The English Bishops’ Understanding of Catholic Rituals And Sacraments

Sadly, this is not a joke

If anyone had ever been in doubt about the 1) incompetence and 2) lack of basic Christianity dominating the E&W Hierarchy, here is a further example.

You can read on St. Mary Magdalen Blog the latest piece of ridicule with which our bishops have covered themselves.

In order for non-Catholics to better “understand” what is going on at papal events, our geniuses have prepared a small, portable “translator” of commonly used words.

We are therefore informed that “Liturgy”, Celebration”, “Mass”, “Benediction” have as similar terms often used “Event, Show,Gig”.

I can vividly picture Archbishop Vincent Nichols asked to tell a non-Catholic what a Mass is and answering “it is something similar to an event, or a show, or  gig“.
One understands why he still allows Homo Masses: Soho is part of Theatreland.

It goes on: “Blessed Sacrament”, “Holy Communion” have, as similar terms often used, “Bread, Wine”. This really makes one cringe. One wonders whether this is too stupid to be blasphemous or just plain blasphemous, but I doubt our heroes in Ecclestone Square will see any problem with that. It is just so inclusive, and hopefully the readers are not complete morons and can even understand what it is really meant.

If they do are complete morons, an email is provided.

It goes on, with “liturgist” as “performers, artists” and “sanctuary” as “stage”.

Someone is being really, really blasphemous or really, really stupid here. Or someone is being both, or most probably our Bishops and the people they employ just do not know anymore what a Mass is, what the Eucharist is, and so on.

No private company would ever be run in such a way. Not even British Leyland, or British Steel. This is beyond parody. I seriously needed some time to realise this was not a joke.

This shop is full of utterly incompetent people completely oblivious of what Catholicism is, and only bent on making themselves agreeable to society.

As the fish always stinks from the head down, the prince of the incompetent is Archbishop Vincent Nichols, who would be sacked this very day if he weren’t allowed to abuse the patience of people much better than him and get away with every kind of show (similar terms often used by him: Mass, Liturgy).

Quo usque tandem……..


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  1. Bloody hell! My jaw dropped so far that I bruised my chin!

    This is really quite unbelievable, way beyond parody!

    Who’d have thought “spiritual” and “uplifting” meant “enjoyable, fun, exciting”?

    I’m so sorry that I won’t be in the audience at this fun gig to see all the performers and artists, and especially the headline act. Any chance of a backstage pass, I wonder?

    • Mimi, it would see something too stupid to think that someone may truly think this way… but wait for my next entry and you’ll see another priest confusing the two….

      We truly live in astonishing times….


  2. This finally confirms a growing suspicion of mine that, under the leadership of ALL the present gaggle of bishops, the Novus Ordo Church in England and Wales has become just another protestant sect.

    Preserving Catholicism in our country is in the hands of the Traditionalists; and is a huge responsibilty.

    • Misericordia,
      I am a little less gloomy here 😉

      To me, the Church of Christ exists intact and valid in Her sacraments irrespectively of the corruption (doctrinal, moral or both) of the people who in a certain historical moment happen to represent Her.

      Therefore, I prefer to say that our bishops are largely protestantised (which they undoubtedly are) rather than saying that the Church in England has dies as Church. I couldn’t reconcile this last sentence with the fact that Masses are still offered in the English dioceses, and woul dtherefore had to conclude that either are those masses still valid, or Jesus wrong in saying that the gates of Hell would never prevail.

      Having said that, it is clear that the demolition men are inside the building and are trying to do their best.
      They’ll fail.


  3. Wise, measured words, M.

    There may be many ‘termites’ gnawing within the structure of the Church, hoping that the Church will collapse.

    But that can’t happen.

  4. England has been for centuries not only a protestant country but , more than that, a very anti-Catholic country. It still is. This is the source of the strong feeling against the Pope’s visit here, which is now bolstered by a certain apathy from Catholics, from the bishops downwards. The reason for this being that a large proportion of the faithful (again from the bishops downwards) are also pretty well protestant too!

    Yes, I firmly believe that the gates of Hell will not prevail against Christ’s Church but I also believe that the Novus Ordo Church is collapsing – and I do not mourn its demise. Orthodoxy will prevail.

    • I agree with you, Misericordia,
      the “Spirit of V II-church” is dying under the weight of its own ridicule. It is like a horrible coating of sixties-paint which is now falling apart revealing the beautiful red brick that had reamined hidden (if vaguely seen below the paint) for so long.

      What angers me without end is that these trendies apparently do not want to go graciously, or admit defeat and start thinking, but continue in their obstinate mockery of everythig which is sacred. I have written about Cardinal McCarrick, Nichols is well-known, then even the one or other moronic priest, it truly makes one’s blood boil.


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