On the madness of modern times

Saner than the Charity Commission

William Oddie of the “Catholic Herald” has a very interesting article about the parallel stories of the USA (where a judge has overturned the popular decision on Proposition 8, as repeatedly reported here) and the UK (where the Charity Commission has decided against the right of the last Catholic adoption agency to only serve heterosexual couples).

Mr. Oddie poses some interesting questions:

what, precisely, is the authority of the Charity Commission to pronounce that same-sex couples can be successful adoptive parents? What does this dire quango actually KNOW about this or anything else?

The sad reality is that this dire quango (for you non-British: QUasi-Autonomous Non-GOvernmental organisation, that is: a sort of agency fed with taxpayer money but not part of the proper government activity) is the ideal screen to allow the British Government of the day (the fake conservative one actually in power not excepted) to have potentially controversial, highly political decisions taken by some organ not residing within the Government, thus letting it appear a “technical” decision. Bollocks of course, as the extreme political content of this last decision abundantly proves.

The author further asks:

And how can it be in the “interests” of children to be adopted, not by a stably married couple, but by a gay couple instead (apart from anything else, gay relationships are notoriously unstable), “through other channels”?

and here an interesting question is posed: the instability of homo couples cannot be overlooked. It is extremely clear here that the interest of the child is the pawn of an ideological orientation.

On the contrary, common sense tells us that, as the US bishops have declared:

same-sex union […] contradicts the nature of marriage: it is not based on the natural complementarity of male and female; it cannot co-operate with God to create new life; and the natural purpose of sexual union cannot be achieved by a same-sex union.

and that as a consequence of that

it is not unjust to deny legal status to same-sex unions because marriage and same-sex unions are essentially different realities.

The astonishing thing is that not more than a couple of decades ago this would have been considered purest common sense by believers and atheists alike. It would have been considered common sense, because it is. And in fact the author points out that

it surely requires the most extreme credulousness to believe [….] that marriage and same-sex unions are essentially THE SAME reality and that a gay couple can therefore give adoptive children the same benefits as a man and wife

Mr. Oddie observes that

Our descendants will look back in amazement at the gullibility of our age

and how can we disagree with him on both arguments (that we are in a phase of institutionalised madness and that the next generation will see the madness of our ways).

The author concludes with this words:

“Oh Liberty,” in the famous words of Madame Roland as she mounted the scaffold, “what crimes are committed in thy name.” It was, I fear, ever thus.

The fight against the madness of the “right to perversion” continues. It will be victorious in the end, but it might be after our time. Not a reason to avoid the fight anyway.


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  1. “QUasi And Non-GOvernmental organisation”

    Afraid not, Mundabor, it actually stands for Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation.

  2. Often my wife and I sit down at our morning coffee and simply shake our heads over this forced homosexual juggernaut that is trying to overwhelm us, wondering if the whole world has suddenly taken leave of its senses. Aside from the clear diabolic aspect of all this, which is palpable, what other explanation could there be than that the whole of society has suddenly gone insane? What else could explain acceptance of a perversion so hideous? We simply cannot understand this.

    I’ve never been a big fan of the war-mongering US writer Anne Coulter but she is looked upon as some staunch political conservative and now we find her happily, proudly, defiantly addressing a group of Republican homos as if she were addressing a group of serious thinkers. While she has taken some well-deserved flack over it things will most likely calm down in a few weeks at most. Has Miss Coulter lost her marbles, too?

    I ask pardon of those bored readers who may be tired of my riding this particular hobby horse again on this blog but my sense of complete bewilderment over this tolerance for sodomy simply can’t go away. It is heartening, therefore, to read of Mr Oddie’s excellent common-sense article, which I thank Mundabor for bringing to our attention. Here is someone saying what has to be said, clearly and unequivically (would that the Vatican do the same).

    As for the Catholic adoption agaency in question, may I ask a question? Why don’t these tell this Chairty Council to go to hell? I mean, after all, what is the UK government going to do, send in troops to close them down? And if they did do such a thing, wouldn’t it be better to let the world see such a display of raw, naked injustice? I really, sincerely believe that the adoption agency should continue on and simply ignore them (protecting in advance any financial assets they have). Let it come to a head. Perhaps – just perhaps – such an act of justifiable defiance might get some fence-sitting Bishops off their rear ends and join the fight.

  3. Dear Mundabor:

    I do hope you’re right that in a generation or two this lunacy will come to a halt. One does wonder just how long God will let this go on.

    I do appreciate your explanations regarding the UK adoption agencies. Still, I think if they made a stand and simply said “no” that at the very least all fagdom would become unglued. And that would be a pleasant sight to see.

    • Schmenz,
      many of them did and they preferred to shut down rather than bow to faggotdom.

      Still, here in the Uk there is a part of the population who is anti-catholic and would like to see these things happen. I think the damage will be suffered by the young, the public opinion still must begin to awaken. Also consider that here in the UK there are only about 8% of catholics (a great deal of them them cafeteria Catholics) compared with around 20% in the US and the religious feeling in the UK is certainly less developed than in the US. I love to follow the US in this blog because I see there (as a whole) a willigness to fight which I can’t see in the UK (though I must say in other countries like Spain and Italy the situation is partially better).


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