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The “American Papist” and the importance of Catholic activism

Fishing also on the new Net

I have often written about the “American papist”, one of the best Catholic blogs around and the fruit of the energy and commitment of Thomas Peters. Even if the “American Papist” is rather intensely focused on a US-American perspective, the materials and the ideology therein exposed are extremely useful to Catholics the world over.

Mr. Peters has recently given a speech in Boston about Catholic Internet activism. I found the text both concise and instructive and his message of universal validity. You can find the text here. It is not very long and I hope that you will want to click and read it in its entirety.

The points I found most important are as follows:

1) The laity must lead the Internet battle. Mr. Peters is very diplomatic on the point but we all know what the reality looks like.

2) Motivated minorities drive the public opinion. This has always been so and even Lenin put the rule to great profit, also look at what the 1% or so of sexual perverts is doing in many Western Countries. Mr. Peters gives impressive examples of this. The episode of the Hyundai adv has been dealt with by me here and here. Activism works.

3) The Internet allows the laity to organise themselves in a small, but landscape-changing minority without the need to rely on the traditional mass media. I have written on this here already.

4) We, the small minorities of Catholics who really know what Catholicism is all about (instead of having some vague ideas about it) are called to do our job of spreading and defending the Catholic message, but we must be aware of all the difficulties that go with it. People are going to call us rigid, bigot, antiquated, a lot of things ending with “phobic” and the worst of all modern insults, “uncharitable”. This is our lot. Jesus has never said it would be easy. As Mr. Peters points out, to be a Christian is and remains a sign of contradiction.

Mr. Peters’ speech is a beautiful reminder of the fact that every one of us (those who write and those who read) have an important role to play in the defence of Christian values in their circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances. There’s a price to pay, but we know that we will be rewarded one day.


Terminating your own soul: Governor Schwarzenegger and Proposition 8

Now aiming at his own genitals

I have written here about the astonishing decision of a federal judge, the homosexual Vaughn Walker, about discarding the will of 7 million Californians because they have told him that he is a pervert.

At the time it seemed that the judge had suspended his decision pending appeal. This is not the case. It appears that the judge suspended the decision pending his decision whether to suspend the decision pending appeal.

It would also appear that the State of California has done whatever it could to push the cause of the homosexualists, and it is still doing it. You can read here Governor’s Schwarzenegger press release after the decision. It reads like a homosexualist manifesto. Peter Tatchell himself couldn’t have made it any more biased.

If you consider that California was the defendant in the 4th August decision, I cannot see how we can be confident that the suspension pending appeal will now be granted.
Last time I looked, Schwarzenegger called himself a Catholic and even from the other side of the Pond I seem to remember that he was rather more conservative some years ago.
Goes to show that to marry a member of the Kennedy clan is very detrimental to your salvation.

He needs our prayers, but I think that all American Christian voters need to remember Proposition 8 when they go to the ballot in November. Religion cannot be dissociated from politics, one can’t just wipe out his religious convictions and dismiss them as not relevant to hisa vote. If he does so, then he has no religion convictions, merely some varnishing of Christianity he has heard sometime in the past but never really embraced.


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