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The sobering reality of Hell: a Michael Voris video

They were both able to get out. We wouldn't.

Michael Voris has the rare gift of being not only very orthodox, but always entertaining and with an impressive reservoir of very quotable phrases.

Take this: “Bad philosophy leads to bad theology, bad theology leads to bad morality and bad morality leads to the collapse of Empires”.

This short video is about Hell and how its reality will surprise not a few people nowadays persuaded that God would never send anyone there, perhaps making an exception for Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot in case Satan feels like a hand of poker.

The downplaying of Hell is, in fact, just the ticket to allow Satan to reap a rich harvest. He knows that and does everything to let people believe that he doesn’t exist or, if he does, one is most certainly far too good to be delivered to him and nothing short of genocide will ever put anyone in danger of paying him a longish visit. The progressive fading of the feeling of Hell ( I mean here not of the theoretical acceptance of its existence, but of its acceptance as a concrete possibility for oneself) is also responsible for the progressive secularisation of a society in which even many Christians have, when one looks a bit deeper, a secular outlook on society only varnished by a religious belief too superficial to direct their choices against the secular tide.

If more Christians really started to believe in Hell as a concrete possibility, I daresay that their outlook on a couple of questions (like abortion) would be, in time, radically changed.


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