The sobering reality of Hell: a Michael Voris video

They were both able to get out. We wouldn't.

Michael Voris has the rare gift of being not only very orthodox, but always entertaining and with an impressive reservoir of very quotable phrases.

Take this: “Bad philosophy leads to bad theology, bad theology leads to bad morality and bad morality leads to the collapse of Empires”.

This short video is about Hell and how its reality will surprise not a few people nowadays persuaded that God would never send anyone there, perhaps making an exception for Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot in case Satan feels like a hand of poker.

The downplaying of Hell is, in fact, just the ticket to allow Satan to reap a rich harvest. He knows that and does everything to let people believe that he doesn’t exist or, if he does, one is most certainly far too good to be delivered to him and nothing short of genocide will ever put anyone in danger of paying him a longish visit. The progressive fading of the feeling of Hell ( I mean here not of the theoretical acceptance of its existence, but of its acceptance as a concrete possibility for oneself) is also responsible for the progressive secularisation of a society in which even many Christians have, when one looks a bit deeper, a secular outlook on society only varnished by a religious belief too superficial to direct their choices against the secular tide.

If more Christians really started to believe in Hell as a concrete possibility, I daresay that their outlook on a couple of questions (like abortion) would be, in time, radically changed.


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  1. The “touchy-feely” Church of today has created a God to match. We are all assured of his unconditional love. Would a loving God condemn us to Hell? In fact the reverse is what is important, and rarely emphasised. It is we who must love God and seek to do his will, and that means avoiding sin as best we can.

    Unconditional love? In my Bible (which I seldom read and of which I confess to an appalling ignorance) God is smiting people left, right and centre when displeased and somewhere there is the terrifying admonition “Depart from me,ye accursed, into everlasting fire which the devil and his angels have prepared for you.”

    No, we are making a big mistake in ignoring the possibility of Hell.

    • Misericordia,
      I think the obscene translation of “pro multis” has produced untold damage among catholics.
      Also, setting aside traditional prayers hasn’t helped. For example, the Magnificat is very clear in stating that the Lord’s mercy applies “to them that fear him”. It does consequently not necessarily apply to those who don’t.
      100 years ago, an army of people recited the Magnificat every day and these concepts would “sink in” in a very natural way.
      Today we have all the touchy-feely rituals, but the important things are forgotten.

      Wouldn’t want to be the priest who dies after neglecting these concepts for decades and perhaps even thinking he has done some good. He ‘ll learn what God thinks of “situational ethics”


  2. As the old song says,

    “The bells of hell go ting-a-ling-a-ling for you but not for me.
    For me the angels sing-a-ling-a-ling in perfect harmony . . .”


  3. I think many priests don’t mention Hell because they think it would be unpopular.

  4. If convincing the world that he doesn’t exist is the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, then that of the Church is threatening eternal hell-fire for those who die in mortal sin or who disbelieve: even unbaptized babies. If the whole concept of hell isn’t a con designed to scare people into weakness and subservience, then basic common sense should tell you that it’s certainly not the creation of a loving God. Would a loving parent submerge its child in boiling oil because it was disobedient and wilful? No, but a cruel, unjust, tyrannical, demonic, Old Testament parent might.

    • djgriff,

      you are in error on several instances.

      1) Unbaptized babies never go to the “proper” hell. They generally go to Limbo. This is a state of the greatest happiness a human being can imagine, and without even having run the risk of being damned (you see how everything is linked, by the way).

      2) Jesus himself speaks of hellfire. In fact, he mentions hell more often than in the rest of the Old Testament together. That Hell be an invention of the Church is a legend which doesn’t even stand the reading of the Gospels. You believe in Christ, you believe in Hell, period. You don’t believe in Christ, you shouldn’t misrepresent Christ’s words for Church inventions.

      3) What you call “basic common sense” is, in my eyes, the human desire to do what we please and get away with it, that is: to be free to behave like a child. Doesn’t work that way. To be an adult means to make an adult choice and to bear the consequences of one’s choices.

      4) There is no greater love than to desire complete freedom for the ones we love. God will “love us right into Hell”, suffering in the process, because in His supreme love for us he leaves us supremely free. See here how powerful every human being is, that the decision about his salvation is left largely to Him.

      You may want to read here and here.


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