Don’t leave Catholicism outside of the ballot box

Absolutely beautiful video posted on the Creative Minority Report website.

Its importance is more than merely “local” (referred to the Mid-Term Election in November) and extend to the attitude every Catholic should have when he approaches the ballot box. The separation of Christian values and voting decisions has brought the West to the point we are today and the pendulum must now start to swing in the other direction. It is will be a slow process, but in time it will take momentum and will give us in the West more Christian societies.

Even if you don’t live in the US, please spread the word and forward this video.



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  1. Mundabor:

    Superb video!

    Thanks for posting it.

    Exactly the kind of message we need to get out.

    • Thanks Omvendt,
      I think this is a machine that will need some years to get to rev properly (it takes time to break the wall of indifference and half understood concepts, particularly if these concepts are rather uncomfortable), but once it does will be a powerful weapon against secularism.


  2. It is a superb video, but unfortunately very difficult to act upon.
    Unless more (orthodox) Catholics from each party are prepared to stand for election as MPs, what are we to do?
    It is considered irresponsible to abstain from voting at all, but if we are to refuse to vote for those who do not uphold Catholic morality and values, then in many constituencies that leaves nobody for whom to vote. The best we can do is examine the candidates record and vote for the one who comes closest to our ideals .

    I can think of very few, if any, politicians who are totally opposed to abortion. Some are in favour of early-term abortions only, and this has to be better than nothing, but realistically as Catholics we should still not be willing to vote for them. Sadly, we have to ignore some issues and choose to vote for a candidate who comes as close as possible on other issues to what we find good and acceptable.

    • Misericordia,
      when the issue becomes more important in the minds of the Catholic voters, the candidates will come out automatically. It is not that catholic, pro-life candidates are forbidden to run, it is that that they are at the moment no realistic prospects of being elected.
      So if you start to check all the candidates in your primaries an dask them for their opinion about abortion, you’ll start sending a message that the first serious pro-life candidate will get your vote. No better incentive.

      Another way is to mail your party of choice and tell them that they will not get your votes, because they couldn’t propose any pro-life candidate; you are going to vote a micro-party rather than, say, a wrong Republican. When they start losing races on that, they’ll start to listen.

      Then there is the effect on the general population. There *are* pro-life candidates (if not everywhere, at least somewhere) and there *are* people who must be punished for their pro-life ideology whilst telling themselves Catholics. Pelosi and those like her could get a hammering, and the nation would start to listen. Sarah Palin is very popular in your country and she is determinedly pro-life. Can’t imagine she is the only one. If those like her get elected in bigger numbers, this will set a process in motion.

      Basically, as long as you say “I will still vote for you”, they won’t care. The day you start saying “you are my party, BUT you are going to get screwed until you change your tune” they’ll start to listen because nobody wants to lose.

      At the last administrative elections, I have voted for a nobody-christian party. But my vote was not wasted. My vote sent a signal that the first one bringing Christian issues with his candidature will have my vote. In a democracy, people always listen to what you say, if only by looking at the votes for the fringe parties.



  3. If a candidate is pro-abortion that candidate does not get my vote.

    If there are no suitable candidates, best just to spoil the ballot paper.

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