Ann Coulter Against The Culture Of Appeasement

Religion of peace

Father Z has drawn attention on this Ann Coulter article.

Whilst I do not approve all that she says (and she has been rather a disappointment of late), I think this article is very useful in exposing a spread misconception about the world of Muslim fanatics: that if we appease them and/or do as they want, they’ll miraculously stop being fanatical.

The argument is utterly flawed. If one thinks that Obama Bin Laden didn’t need more than the (invited!) presence of American soldiers in Saudi Arabia to start his unholy and utterly failed “war”, you understand that Islamic rage is a molotov waiting to self-ignite, without any need for excuses. The last complaint is just the last fig leaf for what is their fundamental problem (fanaticism) and the fundamental problem of their religion (a false one; established by a child rapist; encouraging violence and fanaticism).

Let us see some of the most relevant assertions of Ann Coulter:

1) “Gen. Petraeus objected to the Quran-burning protest on the grounds that it could be used by radical jihadists to recruit Muslims to attack Americans.
This is what liberals say whenever we do anything displeasing to the enemy – invade Iraq, hold captured terrorists in Guantanamo, interrogate captured jihadists or publish Muhammad cartoons. Is there a website somewhere listing everything that encourages terrorist recruiting?
If the general’s main objective is to hamper jihadist recruiting, may I respectfully suggest unconditional surrender? Because on his theory, you know what would really kill the terrorists’ recruiting ability? If we adopted Sharia law!”

2) “There have been more terrorist attacks on U.S. soil by these allegedly calmed Muslims in Obama’s first 18 months in office than in the six years under Bush after he invaded Iraq.”

3) “Also, as I recall, there was no Guantanamo, no Afghanistan war and no Iraq war on Sept. 10, 2001. And yet, somehow, Osama bin Ladin had no trouble recruiting back then. Can we retire the “it will help them recruit” argument yet?”

These observations are extremely pertinent. It is rather disturbing, in fact, that nowadays even generals suggest in public that one should do not anything he is free to do in order not to anger fanatics living on the other side of the planet. One can be against or in favour of the burning (brilliantly, Ann Coulter says that she is in favour “mainly because burning Korans will contribute to global warming”) but a general should never make this type of suggestions, whatever the proposed behaviour. This is exactly the contrary of the freedom he is fighting for and Coulter’s observations are very pertinent.


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  1. M,

    The jihadis are not at war with us because of what we do: they are at war with us because of who we are.

  2. I suppose I should not be putting my two pennies worth in here on this subject but….

    Let me, please, and with all due respect, point out one or two things that need to be considered. What happened on September 11th was the inevitable “blowback” that years of one-sided meddling in the Middle East brought on to the USA. Now this is not a defense of the Moslem heresy. But what happened that day was predictable and inevitable as long as the US government, which is entirely in the pocket of the Israeli lobby, did what it did – and does what it does. That incident was as predictable as rain. Many people don’t want to face that fact. “They hate us for our freedoms” is the battle cry of those who will not see the realities on the ground. And, indeed, if they hate people’s freedoms, why didn’t they bomb London, Paris, Madrid, Quebec, etc., etc.? No, they brought terror to AMERICA, because America has been continually supporting the injustice that has been done, and is being done, to Palestinians, many of them Christian, and Catholic, Palestinians.

    For untold decades the Moslem world was at peace with America (and the Jews, for that matter). There were no bombings, no suicide planes, to hijackings, nothing. But curiously, after 1948, things began to change. Now, why is that? What happened around 1948 that caused the Moslem world to suddenly grow angry with America? To ask the question is to answer it: it was America’s unconditional support for the Zionist state and the outrages committed by the Zionists aginst these innocent Palestinians, once again many of them Catholic. The Palestinians who had occupied that land for fifty centuries suddenly found themselves kicked out of their own homes, their croplands stolen, their mosques and CHURCHES burned, their innocent murdered by Zionist terrorists – all with the blessings of Uncle Sam and with Uncle’s generous $3 billion yearly gift to the “state” of Israel, and with military supplies provided by the good Uncle. Do you begin to see why the Arabas might be a tad upset? Don’t take my word for all this; ask the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem his opinion of the Zionist power that treats non-Jews like dogs, or worse.

    And now, with the US government at ALL levels beholden to the Israeli lobby, we are now going to war, not for the big oil people, not to “fight for freedom” (don’t make me laugh) but to destroy Israel’s enemies. I am sorry if this dose of the political realities in the USA upsets some people, but the truth is the truth is the truth.

    Hopefully anyone reading this will not toss me off as some left-wing useful idiot who doesn’t see the dangers of Islam. I do recognize the dangers, but I also recognize that the “sleeping giant” that was militant Islam was awakened by injustices that were done to them by both the state of Israel and the USA that supports Israel morally and financially. As a Catholic, and hardly of the left wing, I am merely pointing out facts that are not difficult to find. On that matter allow me to recommend two excellent books, “Neo-Conned” and “Neo-Conned Again” published by IHS Press, which are mandatory reading for anyone who wants to see the utter horror and injustice of America’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, horros that neocone like Anne Coulter will never see (she is too incredibly arrogant to see much of anything). Or may I respectfully suggest readers to read the articles by one Steven Sniegoski, a brilliant analyst of the situation. Don’t take my word for all this.

    As an American it quite literally sickens me to see our soldiers are doing to so many innocents. You can hate all the Moslems you want to; I wont stop you. But show me in Catholic theology where it says we can kill, main and torture the innocent. Our soldiers (some of them I am disgusted to say are women, or, at least, of the female sex) are acting wose than barbarians, worse than communist or nazi zealots in their wanton, conscienceless killing of the innocent. And I don’t need Wikileaks to tell me that; I have only to read the testimonies of the soldiers who are there. What we are doing is horrendous, and it will bring on more retaliation, more Islamic “fundamentalism”, more blowback than you can imagine. And if the lunatics, goaded once again by Israel, attack Iran you will probably see horrendous retaliation.

    Yes, by all means write about Islamic injustices, by all means to try speak calmly to them abount conversion to the one, true, Faith, be aware of their cruelties. But speak at the same time about the Zionist monsters and their US stooges, who brought on this jihad. Before 1948 there were no jihads. Don’t forget that.

    I am sorry if these words of mine might offend our editor (whom I enormously respect) or anyone who reads them. Please believe me when I say they are not intended to cause offence. I only write them because I see all too often criticism of the Muslim cruelties by people like Anne Coulter and countless others and a near-total silence about the Zionist cruelties that are every bit as bad…or worse.

    But, of course, the Muslims don’t have a financial stranglehold on the world’s media.

    • Schmenz,
      I am afraid I must totally disagree with you on this.

      As I see it, no disagreement about the foreign policy of one Country can ever be used as justification for terrorism (and please let us not do of this a platform for Israeli-Palestinian quarrels, which it is not meant to be).

      Italy was invaded and kept under foreign domination for centuries. No one ever dreamt of organising mass killings (perfectly possible at the time, too) in order to force the Habsburg to go.
      This would have gone against the most elementary sense of humanity. Never have the children and women of the Austrian occupiers been targeted, never have Austrain soldiers been taken hostage and/or beheaded. Never has the indiscriminate bombing of cities just to create chaos being pursued. This is nothing to do with who is right and who is wrong, this is to do with basic humanity.

      Besides, many Arab countries have been under foreign domination for a long time, without ever recurring to such methods.

      This is nothing to do with protest against oppression, even if you think (and I emphatically do NOT think) that it would be justified. This is cruel fanaticism on a scale unconeivable for Christian minds.

      A cruel fanaticism which does not hesitate to kill many thousands of Iraqi civilians whilst seeing red for a Mohammed cartoon, or put bombs into Muslim mosques of another Muslim faction but threatens with indiscriminate massacre if a koran gets burned.

      You words do not cause offence, but frankly I find them rather away from reality. Still, you will remain of my opinion and I will remain of mine. But again, loet us not make of this another “bad zionist cause muslims to kill children” blog. I’m sure you’ll find sites like that aplenty.


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