“Boycott Mass Sunday” Is A Complete Failure

She "boycotted" Mass yesterday

I am extremely disappointed in having being informed only yesterday that it was the “boycott Mass” Sunday.  Had I known it before, I wouldn’t have missed the bigger part of the fun. Pity, really.

I attended at the Brompton Oratory, as usual. Eleven am Mass. Full, as usual. Perhaps (just perhaps) a bit more mantillas than usual. I might be wrong. Otherwise no, no differences. Surfing around it would seem that mass attendance was rather higher than usual, as in places where the initiative has been drummed people have chosen to show the wymyn what they think of them in the right way. The ways of the Lord….

Anyway: for those of you who don’t know, apparently some soi-disant “Catholic” wymyn has called for Catholic women to “boycott Mass” (I kid you not!) to protest against the oppression of the wymyn not allowed to be Popess, not even Bishopess, not even Parish Priestesses! The ignominy!

I am now waiting for their demand to have an artificial penis implanted at taxpayer’s cost, but I think for that we’ll have to wait a couple of years yet and it might be necessary to “boycott Confession”. It will be fun.

The concept of boycotting the Mass is so stupidly blasphemous that one is afraid that not even the stupidity of these wymyn may save them from actual mortal sin. To willingly, deliberately skip Mass was, last time I looked, already an objective mortal sin. I am scared of thinking of the subjective element in people inviting not to attend Mass for…… feminist reasons. I truly am!

What is really funny, though, is the idea that you can boycott a religious  organisation by just not showing up. This is like saying that I have damaged Islam on Friday by not showing up at the local mosque. Or perhaps wymyn think that they are indispensable because of, well, the dough? This is rather strange, considering that for 20 centuries said dough has not really come in from women in any significant amount and the Church has expanded everywhere.

I would, anyway, encourage the wymyn to not call themselves Catholic and – most importantly – not to dare to receive the Most Holy Communion. If one thinks attentively about it, it can well be that this initiative has avoided 10 or 12 unworthy and sacrilegious attempts to receive the Real Presence. I therefore heartily invite all the unreformed feminists to continue with their protest until repentance or death. Better to die in mortal sin without a huge string of desecrations than with them. 

Feminists of the world, wake up. You just don’t count. No, really.


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  1. Great post! 🙂

    Attendance seemed to be normal at my local church too. In fact, one friend made a special effort to come to Mass despite being in great pain because she didn’t want to contribute in even an unintentional way to the “boycott”.

    On the other hand, and more depressingly, another lady told me about an acquaintance of hers — a Dominican NUN! — who wholeheartedly supported the boycott and tried to encourage others to stay away. Talk about ‘the enemy within’!

  2. You know what makes me really annoyed? These radical feminists screaming out to be (in your words) Popess, Bishopess or priestesses appear to think they are the voice of Catholic women!!! Well, let me just say it loud and clear….


    Nor any – no, not one – of all the Catholic women I, or any of my friends, know or have known. (Yet I do know of Protestant women who hold these views!) These feminists boycotting Mass are no more than a tiny bunch of rebel misfits, frustrated failures, who, as you rightly say Mundabor, are no longer Catholic – for to refuse Catholic teaching is to put yourself outside the Church. To boycott Holy Mass, and all that entails, is a sure way of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    These women need a lot of prayer….. and perhaps psychological help.

    • Kathleen,
      I loves “rebel misfits and frustrated failures” 😉 The problem is, few people (let alone:men, unless they are Italians) will tell them so in their face.

      In my experience, to tell them that they are feminist because they’re fugly, bitter and frustrated helps a lot in shutting them down.

      It is a mistery to me how nort-european societies (and North American ones too, I hasten to add) have reservation in saying clearly what everyone can see. This is what political correctness does to us. One of the things I admire most of Italy is this blessed absence of political correctness in the greatest part of the population.

      But don’t worry: no sensible person (man or woman) believes that these idiotic viragos are in any way representative of the gentle sex.


  3. Mimi,
    isn’t it telling that the person who boycotted was a nun and no one really finds it strange?

    The Church has tolerated these nutcases for too long. If I were a good nun (there are of those still around) I’d be extremely angry at them


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