Are liberal Catholics really so stupid?

The Washington Post has an involuntarily funny article about the new translation of the Novus Ordo.

The incredulous reader discovers therein that for some Catholic priests (or bishops!) the faithful are nothing more than, well, morons. But they can’t be the conservative ones as they delight in the not-so-easy Tridentine Mass, so the intellectually challenged faithful must be rather the “progressive” ones.

The Rev. Thomas Reese informs us that the people in the pews will “have to learn new responses” (“have to”: gives the idea of nasty obligation and heavy chore at the same time). He is undoubtedly right: they will have to say “and with your spirit” – an expression of unbelievable difficulty, apparently – instead of the “and also with you” learnt with such a big effort after Vatican II.

Another genius, a bishop called Trautman, laments the “slavishly literal” translations from the Latin. More artistic, fantasy-laden translations would probably have kept him happy; or probably everything that does not sound similar to the Latin version. This Bishop Trautman previously ran the liturgy committee. This explains a couple of things.

The article describes the great challenges facing the poor faithful and whilst I do understand that for many liberals this might well be a struggle – after all, if you don’t get that Catholicism is incompatible with abortion, why should you be able to say “and with your spirit” without extensive training? – I do not think that words like “consubstantial,” “inviolate,” “oblation,” “ignominy” and “suffused” will pose any big obstacle that a good dictionary (even an online one) would not dispel.

For instance, oblation is here, explained in a way even rev. Reese’s parishioners would understand and completely free of charge. Now if Rev. Reese would explain what part of “the act of making a religious offering” is difficult to understand, this would give us a better idea of how stupid he thinks his parishioners are.

Besides, I truly hope that every priest or bishop ever daring to say that the concept of transubstantiation is too difficult for his parishioners is immediately defrocked and no questions asked.

Still, liberal priests now have about fifteen months to explain such complicated words like “ignominy” to their, we understand, not too bright parishioners. But look at the bright side: it might teach them to think with their own head rather than slavishly follow the liberal rants of their priest or bishop.


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  1. Heh heh! Brilliant, Mundabor! I just can’t believe the spoilt-child attitude of these mendacious whingers! Arrested development is the least of their problems — I think they’re shading into educationally subnormal.

    Oh dear, it’s easy to laugh at the Yanks, but I hope I won’t be laughing on the other side of my face when the new translation hits Ireland….;)

  2. M,

    I guess this is the same Thomas Reese whom Benedict fired as editor of the appalling, ‘America’ magazine.

    If Reese doesn’t like the new translation it must be pretty good.

  3. Mimi, sorry I forgot to answer you.

    I think the extreme stupidity of the liberal remarks show all teh desperation of their position. No sane person would ever dare to say that it is anywhere near difficult to learn something you are going to hear every sunday. I mean even if it was a foreign language, in just a short time it would “sink in” with great ease. I have learnt foreign languages on the Gospels and Tolkien, I’d like these people to explain to me how people manage to learn foreign languages in the first place if it is difficult to learn what “ignominy” means and if to have to say “and with your spirit” is a shock.


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