Be careful whom you listen to: a Michael Voris video

Orthodoxy meets liberal Catholicism

Michael Voris at his best in a new video concerning the strange double case of two bishops publicly rebuking one of their own priests in the same week, but for opposite reasons.

Incidentally, I had written about one of the two cases here and as you will be able to listen in the video, Bishop Choby has reacted promptly and with exemplary firmness. If you need more background on the second case, it has been dealt with by Father Z here and father Z also went on the issue of Father Rodriguez TV interview here.

This is five minutes long. It is so well made that I do not feel the need to add a single word (very rare, this). It may be necessary to sign in by Easy and free.



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  1. Hi Mundabor

    I remember you from HS – shame you got kicked out! That blog has deteriorated badly and I note that the likes of OTSOTA and BC have left. I blogged under Thompson Twin but rarely contributed but had other identities and even posed as Richard Williamson (as in the dear Marcel letters) until he was exiled to Wimbledon and the ‘joke’ couldn’t be sustained. The highlight of the latter identity was insulting Ann Arco and somebody writing back to defend her honour! In a similar way “Bernadette” complained to me about my attack on uncovered knees in Church and felt+ compelled (as RW) to offer her spiritual direction …

    You guys all seemed to know so much about the Faith and OTSOTA appeared to have swallowed a dictionary to boot. It’s a shame he interviewed so badly for Catholic Voices but I am not optimistic about that project. I knew the patron, Ben Andradi, before he had millions in the bank and he never mounted a defense of the Faith back then when it was attacked by his fellow Catholic Cambridge graduates (yes, fellow Catholic) so I am not convinced that he can purchase one 25 years later.

    I shall try to drop in from time to time!


    • Hello Thompson Twin,
      I certainly remember you and I most certainly remember the hilarious rendition of Bishop Williamson 😉

      Forgive me but I did not understand the other parts: Ann Arco’s bein ginsulted and/or anyone needing to defend her honour. I am sure your defense of covered knees must have been very good 😉

      Do pop in as much as you like, or more often perhaps 😉


  2. Mundabor

    apologies to the obscure Ann Arco reference but please let me explain. Ann is a Catholic Herald journalist who had written a hatchet job on RW prior to the lifting of the canonical penalties against him and his fellow SSPX bishops. Damian made great capital from this taking a line that if only the Vatican read the Catholic Herald the Benedictine papacy would be in a much healthier state and this and other cock-ups would not have taken place. Quite ridiculous but there you have it.

    My RW character simply described Ann Arco as ‘wretched’ in a letter to Marcel (in reference to her hatchet job article which I had never read but obviously knew about because of Damian’s bleating) and this prompted a spirited response in Ann’s defence by someone who evidently knew her personally. It was that which amused me because I know absolutely nothing about this journalist and have never read a single word of hers in print. It was as if the defender in the face of my “attack” on Ann genuinely thought he was dealing Richard Williamson himself! Bernadette’s responses to my “covered knees”epistle indicated that she too believed she was writing to RW himself or at least taking life far too seriously.


    • “Damian made great capital from this taking a line that if only the Vatican read the Catholic Herald the Benedictine papacy would be in a much healthier state”

      Very queer.

      Thompson has (beside his own) the problem of almost every journalist: they really think they count. But the reality is that this is just not the case; the press can influence minds for 24 hours, 48 at most but it can never shape people’s minds. Decades of rabidly liberal BBC should have given us a country made in the image of the BBC; this is very, very far from happening and whatever secularisation we had is mainly due to the incompetence of Catholic, Anglican and Methodist people, not to the BBC. Or look at the US, where most national newspaper and television channels are clearly liberal but conservatism thrives anyway.

      In Italy, Berlusconi has seized almost total control of the media and started a kind of Goebbels-like barrage against any true, suspected or possible future enemy, thinking he’d become the next Peron after that. Nothing of the sort ever happened and he saved his backside merely because of the incompetence of centre-left; lost his party though, and is now starting to pay the price.

      Journalists are vastly overrated. Particularly by journalists.


    • your Williamson “impersonation” was very, very good 😉

      I am not surprised that someone may have fallen into the trap. I think they were more than “someone”. The somewhat unpredictable character of Williamson has probably also played a role.


  3. The situation in the USA is poised delicately. I am not sure that the Tea Partiers will make the breakthrough widely anticipated by their supporters in this year’s elections. The issue is that more and more Americans are employed by the state so it’s arguable that the conservative base constituency is shrinking by financial necessity.

    The vision for the Church which you, BC and Afcote propose, I maintain, could only occur on the back of a massive geopolitical change within the secular World. In reality, for the West, this change translates to armed insurrection within the USA with the TPM being the embryo of the second American revolution. This in turn might spark off further unrest throughout Europe.

    Can this happen? I am pessimistic. Short of food riots and or a major default on state employee salaries in the USA, people are simply are not going switch off X-Factor to participate in a bloody revolution.

    Michael Voris is superb by the way.

    • I am rather thinking of a slow but steady change than of a revolutionary moment. The mobilisation of the catholic masses can only be achieved in the space of one generation or so. But before that moment we could start seeing the effect of a first awakening.

      I think November might be a first good impact, but in no way it will change the country. Still, the country could be, in time, changed (and I think, it will be changed) if more and more people get the message.

      in the US is probably easier than in the Uk because the primary system makes it easier for organised non-party communities to have their influence felt. But in the end democracy works everywhere, with the changing mood rapidly registered by the politicians’ very sensitive political antennae.


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