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Wymyn disagree with Him on Male-Only Priesthood

I know, I know…

another grey and cold day in what should have been the Summer 2010. After the Met Office foresaw that the second part of August would have been a disaster many of us hoped in two wonderfully sunny weeks; alas, every now and then even the Met Office gets it right.

Therefore, I felt the need to do something for your mood (and mine) in another uniformly grey and cold August day and I thought that this might be of help. A group of wymyn not only sets up to say the usual absurdities, but even spends a lot of money on it. Good, say I. It’ll help the economy in such difficult times.

Next month we dwellers of the Capital of the former Land Of Hope And Glory will have some moments of amusement totally free of charge as the feminist group Catholic Wymyn Ordination spends some fifteen thousand of their hopefully hard-earned Pounds to tell the Pope that he must embrace heresy. As they assume that the Popemobile is out of fashion or perhaps in a desperate effort to be “green”, they will use the London buses to get their message across.

The message is as simple as the wymyn themselves: ordain wymyn priest, or die. “We do not want to be disruptive”, says the spokeswomyn Something Something, “but I think the Church has got to change or it will not survive”. I wouldn’t expect her to notice how stupid what she says is; but I would expect that she at least notices that it is heretical on two counts: 1) when she thinks that the Church might nor survive and 2) when she thinks that Doctrinal point must be changed. On the right day, this is very funny indeed.

I can now vividly imagine Martin Luther saying “I do not want to be disruptive, but I really do not think Church Tradition is of any use”, but I think Luther was at least intellectually more honest than this deluded bunch of minus habens who either can’t read, or can’t think, or can’t do any of both.

Still, it will inject some money into the economy; money which might otherwise have been sent to some wymyn group in, say, Canada or Mexico.

Goes to show that no one is completely useless.


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  1. I love it! I was depressed when I read it, especially as the comments in the Independent are from the usual vicious and uncomprehending secularists – but your take on it is marvellous.

    • The “Independent” is the “Guardian” with prosecco glass instead of beer pint.
      The ignorance all these secularist rags show about Catholicism says it all about their arrogant approach. They do not even care about informing themselves a bit. They talk of dissident catholics as they would about “dissident LibDems”.

      Have you ever had the impression that everytime newspapers write about something you know very well, you discover that they write a lot of superficial nonsense?
      I wonder whether what they write in those matters I do not know very well is any better ….


  2. I think we all know which slant each paper takes on political, moral and social issues and adjust accordingly. Even the Telegraph is not reliably socially conservative, although it is infinitely better than the others. Gerald Warner is a hero for fighting the social conservative cause in that paper, and the criticism he gets is shocking. For me, the man is perfect except in being a Scot – which, for an Englishman, is an indelible flaw.

    • I think the Telegraph is going down the drain all right. When I read the American internet conservative sites (you see them on my link list) I become painfully aware of what distance separates real conservatives from secular liberal with just a varnish of conservatism, thrown away at the first sign of it being inconvenient.

      The way the blogs are moderated really says it all. And who makes the editorial line of the blogs and therefore, unavoidably, decides the guidelines of the moderation?

      But even the newspaper itself is the shadow of what it used to be.


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