Homo lobby calls for Target boycott. Please help them.

Nomen Omen

The American Papist reports a funny story I thought I’d share with you.

The “Target Group” has donated $150,000 to a group supporting Tom Emmett, a politician and gubernatorial candidate at the upcoming November elections who is opposed to homo so-called “marriages”. As a result, the homo lobby has become, as always, hysterical (they are the ones supposed to be “gay”, remember…) and has started to call for the company’s boycott until they stop, as they say, “funding anti-gay politics”.

CBS even reports of a woman (mother of a deviant son; it is amazing how these old ladies go on to reshape morality in order to disguise the perversions of their offspring) cutting her store card on camera and then going to the store and ranting a while whilst giving some items back. “The target I know was a Target that embraced gay employees”, she says on her youtube video. Well I do not know how many of you would want to embrace a gay employee, I’d personally limit myself to a friendly “hello” and leave it at that. But I digress.

As things are, we are then going to support Target on the blogosphere and encourage them on the path of virtue, aren’t we? Not!
Turns out that Target supports Mr. Emmett because of his economic agenda, emphatically not because he refuses to encourage scandal and sexual perversion. To put it in Target CEO’s own words:

Target’s support of the GLBT community is unwavering, and inclusiveness remains a core value of our company

This looks rather worrying already. This company seems to support the (let me check how they call it) …..BLTG crew as such. This is different from saying “I am not discriminating against you”; this says “I approve and support you”.

But then one wonders again: a lot of companies are going to support this gubernatorial candidate and a lot of gubernatorial candidates are going to be, more or less explicitly, against sexual perversion; what are the (let me check again)….. LGBT people going to do, boycott half the country?

It turns out that this particular company has been (oh well…) targeted because – as the CBS in a very PC manner says – “it has long been seen as an ally by the gay right movements”.

One is pleasantly aghast at how these people treat their own allies. If you start bullying your own people into submission at the first hint of them doing something you don’t like, you might not have them as allied for long. Still, the fact remains that Target do actively support scandal and sexual perversion. It is therefore entirely fitting that they pay the price of that from both sides, from the (just a second…) BGLT community as well as from the sound thinking part of the population. Might teach them that sometimes there’s nothing to gain by going against the Christian fabric of the nation.

Yep, I do think a boycott is in order.


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