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The Rape Of The Gospel

Bishop Tobin is the last in a long series of puttanelle who suddenly start reflecting whether the Church of Christ hasn’t, perhaps, betrayed His message and done everything wrong these 2,000 years. May he repent and obtain forgiveness when he dies; and I hope for Bishop Tobin that, if he dies unrepentant, God is more lenient than I think He will be.

Dr Peters has already written a rebuttal of the many points in which the Bishop piddles out of the WC and leaves a mess all around. I suggest you go there and read his extremely diplomatic, but very clear reply in its entirety.

What I would like to point out today is the utter and complete betrayal of Christ and His Church that is put in place every time a bishop, of all people, tries to explain to us the problems in behaving like the Church has always behaved; a behaviour made the more repulsive when this is made taking as excuse a warped reading of the Gospel. Nor can his apparent contradictions fool anyone about his subversive intent and the fact that this is the usual Modernist/V II style. “Of course we uphold Church teaching, but….”.

The Devil can quote the Gospel for his purposes, and it is not difficult to take it in isolation and let it say whatever we want to; which, by the way, is the reason for thousands of different Protestant congregations, all claiming to follow the same Scripture.

Every child used to know that; which is why they went to Catechism first and to Doctrine later, where they would be given a coherent and organic exposition of the Truth; this, in turn, would allow them to avoid the danger of reading the Gospel and raping it for their own purposes.

Not so in the new world of our purple puttanelle.

They will take a verse or two in isolation – say: Jesus’ condemnation of the extremely rigid formalism of Jewish Sabbath observance; clearly reflected in the understanding of Sunday in all Catholic Countries – and wonder whether, in light of his extraordinary discovery, rules should now make any sense at all. Perhaps should we, then, decide that public adulterers could receive communion? Look, the Jews were wrong! It follows that the Church is wrong too, right?

There is only one word for the Bishop’s behaviour: prostitution. And no, I do not care if there are far worse bishops that Tobin around. Battle lines are been formed here, and no bishop can claim to remain neutral. On the side of Christ, or on the side of Satan. Bishop Tobin has chosen Satan’s, and the fact that he did abundantly shows the extent of the problem.

Ask yourself whether the bishop would have expressed himself in such terms during Benedict’s pontificate, and you will see very clearly the poison in his soul.

This, my friends, is another one looking for Brownie points by TMAHICH.



TMAHICH And The Glorified NGO

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History is on record with saying that the Church is not a glorified NGO.

Unsurprisingly by such a circus tool, a glorified NGO seems to be exactly the vision he has of the Church: an organisation in which everything – from his homilies and off-the-cuff blatherings to his foreign travels to his verbous documents and interviews – is meant to trumpet the Church as the Force For Social Advancement, whilst the concept of salvation is dismissed as automatic achievement and, therefore, largely irrelevant as is repentance, conversion, & Co.

This NGO mania is so advanced, that the Church administration should now be reorganised to better serve the purpose. One is truly reminded of those Multinationals' restructuring at the core of which, they assure us, is the desire to be nearer the wishes and thinking – and purses – of the customer.

A “congregation for the Laity” should now be created. We already have, to my knowledge, a pontifical council with that name, but this here is clearly a promotion. Actually, I thought the Church Herself, and her organisation of bishops and priests and deacons, exists for the laity, so that the Congregation is a bit as if the British Government created a “ministry for the government”; but such are the times we live in.

This congregation would occupy itself with poverty, peace, justice and all the issues that sound so well in the ear of the world. It will be, so to speak, the spearhead of Pope Robin Hood. It will fill the void until now existing between papal rhetoric and papal administration.

I have no doubt the head of this new dicastery has been already selected by the Pope; and if he will not be one so utterly, as the Italians say, impresentabile as Maradiaga, it will probably be a slightly more presentable version of that unworthy prelate.

This will be a powerful man; at the centre of the attention, and rather well positioned to take Francis' place when he dies or resigns.

Say hello to “Glorified NGO”, then. In a world in which salvation is a given and giving public scandal is worthy of a Papal pat on the back, the only issues that count will be the exclusively worldly ones.

Let me stress it once again: this is The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church Hystory. He has, in fact, deserved an acronym just for him: TMAHICH.



Malice Aforethought

It's Tuesday, and the news aggregators report the tsunami of headlines concerning the Unholy Father's latest scandal.

Francis is “inclusive”; he signals a “shift”; he indicates sex outside of marriage is, even, “not a sin”. Things like that. A lot of them.

As always, the planet is now divided in two. The first group are the Pollyannas and the stupid (often the same people) believing that Francis is being “merciful”, without explaining to us why it seems not that the concubines have repented of their real sins, but rather that the Church has repented of her alleged ones. The second are all other, those with a functioning brain and the will to use it, who see what is all too plain and executed completely under the sun: the pickaxing of Catholic teaching in favour of a new sentimental, shallow, and very stupid imitation Christianity in which poverty and social justice are the only real problems, and sin is the preserve of mafia bosses and rosary-counting faithful.

No one can say with a straight face that this umpteenth tsunami of headlines is not exactly what Francis wanted. It is too obvious, and it has happened too many times, to allow any such behaviour. This is a Pope clearly acting with malice aforethought, perfectly aware of what headlines each and every of his antics will generate.

Some people seem to think if they blind themselves and refuse to see the very obvious evidence, this will be counted for them – or at least not against them – when they die.

They are sorely mistaken, because they are being his accomplices and enablers.



A Message To The Parishioners Of Blackfen, London, England.

This poster had suddenly appeared outside of the parish church of Blackfen.

This poster had suddenly appeared outside of the parish church of Blackfen.



Dear Parishioners,

I am reliably informed that since the very worthy Father Finigan has left, two novelties have surfaced.

1) The new parish priest (Father Fisher) can celebrate the Traditional Mass, but he won’t.

2) The “Tablet” has made his reappearance.

I do not doubt that many of you miss Father Finigan, and I agree with you such a one is not easy to replace. But there is, in my eyes, a great difference between a substitute without the talent of his predecessor – which is excusable – and one who undermines his work – which isn’t -.

The Tridentine Mass goes out just as, rather symbolically, the “Tablet” gets in. You can, dear parishioner, now avail yourself of a number of excuses as to why what is happening is not bad; or not so bad; or not very bad. You can say to yourself that the new man (Father not-much-of-a-Fisher) does not want to celebrate the Tridentine Mass because he feels he would not be as good as his predecessor. Or you may tell yourself that perhaps he has an unpleasant cough, that would – for the moment at least – suggest it is better to cough exclusively in vernacular. Perhaps you may want to examine the possibility that Father has a lisp, and thinks this stands in the way of a worthy pronounciation of the words, among others, “Dominus”, “Agnus”, “Miserere” and, obviously, “corpus”. The possibilities are endless.

The same applies to the sudden reappearance of the “Tablet”. Perhaps Father Finigan didn’t consider it an obscene rag from and for the enemies of Catholicism, but was simply allergic to that particular paper? Could it be that the “Tablet” has now become orthodox? What if Father Fisher is, in a very cunning and Francis-like move, selling the Tablet again in order for his parishioners to understand how bad it is? Or perhaps his bishop has threatened him with horrible persecution – like, say, beating him with a feather – if he does not sell the magazine?

The last line of defence might, as so often, be: “but he is so nice”. Nice people, so this reasoning goes, can’t be bad priests. Everyone knows that. Father is nice; therefore, everything must be OK, eh? no?


Or, my dear parishioners, you can decide that you will not swallow any strange story; that you will look at reality straight in the eyes; and that these changes so soon after the new man’s arrival can only mean one thing: Father Finigan’s parishioners are going to be slowly, but surely subject to a parish reeducation camp, that will only be considered concluded when the “Tablet” sells well, dissent is fashionable and so lío, and Francis is the best Pope e-v-a-h!

What to do, my dear parishioners?

My suggestions are here, and here.

Look long and hard for a TLM solution suitable to you. If you can afford to travel some distance, consider it. Do not exclude any possibility. There are two SSPX possibilities in London only, of which Wimbledon should be feasible for many. You may want to consider it even if you were a NO parishioner. One day, you might remember how you decided to attend the TLM when… it went away, and may the Lord reward you richly!

You may, in all cases, not have any suitable Tridentine alternative and realise now you have lost the one you loved. I feel with you for your loss. But TLM or no TLM, I suggest that you do this: make the choice, today, that you are not going to attend in a parish that offers the “Tablet” for sale. Not once. Starting from this very moment.

Nothing good can come, in the long term, from a priest who not only tolerates, but reintroduces the “Tablet” after his worthy predecessor removed it. Nor can you lull yourself in the hope that by “staying” and “fighting your battle”, the parish climate will change. How many “Tablet”-like priests do you know who have been converted by his own parishioners? How probable is it that he will change his ways? How probable that the parishioners will slowly change theirs?

My advice to you, my dear parishioners, is that you immediately stop attending in Blackfen, with no ifs and no buts; that you look, and keep looking, for TLM options in the months and years to come, availing yourself of that possibility as soon as you reasonably can; that you draw a line in the sand, and decide that the time of nice and smiling priests siding with the world has come to an end, and you will not attend anymore in a parish that sells the Tablet, for the good of your own soul and of the souls of those entrusted to you.

Take courage, my dear parishioners. Don’t cling to a past now gone. Father Finigan is now rather far away, and the “Tablet” is smiling at you from the shelf instead.

Is this parish, the same but now another, the place where you want to attend? Is this the priest you want to entrust with the task of guiding you towards salvation?

The TLM is out. The “Tablet” is in. Or I could put it in another way: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi. You have the truth of this in front of you. It is being, in fact, being rubbed under your nose as I write this.

One life, and after that the judgment. Do not entrust people who offer to you the “Tablet” to read the task of guiding you on your way to Purgatory. From their magazines you will know them. Do not be deceived by the gradualism with which he will go at his work: orthodox homilies perhaps, and here and there a hint of former times. This is one who sells you the Tablet, and can celebrate the Tridentine Mass but won’t.

Let Father answer for it when he dies.

As to you, I suggest that you keep your distance from both the magazine and the priests who sell it.




Marriage And Mercy

I do not think the couples married by the Unholy Father are the first who have behind them a rather turbulent past; I do not know, either, how a conservative priest (say, a SSPX priest: just to be sure there is no “mercy” bollocks) would react when a couple of concubines were to tell him they want to marry in the church.

For example:would he require that they live separately whilst they undergo marriage preparation? How long would the preparation have to be? And Co.

These questions are not for me to answer: ask your friendly, sound priest. Marriage is a complicated field.

What I do know is that most certainly a Pope should not even dare to think to marry such concubines himself, for the simple reason that by doing so he would send a clear message that it is more or less okey-dokey for people to live in sin and scandal. Hey, we can marry at any time; the Pope himself might marry us, nowadays!

And this is, I think, exactly the message the Unholy Father wants to send: in the age of mercy we aren't so strict, eh? What's a bit of scandal among merciful friends, no? If one fornicates and lives in scandal and undermines marriage and “seeks the Lord” (whatever that means) who am I to judge?

The result of this – I do not know whether stupid, atheist or satanic – attitude is that more couples will now feel authorised to live in sin before marrying, feeling that the Pope himself dismisses this little peccadillo with a smile and a wink. The pressure will be particularly strong among less observant Catholics, those who do not have a clear idea of the gravity of the fact and will now have an inducement to downplay it. They will feel encouraged by Francis to go down the same path, which is certainly grave matter, and put themselves at risk of damnation.

This is how, in this as in so many other matters, “mercy” becomes its exact contrary: complicity with Satan.

One of the women married on Sunday recognised half of this truth. She thought she would never be married by the Pope, because she isn't a good Catholic. Yes, of course she isn't; and yes, of course she doesn't deserve it. But the woman then proceeds to blind herself from the other eye, stating, in a perfect non sequitur, that it is so wonderful that the Pope marries her anyway. “I thought I was bad, but the Pope marries bad people; therefore it is not the Pope who encourages being bad, but it is I who am good and the Pope who is oh so wonderful”.

This kind of illogical thinking will be, starting from today, the thinking of many. It will be very easy for them to choose the broad and inviting path of sin, when the Pope himself shows the way.

Nor can the very stupid argument be made – yes, I have read that too – that as we are all sinners there's nothing to be so excited about. That we are all sinners is exactly the problem, and a Pope is certainly not there to encourage us on this path. Actually, I though his job was exactly the contrary: to help us lead lives as deprived of sin as we can manage, with fear of the Lord and love for his commandments. How stupid of me.

On Sunday, the Unholy Father has put another bomb under the chair of Matrimony, teaching his sheep to not take seriously the commandments of the Church, and undermining marriage as he downplays concubinage.

Beware of the wolves. Particularly when they say to you they are merciful.



Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.


No more than a couple of weeks ago, Francis had told us that war can be legitimate when resisting unjust aggression. He was wrong, of course – war can be perfectly legitimate exactly in case of aggression: the Crusades come to mind – but hey, even with his tunnel vision at least he could see a part of the truth.

All is forgotten now.

War is “madness”, he said visiting the Redipuglia memorial: a wonderful, monumental work built by Fascism to honour those who died in WWI. War is born of greed. War is irrational. War is the fruit of (how can you be wrong on this?) “intolerance”, and “lust for power”.

Screw you, you who died to the hundreds of thousands to defend and honour your Fatherland. Screw you, you who thought a life laid to the feet of the Fatherland is a life well spent. Screw you, you widows and orphans of fallen soldiers: you have been duped and betrayed by your own husbands, by your very fathers!

Screw you, you brave soldiers. Francis truly doesn't care a straw for your sacrifice. And he tells you so in the very monumental structure built to honour you, and to remember your sacrifice!

You can't be heroes, because in Francis' world a war can never produce a hero. You are either hapless victims, or violent bastards. He will accommodate you by the half-idiots without any problem, though. He is so merciful, you know.

Let me stop here, because my blood pressure is now beyond blogging level.

May God remember the sacrifice of those who gave their life for the Fatherland. It is sweet and honourable to die for the Fatherland. Those who do deserve to be cherished in the memory of their own people; their sacrifice honoured, and taken as example.

Dulce et decorum est pro Patria mori.

I have more than the impression than to die a Pope Francis will be extremely bitter, and utterly indecorous.




The Homily Generator: Nine Steps Towards A Successful Career

Dear Father, do you want to be as popular as Francis, the red-nosed Mercy Guy? Do you want to be considered a person of profound and merciful thinking every time you open your mouth? Would you like to become a Bishop?

Learn to use Francis’ Banality Generator. You will have to switch your brains off and forget every notion of dignity, I know. But after a while, everything will come very natural; particularly if you’re a Jesuit.

Learn these easy steps, and success will be assured.

1) Make an absurd statement. Say: “Christianity is not navel-gazing”. Not that anyone ever thought it, but it will make you look good whilst you are saying, in fact, something of astonishing banality.

2) Make the contrary example, no matter how banal. Say: to be Christian is to love others. Again, every child knows it, but when you say it it must sound special. To this aim, try to use pseudo-modern V II waffle: “get out of oneself”. It will make you look a refined thinker.

3) Expand on the bloody obvious,like: love isn’t selfish, love is generous. Again, put it in V II terms: love “does not turn in itself”. See above for the effect you are looking for.

4) Mention Jesus. Every episode from the Gospel will do. Ideally, there’s one in the Mass of the day.

5) Whatever the episode, make of Jesus the guarantor for what you are about to say. Jesus was this, not that. Jesus said this, not that other. Jesus was non-judgmental, anti-rich, pro-poor. Jesus was a revolutionary. Jesus was an environmentalist. Everything goes.

6) Once you have Jesus as your certificate of authenticity, unload the bomb: say, “do not gossip” if you are angry at criticising you, “do not judge” if you are angry at journalist, but “he who gets the Holy Ghost can judge” if you have no argument with the theologians telling you how wrong you are. You see, at this point the main torpedo of the day has been launched: but you have looked so good and Jesus-like all the time.

7) Waffle about poverty. Poverty is always good. You can mix and match with social justice, though, or with the vulnerable. Women are always fine. But poverty must always be in the mix. Old people are poor, because they’re old. Young people are poor, because they’re young. People on a wheelchair are poor, because they’re in a wheelchair. You get the drift. Never a homily without poverty. Trust me on that, it works wonders.

8) Waffle some more. People will call you “approachable”, and it will allow you to indulge in that most delicious hobby of yours: listening to yourself.

9) Wrap it up by encouraging others to be more like Christ. Say it with a very persuaded voice. They won’t notice you sell Him every day.


Follow these nine steps and your popularity will suddenly increase. Everyone will say how nice you are; particularly non-Catholics. Your congregation will slowly dwindle, but those who remain will impress the bishop, and praise you all the time. You will show to everybody who is anybody that you are eminently suitable for a big promotion; a clergyman of sound mind, who understands the implications of the Modern Times.

In time, the rewards are sure to come. Are we, or are we not, in the Age of Mercy?


Wrong In Every Thought




“The Holy Spirit is the living presence of God in the Church. He keeps the Church going, keeps the Church moving forward. More and more, beyond the limits, onwards. The Holy Spirit with His gifts guides the Church. You cannot understand the Church of Jesus without this Paraclete, whom the Lord sends us for this very reason. And He makes unthinkable choices, but unimaginable! To use a word of St. John XXIII: it is the Holy Spirit that updates the Church. Really, he really updates it and keeps it going.”

“And we Christians must ask the Lord for the grace of docility to the Holy Spirit. Docility in this Spirit, who speaks to us in our heart, who speaks to us in all of life’s circumstances, who speaks to us in the Church’s life, in Christian communities, who is always speaking to us.”

Pope Francis, “off-the-cuff” homily, 12 May 2014. 

A wannabe “c”atholic publication has republished this. The armies are clearly positioning themselves before next month’s battle.

Pope Francis obviously leads the heretical, blasphemous,  sacrilegious side. He can’t open his mouth without giving clues as to how he thinks, and how he thinks it’s straight from the Heresy Manual.  

The idea that the Church “moves forward” is clearly to be understood in a theological sense and reeks of Modernism from very, very far. The following words clearly expand on the concept: “more and more” gives an idea of continuous revolution; “beyond the limits” clearly states the revolution ignores any limit; the final “onwords” reinforces the concept. Pure Modernism, and in an aggressive form to boot.  

This Pope is a damn theological Castroite. 

Then he gets even more explicit: the Holy Spirit “guides” the Church towards the just mentioned regions “beyond the limits”. If you don’t get this, you cannot understand the Church. He will make unthinkable choices, unimaginable to those who have not listened to his push to go “beyond the limit”.   

We must ask the lord for the kind of “docility” that allows us to throw away the Truth (of yesterday) for the “unthinkable” (of today). But how do we know what the Holy Spirit wants from us? By listening to “our hearts” (boy, this is gay!) and by listening to what the contracepting, fornicating, concubinating, and an awful lot of other “-ing” “Christian communities” have to say. 

Spoken like a true liberal Protestant.

May the Lord, in His Goodness, strike this dangerous clown down; or cause him to resign; or in any way keep this scourge away from us, and from that Holy Mother Church he so evidently hates and despises.  





Brave Fag World

And it came to pass that the organisers of St. Patrick's Day parade caved in to popular pressure and corporate sponsorship and decided that faggots, lesbians and all the other variety of militant reprobation are welcome to the parade dedicated to the Saint, because… they are prostitutes.

A Monsignor of the diocese of Washington and blogger of some repute (about whom I have blogged and reblogged on several occasions: Monsignor Charles Pope) then writes a rather blunt blog post, openly questioning non only the opportunity of such exercises, but the smartness of those who continue to cling to such phantoms of the past after they have been, very clearly, highjacked by the Enemy.

And then… what do you think? In pure Soviet style, the Archdiocese of Washington, who publishes the blog, pulls the article.

Catholicism on the Internet presence of a US Archdiocese? God forbid! We must at all costs avoid that the immense fraud of “Inclusiveness”, “no sense of judgment” NuChurch be exposed for what it is!

Let us pull the article, then. We don't want to be “divisive” now, do we? Let's make a united front and march together with the perverts instead. More “inclusive”, you see. In the brave fag world of the contemporary US church, Catholic voices must be silenced so that the little (or huge, as the case may be) minions of Satan do not feel uncomfortable, and can continue to guffaw their bollocks undisturbed.

Thankfully, the almost omniscient (or at least extremely well-informed) Rorate Caeli has the text.

Ah, the beauty of the Internet! The blog post will now soon have a wider circulation that we could ever hope. Reblog the article on your blog, please. Tweet it around. Let the world know at what point of complicity with evil NuChurch has arrived.

Now let me think one moment: who is in charge over there?

Cardinal Wuerl, you say?

This here?

Or this here?

How is it that I am not surprised?

March forward, brave US Cardinals. Hand in hand with militant faggots and lesbians, singing the song of “inclusiveness” in the new “age of Mercy”.

Enjoy their company. You will see it is going to continue for very long after you die.



Fulton Sheen, The Bishop Of Rome, And The Obese Cardinal.

The news of the shelving sine die of Fulton Sheen's cause for beatification comes at the same time as the announcement that the Obese Cardinal will participate to the gay parade (because, make no mistake, this is what it has become) on St Patrick' day.

Dolan is, from what one can understand, behind the decision. But one really can't understand much because, in pure Francis-FFI-style, not much is said.

The beatification cause was now well advanced, the official approval of the miracle expected in just a few months. This is, I am informed, not a miracle in Paul VI-style, but a real one.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of both Cardinal Dolan and the Unholy Father at the prospect of such a beatification? Would they not, then, have to look for a last-minute excuse to prevent it? And if this is so, why then wait for the last minute, when the miracle is already approved? Far better, then, to stop everything in its tracks now, before things get too embarrassing.

We don't know much about this matter.

But I think we know everything there is to know.

Intercede for us, Venerable Fulton Sheen; that we may be freed very soon from this disgraceful clergy.


St. Patrick’s… Gay

Now available as obese Cardinal

Now available as obese Cardinal



The organisers of St. Patrick’s Day parade, who had up to now refused to allow the participation of perverts qua perverts, have now decided that not even saints can be spared from the association with perverts.

You would think that the local Cardinal would spit flames from his mouth like it’s Smaug Day, wouldn’t you?

Well, not if the Cardinal is Dolan, of course.

Mr “No sense of judgment” would never forgive himself if he allowed this beautiful stage to go to waste. Imagine: the TV stations, the radios, and all the secular press noticing how much the Cardinal follows the “Spirit of Francis”. 

This is the one with no “sense of judgment” at people outing their perversion and demanding approval for it. The one licking the plates of Muslims and telling them they are obviously saved because they like their children. The one puttign his fat belly before absolutely everythign under the sun, starting with his God and his Church.

What an obese Jezebel.

I hope – nay: I am certain – that all decent Catholic will stay away from this shame.

Let the fat prostitute spend the day in the middle of perverts. A fitting anticipation of his destiny after death, unless he repents.



Meet Timothy Imam Dolan

Meet Timothy Imam Dolan

The Third Obese Cardinal Reblog

Moved By The Devil

Not for the first time, today I got the impression the off-the-cuff statements of the Unholy Father are fuelled by the fruit of the grape, because the “spontaneity” of his statements is so pregnant of consequences that one can only suppose a sober man would think twice before pronouncing them. Particularly if this man is in charge of the Church.

This time, Francis compares – in an unspoken, but clear enough way – himself and those who don’t know jack about doctrine but are “moved by the Spirit” to those properly educated clergymen who, being fit in matters of Truth, keep harassing him with their obnoxious remarks and their attempt to block his Glorious March Of Mercy.

How peeved the Unholy Father is can clearly be seen at the way with which he seems to correct previous “unjudgmental” remarks of him, as he points out that if one is moved by the Spirit, then no one can judge him, but he can judge everything.

The stupidity of this train of thoughts is evident: everyone who deems himself “moved by the Spirit” is now, with papal approval, allowed to say whatever he pleases because hey, he is a Speaker Of Truth. Starting from the Pope himself.

But even more stupid Francis becomes when he makes a parallel between Jesus and Paul as opposed to the educated, but in the last analysis boring and sterile theologians of his time; theologians who have nothing of new and daring themselves, and are therefore not loved by the people; they clearly are conventional, and not “moved by the Spirit”.

The comparison is somewhere between stupid and blasphemous. The duty of the theologian and seminarian is exactly to apprehend a complex Truth that the Church declares divinely inspired, not to go around inventing new Truths with the pretext of a new “inspiration”. The work of the theologian cannot be “new” in any way, because his duty is exactly to preserve and transmit the work of the Holy Ghost in those the Church has declared divinely inspired, and therefore to protect that Truth that is now unchangeable, utterly opposed to any “new movement”.

The theologian of the Gregoriana can never be radically new, because Jesus already was. He can never compete in inspiration with St Paul, he must rather explain and protect the inspiration of the latter. He can never claim that he is “moved” by “the Spirit” in any new direction, because this would contradict the Divine Inspiration in the first place!

You know what I think is happening (beside the alcohol)? Francis is under fire from all sides for his attempt to desecrate the Most Holy Sacrament. He hears from all sides voices reminding him of what the Truth is. He must acknowledge their superior wisdom, and has no instrument to counter their argument. Therefore, he takes refuge in the “inspiration” tale: I am moved by the Spirit, and therefore I can change that truth you all know so well; because my new and divinely sourced inspiration make me superior to you in the same way as Paul was superior to the Jews. You may have five degrees in theology; but in me God Himself speaks.

 In case you have not got it yet, this kind of talk clearly has to do with the October Synod. The boring theologians on one side, the “spirit of Christ” (which contradicts what the boring theologians say) on the other.

Beware of the wolves.


Better Ten Alexander Than One Francis

Better Ten Alexander Than One Francis

“The Strange Papacy Of Pope Francis”

From the blog “Call me Jorge”,

The Strange papacy of Pope Francis

an impressively vast documentation on Pope Francis and his pontificate up to now.

The extensive work (which I have not read yet, merely perused in some parts) comes from a good soul who appropriately calls himself Miles Christi (Soldier of Christ). It appears to be the most impressive work published up to now in a blog about this disgraceful man. Well annotated, the work has even been translated already, and is available in five languages.

From what I could see there will not be much that is new, as every heresy of this Pope has been dissected in the media already. But this work here is, so to speak, a reference work, a little Francispedia of Heresy, and a very useful work for future research into the mind of this character. 

This work was certainly written in order to be spread through the blogosphere. The quality seems very high. The argumentation style is terse and convincing. It is written in a blog format: short and to the point. I therefore publish the link to this work and invite other bloggers to do the same. 

I would be very surprised if Miles Christi were not a priest. In any way, he certainly is a good soul deserving of our prayers.

Hat tip to Rhizotomos for alerting me to this work.






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