Victory!! Dr. Ken Howell is Offered to come back to teach this Fall

.... and we did!

Read here about the spectacular victory of Dr. Ken Howell, the persecuted Catholic teacher at the University of Illinois about whom I have written on four different occasions in the past.

This is great news, as it clearly shows that the University of Illinois didn’t feel it could risk a legal confrontation on this. Whilst the internal investigation of Dr. Howell’s position is still ongoing and his reinstatement (formally at least) only temporary, the object of the investigation (“whether Howell’s immediate removal violated his academic freedom or right to due process”) speaks volumes about the direction the events have now taken.

It is very easy to suppose that the attention will now be diverted on the one who should lose his job: Robert McKim.

Mr. McKim is (as I have written here) not only the head of the University’s “Department of Religion”, but a sponsor of the “queer studies” in the same university. He is the main man behind the decision. He is the one who has decided that his own prejudices and the prejudices of one biased and sexually deviant student should come before freedom of expression and academic freedom. He is the one who should be asked to go.

All those who have signed the petition in support of Dr. Howell, joined his facebook support group or otherwise supported him can now pat themselves on the back. This episode goes beyond the individual destiny of Dr. Howell and could now become a turning point in the fight against the growing radicalisation and militant ideological stance of certain parts of liberal academia in the US. The absurdity of the charges moved against Dr. Howell have exposed all the ideological blindness of those whose job should be to fight against it.

I know it may sound rhetorical, but this is a great victory for all those who love freedom.


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  1. It is a ‘great victory for all those who love freedom’. Excellent news!!

  2. I tell you the truth, I am still scared that something like that could happen in the first place…

    In Italy a university professor in his university room can say everything (and I mean everything, like calling for an armed Maoist revolution or support Brigate Rosse terrorism) and no one would dare to even think to touch him. It’s called academic freedom and goes even further than the freedom of opinion outside of the university.


  3. Yes, but it is in vogue to say something leftist — in any country.

    What if he says that libertarianism is a good thing or that children should be brought up in a traditional two-parent family?

  4. As far as Italy is concerned, there is no reason to complain.

    There are even nazis around, I mean real nazis. They can’t create a political party, but they are allowed to say that they should because whilst the creation of nazi parties is not allowed, freedom of expression is taken seriously.

    Seems fair enough to me.


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