Ann Coulter On Goldwater And Reagan

Beautiful post on Ann Coulter’s site comparing Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was launched on the national political scene during Goldwater’s presidential campaign, with the “time for choosing” speech, but Coulter makes a good job of explaining why Reagan surpassed Goldwater and went to triumphal victories not only as Governor but as President, too.
Ann Coulter is witty, vitriolic and highly entertaining. She is also spot on in remembering Ronald Reagan in a time of abortionist Presidents of very dubious Christian beliefs, picking lesbian activists as Supreme Court judge candidates.

Once again, we see the difference ideals make.


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  1. Mundabor,

    Ronald Reagan put Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court. She was a great disappointment for the cause of the unborn.

    Just a reminder.

    • Yes RV,
      but a supreme court judge must be approved by the Senate and I’m sure that in this, as in everything, one must take account of other people’s opinion. Giulio Andreotti, famous Italian politician, said once that “politics is the art of the doable”. I think this applies to many decisions of good and very good statesmen who apparently go against what they fought for ( I think Reagan even reluctantly allowed abortion in California when governor).


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