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Jews For Pius XII: the impressive documentation of “Pave the Way”

Pope Pius XII, "Pastor Angelicus".

Pave the way Foundation is a Jewish organisation promoting the understanding among religions . This is not en “ecumenical” effort, mind; rather, the foundation has the aim of removing non-theological differences among different religions. This is also not the usual micro-organisation set up by two or three nutcases inventing conspiracies, but a highly regarded institution uniquely received en bloc (more than 150 of them) by the late Pontiff John Paul II.

“Pave the way Foundation” has spent four years reconstructing a coherent view of the attitude and actions of Eugenio Pacelli – and later, of Pope Pius XII – in front of Nazi oppression and persecution of the Jews. Among the immense quantity of documents analysed, a small selection of representative pieces of historic documentation has been put together in a power point presentation. This 56-minutes documentary (in the proper sense of the word, as the only thing showed are….. documents) allows everyone following the presentation to have a very clear idea of the relentless, intelligent, prudent but at the same time very courageous action of Pope Pius XII in the face of such a dangerous, determined and godless mass destruction machine.

Whilst the presentation is rather long, the nature of it allows its exam a bit at a time if so wished. The fact that one can go back and forth only through the audio commentary (no possibility of autonomously switching pages) makes of it more of a video documentary than a presentation. Still, the material is easy to follow, highly impressive, attentive to every aspect of the Pope’s activity (and to his great personal courage, to the point of putting his own life at risk) and highly credible particularly in light of the circumstance that the documents showed are, as repeatedly stated, only a small part of the vast quantity of documents supporting the case of the Foundation.

Let me say it once again: this is a Jewish foundation. It goes to show that when reasonable analysis takes the place of self victimhood and ideological (read: liberal) hate of a conservative and fiercely anti-Communist Pope, understanding is easily possible and can bring both side on the same side; in this case, on the side of such a great – and for this reason so greatly slandered – Pope.

Santo subito!


Victory!! Dr. Ken Howell is Offered to come back to teach this Fall

.... and we did!

Read here about the spectacular victory of Dr. Ken Howell, the persecuted Catholic teacher at the University of Illinois about whom I have written on four different occasions in the past.

This is great news, as it clearly shows that the University of Illinois didn’t feel it could risk a legal confrontation on this. Whilst the internal investigation of Dr. Howell’s position is still ongoing and his reinstatement (formally at least) only temporary, the object of the investigation (“whether Howell’s immediate removal violated his academic freedom or right to due process”) speaks volumes about the direction the events have now taken.

It is very easy to suppose that the attention will now be diverted on the one who should lose his job: Robert McKim.

Mr. McKim is (as I have written here) not only the head of the University’s “Department of Religion”, but a sponsor of the “queer studies” in the same university. He is the main man behind the decision. He is the one who has decided that his own prejudices and the prejudices of one biased and sexually deviant student should come before freedom of expression and academic freedom. He is the one who should be asked to go.

All those who have signed the petition in support of Dr. Howell, joined his facebook support group or otherwise supported him can now pat themselves on the back. This episode goes beyond the individual destiny of Dr. Howell and could now become a turning point in the fight against the growing radicalisation and militant ideological stance of certain parts of liberal academia in the US. The absurdity of the charges moved against Dr. Howell have exposed all the ideological blindness of those whose job should be to fight against it.

I know it may sound rhetorical, but this is a great victory for all those who love freedom.


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