the barque. Many a horrible swimmer lives, who with the grace of God understood where he had to be in order not to perish in the cold water of sin. The Protestant “virtuous” man may fancy himself better able to face the cold water; he can, in fact, be undoubtedly the better swimmer. I do not doubt many of them are. But in the end, he is still there, swimming alone in the cold, whilst the awful swimmer was smart enough to stay or get on the boat. Many a virtuous swimmer will, therefore, perish; and many an awful one safely reach the other shore one day.

Ultimately, then, who is the more virtuous? Since when has it become virtuous to be a heretic? Invincible ignorance certainly excuses; but if we look around us we will see very little of it, and an awful lot of presumption and arrogance or, if you prefer, a lot of idiots who want to swim alone because they think they are too good for the Barque, which is so full of hideous sinners, or uncomfortable rules, or both.

At the end of the day Heretic is who heretic does, and heresy can never be good, or pleasing to God, or in any way desirable. It is not cruel or unreasonable that the Church refuses a Catholic funeral to those who die in their heresy. It would be cruel and unreasonable if she did otherwise, because in this case the Church Herself would set up to massively confuse the faithful about what is right and what is wrong.

What some priest – many, in fact – must understand is that Catholicism is neither easy nor comfortable. On the contrary, by its very nature it will cause the harsher conflicts where the commingling of Catholicism and Protestantism, or of Catholicism and Atheism, is more pronounced. I grew up in an environment deprived of even one single Protestant, and Catholic Truth about heresy never divided my family. But if in the middle of a family Catholicism and Protestantism mingle, then the Catholic Truth will perforce cut through it like a knife, or if you prefer like the above mentioned diamond cuts the lies of Protestant glass. Any attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable will, then, only water down the Truth, damaging – to little or great extent – the very Catholic members of that family; which, let it say it, is another reason why it is desirable that there be no Protestants among that family in the first place.

All very simple, very logical and very Catholic. But not if you depart from the straight and narrow, and start to reason about how oh pious the Protestants are, and how oh inflexible – generally one adds here “judgmental”, “self righteous” or another of the adjectives loved by those who have no argument – the orthodox Catholics.

To die a Protestant is a serious threat to one's eternal salvation. It is a threat that does not have to end in tragedy, but leaves one exposed to this risk. It is, besides, a scandal that encourages other to believe that it be allowed, even normal to die in one's heresy. And therefore, rightly and wisely the Church forbids that such people may have the Protestant cake and eat the Catholic funeral.

That V II priests seem unable to see such self-evident truths tells you a lot about your V II priests.




“Vir Dei”: The Prayer To The Guardian Human

No need for a caption, I think...

No need for a caption, I think…




Inspired by the latest statement of Pope Francis, I thought that the Pope might, now that it has been decided that Angels are inferior to Man, ask each Catholic to become the Guardian Human of an angel.

As he is there, the Bishop of Rome could ask the angels to recite their daily prayer for their Guardian Human.

Being somewhat conservative, I suggest the following text:

Vir Dei,
qui custos es mei,
me tibi commissum pietate pontifica,
hodie illúmina, custodi, rege et guberna.


Man of God, my guardian dear,
to whom Pope’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light, to guard, to rule, and guide.

There. This is fixed.

All these preconceptions and superstitions about angels have gone on for too long. Thankfully, we now have Francis to tell us, very humbly, what is what.



Everybody Dance Now!

The bishop had a party

Yes, it isn't a fake.

Yes, it's a Sedevacantist site. [edit: no, it isn't!]

Yes, it happened in Benedict's time.

Francis did not come out suddenly out of nowhere.

Bad things happen and everyone thinks it can be kept out of control.

Until one fine evening of March 2013 the crap hits the fan. Then everyone says “oh, things were so fine with Benedict!”. No they weren't. There were a lot of mavericks around. But thinking about it coolly, with benedict's “it will pass” mentality it was only a matter of time until one would become Pope, because Benedict did not keep the Mavericks out of the red hats, at all.


The Priest Who Would Not Get It.

Interesting post at Father Z's, where the rather usual situation – at least in my experience – occurs: long line to receive from the priest, pretty much no one wants to receive from the riduculous layman – or woman – with the strange abbreviation beginning with E standing nearby.

What does, then, the priest in question do? He simply provides the chap – or gal; or more probably old woman – with the desired clientele by stopping his own distribution.

Interesting, this one. The priest can clearly see the faithful want to receive from him. Does this happen because he is a fine chap who knows a lot of jokes? Or will it perhaps be because… they want to receive from the priest?

If the priest isn't a humble Jesuit, he knows the truth already. Therefore, the only conclusion that can be drawn here is that the man is actively recoiling from doing his job so that another one who is not a priest, and not the one from whom the parishioner want to receive, may avoid feeling a total fool, standing there all alone with a face that says “the Sixties were a good time, actually…”.

My personal suggestion is to never, on no account and under no circumstances, receive from a laywhatever. Oh well, if you're dying and there is truly no alternative, perhaps, but that's that. If many start doing this way, at some point even the most politically correct knucklehead will get the message. I have never received from a laysomething in my life, nor have I ever given communion to myself. I am firmly intentioned to die with my record intact. If you can receive and feel like receiving – nowadays one must explain why he doesn't, doesn't he; and he must pay attention some old woman will not nag him no end that he really, really should – and the only alternative is to take part to a horrible legalised liturgical abuse like no generation of pre V II had to endure, or not to receive like many in every generation before V II, I can't imagine how it would not be vastly better to choose the second, the traditional option. Choose to be in the company of sixty generations of Christians, rather than of one and a half of tambourine cafeteria Catholics. You can make spiritual communion anyway, and there will be other occasions.

But certainly, confronted with such behaviour I would seriously consider whether the priest in question should have another occasion, or at least a fourth or fifth. From their fruits you will recognise them; a priest who willingly neglects his duty so that the Sixties may look better doesn't look like a very good fruit to me.



“Little Monsters” And Gaga Friars

“Pastoral” friars (courtesy of NovusOrdoWatch; alas, Sedevacantists).

“Little Monsters”


WYD Ass Prize: Pick Your Winner!







As the Year of Our Lord 2013 is slowly leaving us it might be good to revisit, as a perennial warning, one of the most ominous loads of bovine excrement served to the faithful by the joyful nuChurch of Francis, The Humble Guy.

This video is an eloquent testimony of the state in which our stupid prelates have reduced the One True Church.

Faithful to the motto oportet ut scandala eveniant, I invite you to post this madness on your blog, or on your facebook page, or to send it to your friends so that they know what they must think the next time one of these nincompoops wants to teach us some strange novelty.  

You  might also want to pick your own very special prelate for individual shaming, and warning to the other faithful.

After two runs (which were difficult enough to stomach), in my view the clear winner is the athletic, enthusiastic chap at 2:41 to 2:44. His dope must have been of the first quality. I hope there was a time when he was worthy of the habit, but as things are now I think he should be stripped of it stante pede

Can’t imagine any of the apostles making such an ass of himself. Denying Christ in a moment of weakness, yes. Being fearful of persecution, of course. But making a pathetic clown of himself and the Church he is called to represent at that age just to please a bunch of idiots and try to show them he is cool and modern? No.


Lessons From The FFI “Golpe”

The name Volpi (Foxes) is very misleading...

As the weeks go by and the progressivist steamroller flattens the FFI to the ground, it might be useful to take some measurements and spend two words about what I think is happening on a broader perspective. I think the following observations can be made:

1. A very tiny number of dissenters (apparently around half a dozen in an order counting hundreds) was enough to start the most brutal crackdown in several decades. The same excuse can be now used everywhere. Woe to the FSSP if there are little dissensions, with a handful of Judas among them saying the Order has become “divisive”, or “crypto-lefebvrist”: an accusation very easy to fabricate, as the FSSP exist to celebrate – even if not exclusively – the same Mass of which Francis has said that it can be, exactly, divisive. Were this to happen, they would probably be doomed, and their only hope of survival would be in Francis' fear of the SSPX. In this case we would have a real paradox: an Order living only thanks to the other Order it was born to destroy. Still, the FSSP can be damaged and watered down in many ways without having recourse to the brutality of the full “FFI treatment”. Personally, I think this is exactly what will happen in the years to come.

2. It should be clear to even the least intelligence that Francis is fully behind all that is happening. Firstly, it is simply not conceivable that such brutality be adopted without the Pope's previous assent; secondly, Father Volpi – the FFI's torturer – has explicitly mentioned the Holy Father's support for his action and has not been contradicted, much less forced to backpedal. This is, ultimately, all Francis' doing, as plain as the sun.

3. The crackdown is not against people, but attitudes. The closure of the seminary shows in Francis' and Volpi's mind the problem lies not in single individuals, but in the traditionalist Weltanschauung of the order. They are targeted because they love Tradition, full stop.

The FFI is the most evident sign of Francis' reigning style we had up to now: as ruthless and brutal when he sees successful Catholicism at work as he is slyly active in promoting his own dying but very convenient brand of kindergarten Catholicism.

Please, Lord, let this punishment come to an end soon.


“I SawThree Ships” (Arr. Preston).

Francis: Either Stupid Or Evil

Defend us in battle!

Defend us in battle!

In an interview with Catholic News Service, Mr Eberle said “many points” in the Pope’s apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”) suggested the German Church was “moving in the right way” in its attitude toward remarried Catholics.Uwe Renz, spokesman in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, also defended the bishops’ stance. He said he believed the bishops were acting “in the spirit of the Pope’s teaching.”“Our own dialogue process has shown this is a major issue for both lay Catholics and priests,” Mr Renz said.“Pope Francis has called on bishops to exercise a wise and realistic pastoral discernment on such problems, and our bishops want divorced and remarried Catholics to be a full part of the church community, with full rights.”

I do not entirely blame Mr Eberle. I mean, of course I do. But he is not the first responsible for the impending schism in Germany. Francis, the Pope who does not want to be called that way, is.

One must be either utterly evil or very, very stupid, not to understand what all this popularity-seeking waffle is leading to. It is unavoidable that all this stuff about decentralisation and calling for “pastoral discernment” opens the way to the worst evil imaginable. Let me repeat it again: utterly evil, or very stupid. From today, “German Schism” enters the number of my tags. I am afraid I will have to write many, many posts with this tag. I pray that the Angels ask for vengeance on the Pope who allows this happen; nay, encourages it. The Church is being raped under our very eyes, and with the stupid acquiescence or evil complicity of the very Pope. What times are we living in.

Francis needs to seriously wake up, and this charitably supposing he is asleep rather than complicitous. Every day we see the enemies of Christ take another centimetre of sacred Church ground, whilst Francis sneaks out in the night to “help the poor”, or buries us under 50,000+ words of more or less heretical waffle.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

Stupid or evil. Tertium non datur.



The Way That Leadeth To Father Barron

This fine Michael Voris video puts at the centre of our attention a very simple concept: some clergymen will not allow a small nuisance like Our Lord to get in the way of their own marketing effort.

This is very evident in the effort of Father Barron to downplay or even deny the existence of hell as a concrete possibility for the likes of you and me – and, very obviously, for the likes of him -.

Voris makes an obvious point: when you start to doubt Hell as a concrete possibility for everyone of us you have undermined the very core of the message of Christ. But then again, there are a lot of clergymen around (and I do not except the Bishop of Rome; most certainly not) who truly seem not to have any idea of what Christianity is about.

One must not agree with Voris’ every word, but it is very difficult to disagree with the message.

Personally, I am more optimistic than he is concerning the chances of salvation of baptised Catholics, following the opinion of Garrigou-Lagrange and his serene confidence God’s efficacious grace irresistibly takes many baptised Christians, and a bigger number of Catholics, out of the worst; but then again, when Garrigou-Lagrange thought of a generic “Christian” or “Catholic” in 1950 he had in mind a much different person from a generic “Catholic” in 2013; a time when, if you observe reality for what it is, not even the Pope gives a damn for orthodoxy.

I doubt Francis is any better than Barron. I truly do. I think the main difference between the two is that Francis is Pope and Barron isn’t, so the former can only clearly hint at what the second feels free to openly state.

The fact is that the Barrons of the world have created a fertile ground for Francis, but Francis’ Papacy in turn creates the conditions for many little Bergoglios (let’s call them the Bergoglini) to go on with their work of destruction undisturbed. Give Francis ten years (Lord: please, please not!) and you will see an astonishing number of Barrons around.

Wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. It seems to me Francis’ and Barron’s way leadeth straight to the wall; or much, much worse.


Poor Ireland

Poor father couldn't enjoy it in peace anymore.

The blog of EF Pastor Emeritus reported, a week or so ago, about the situation of the Irish priests. They are, we are informed, treated badly by their bishops: no security of a permanent position as parish priest; no explanation or consultation before a transfer; at times, even immediate removal if one happens to seriously cross the bishop. This is why the poor priests – once such a joyous image of laughter, and spreading happiness wherever they went – are now despondent and discouraged, and their pint of Guinness doesn't taste anymore how it used to. How sad.

One must sympathise with the poor employees of the Ministry Of Empty Slogans. Their superiors aren't as good to them as they Once were. In normal circumstances, their security of position in a certain location does not exceed… nine years! And this even considering that the employees are very much liked by the general public (even those not seen very often in the Ministry's corridors), whilst their superiors aren't very much liked, are they now… How cruel and insensitive the higher echelons of the Ministry Of Empty Slogans are…

Alas, there is a little problem in the entire reasoning.

The employees aren't really such. They are priests. They have solemnly and publicly stated they are willing to die for Christ, not to be willing to have safe and cosy fixed employment for life. They are the ones supposed to make themselves unpopular and uncomfortable, but in the end respected, instead of wearing their “popularity” among swindling, poorly instructed and uncaring faithful as if it were a badge of honour. It's not a marketing, or a popularity exercise.

On the contrary, it is highly indicative that a generation of priests who has managed to completely ravish Catholicism in their own country should complain about their lack of security and extol their popularity in comparison to their bishops', just in the weeks in which abortion measures are adopted in a country utterly and completely deserted by its disgraceful, cowardly clergy.

I do not expect that a priest wakes up in the morning wishing for martyrdom, as we are all humans and God will inspire all the martyrs he needs anyway. What I find astonishing is that just in the weeks in which the utter and complete failure of the Irish clergy are exposed in front of the entire Catholic planet, these people should complain about a job security going on for merely nine years – a security for which many laymen in England would not give an arm, but probably consider giving away one little finger – and call to their defence the fact they are “liked”, as if this desire to be liked wasn't the cause of the utter decay of Catholicism in the country in the first place. Absurdly, they complain that their bishops… want to be liked.

And so the likes of us – people who recognised they do not have a vocation, and whose job security is generally one to three months – must read about the lack of ministerial desk security of the very same people who have, let us say it again, utterly and completely demolished Catholicism in the once so faithful Ireland. Whilst Rome burns they are not only fiddling, but complaining about the quality of the fiddle.

Perhaps a collective transfer to Uganda, or Syria, or Libya, or Egypt, or India would do them a lot of good.

Now, the priest blogger who wrote the above mentioned post is certainly a good priest and a good blogger, and I therefore want to hope at least some of his Irish acquaintances will be the same. But he presented the situation as a general Irish problem, and it is therefore more than fitting to look at the situation in general, and to consider what the Irish clergy have done to their own Country. They have raped it, that's what they have done to it; but they complain about the occasional suppository prescribed by their doctor, the bishop. Not that the bishop is better than they are, of course. He is merely higher in the hierarchy, and the one who can prescribe the suppository to his fellow rapists. What goes around…

And so one must read about the job security whining of these employees of the Ministry Of Empty Words (which might be appropriately called Ministry Of Catholicism' Rape) just when abortion is being – after decades of popularity contest, and ministry desk occupancy – introduced in the land. One reads such complaints and has no doubt whatever about why Ireland is where it is now.

Enjoy your suppository, dear Irish priests. It is merely a small hint of the much bigger punishment waiting for many of you.



Proclaiming Christ Unto Death

“The Church exists to proclaim, to be the voice of a Word, her husband, who is the Word,” [the Pope]  said June 24, the feast of the birth of John the Baptist, who died a martyr.

“The Church exists to proclaim this Word until martyrdom. Martyrdom precisely in the hands of the proud.”

Beautiful words from the Holy Father.

Perhaps a phone call to the Imam in New York would be in order.


Meet Timothy Imam Dolan


The de facto Commander-in-Chief of the American Catholics today openly apostatised, officially declaring his abandonment of Christian dogma. Now allegedly moved by Mohammed, he went to visit a local Mosque.

Great was the joy of the still cardinal at being finally able to enter a place considered sacred by the followers of a child rapist. “I thank God that this day has arrived”, said the future Muslim cleric, overwhelmed by emotions after so many years of clearly outdated Tabernacles, Blessed Virgin statues, and worship of Christ and the Holy Ghost as God.

Mr Dolan, now slated for a position of high responsibility among New York Muslims, officially announced his abandonment of Christianity, explicitly saying that Muslims and Christians believe in the same God.

After the future Imam’s official betrayal of Christ, commenters are divided among those who think he is a retard and those who think he is simply a prostitute, with the second faction apparently prevailing for the time being. Sudden insanity has been excluded, and the still cardinal was reported to eat with the usual appetite today.

The new Imam has given a short outline of what he thinks leads to salvation: love of marriage and family, or children and babies is what saves. The Truth, the Way and the Life are clearly, to him, past sell-by date.

Coherently, he has called for Muslims not to lose their faith. Otherwise they might – God forbid! – become Christians…

The new Imam, who has declared Christians and Muslims love “the same God”, is on record for thanking the Muslim for letting him feel “part of the family”, and his blatant denial of the divinity of Christ and the Holy Ghost persuaded everyone.

Today, Timothy Dolan denied Christ, and truly became part of the Muslim family.



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