Bellahouston is a success

Stronger than the cold

The angry fraction a’ la Tatchell & Fry (both of them, let it be noticed, fags) must be increasingly embarrassed as the hours go by.

The Mass at Bellahouston has been a success, with 70,000 people attending, some of them crying. I didn’t follow much of the Mass, but I must say I wasn’t displeased from those parts of the MacMillan Mass I could hear. It really seems the slight chill toward the end (not good for an 83-year-old, for sure) might have been the only problem of the day.

Out of 5 million Scotsmen, a number around 200,000 has managed to attend in some way, on a working day. Whilst it is clear that many of them were not Catholics, it is difficult to say they were there out of hostility to the Holy Father.

I wonder now whether these crowds are all formed by insensitive bastards indifferent to the cruel slaughter of children, or whether the characters like those mentioned at the beginning will not find themselves looking increasingly more stupid.

As they certainly should.

Ad multos annos!


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