A Sheep in Sheep’s clothing: Archbishop Vincent Nichols

Spot the error.

Some of you might remember a Michael Voris video posted some weeks ago about two bishops rebuking one of their own priests, one for being a heretic and the other for being a … Catholic.

The same has happened now in England, where none less than the Homo Mass Supremo, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, has distanced himself from declarations made from Mr. Edmund Adamus, one of his own aides.

Let us see the content of Mr. Adamus’ declarations:

1) “Gay rights”  and the commercialisation of sex have turned Britain into a “selfish, hedonistic wasteland” and “the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death”

Fair enough, says I. As far as the hedonism is concerned, this is actually the same stuff people like Nichols go around saying all the time, though they’d never dare to say it in a way that offends perverts. What is different here is that whilst Archbishop Nichols and his ilk always formulate their criticisms in a way that makes clear that they do not want to pick a fight with anyone and are perfectly happy with not being heard, Adamus actually cares for Catholic values and for human life and therefore expresses himself with great charity. It is not surprising that this charity be not liked by Nichols. Archbishop Nichols does niceness a lot, but charity is not one of his strenghts.

2) There is an “aggressive anti-Catholic bias towards the church and the pontiff”

In general, this is as clear as the sun and everyone with a bit of understanding can easily realise that the English Bishops not only don’t do anything to counter the bias, but are rather happy to leave the Pontiff alone when the rabid feminists and homo groups at the BBC and elsewhere fire from all cannons. It is rather fair to say that large sectors of the Catholic hierarchy look with pleasure at criticisms to the Pope, seen as an ally of the traditionalists/conservatives.

As to the matter itself, I’d say the bias in the country is primarily anti-Christian rather than specifically anti-Catholic. The attacks against the Catholic Church are particularly virulent because the Catholic Church still has a much better grip on his faithful than the Anglicans & Co. and because the forces of secularism clearly recognise in Her the biggest enemy. Therefore whatever anti-Catholicism there is, is in my eyes rather a reflection of Catholics being Christians than – as in the past – of their being Catholic. The Anglicans themselves are able to largely escape criticism because they largely shun Christian values.

3) He urges Catholics to “exhibit counter-cultural signals against the selfish, hedonistic wasteland”

Please help me because I am lost here. To spread such a message should be the job of the bishops from the Angelus in the morning to the Compline in the evening and in every moment in between. This is the reason Mr. Nichols’ exalted (and, let us not forget, rather privileged) job exists in the first place. This is what the English clergy should be shouting from the pulpits Sunday in and Sunday out. Unless I am missing something and the Church’s task is not to upset the world. Or where does the Archbishop thinks abortions, broken families and neglected children come from?

Still, we are informed from a spokesman of the Archbishop that Adamus’ comments “do not reflect his opinion”. From a sponsor of homo masses, one is not surprised at all.

If we want to fight against the culture of death and of sexual perversion, a good start would be to have bishops who are truly Catholic and truly charitable instead of being cowardly “diplomatic” and relentlessly “nice” as the present Archbishop of Westminster.


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  1. To the point, and I have nothing to add. +Nichols is a poor shepherd.
    Sorry – may I add this, from my blog? Apparently a Pindaric ode from someone who styles himself ‘the Prince of this World\.

    Water is best, my bishop, fire is fine
    You have the Water. The inferno’s mine.
    The one drives out the other, or makes fog
    Confusing mind and making vision clog.
    Fog on the moor and greedy wolves. In fright
    You call them in and hope they’ll be polite.

    Now off to bed. The wolf will mind your sheep,
    And if their terror should disturb your sleep
    Dammit! They’re always bleating. Dream, safe in your room,
    Of medals from the Queen, like Basil Hume.
    Don’t fret over children’s innocence defiled.
    Trust in saint Freud, compassionate and mild.

    You have a Mandate from the Enemy
    For instructing souls. What of it? Better goals
    Attract. Sloth, peaceful life, the Middle Way.
    Extremist Catholics have had they day.
    Saints, monks and nutters, nuns, with zeal distraught,
    All fall before the inclusive juggernaut.

    Experts you needed, so you called Greg Pope.
    Wise choice! His salary? Too much, I hope.
    While Catholics rage and gayeratti snigger
    You’ll cut a dash as a consensual figure.
    In Britain faiths all have a part to play,
    But only if their God will stay away.

    What’s that I hear you say? “Let’s pull together?”
    That goes for you and me, but have you thought whether
    It’ll wash with your backward Catholics who believe,
    And love and risk and fear, rejoice and grieve
    Read Penny Catechisms, want to “die well”,
    Swallow that stuff about millstones, judgement, hell?

    Ravenous we hunger, so drive your sheep
    To our fold, while the snivelling bigots weep.
    In slavering certainty, we wait for you,
    Plumper and tastier than mutton stew.
    You’ll ease our pangs. My kitchen staff excel!
    A bishop is the sweetest dish in hell.

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