Mundabor’s blog now on Twitter

Following the advice of people who most certainly know more than I do about this I have registered a twitter account, @mundabor.

Unless I am mistaken, it should at least allow people who read me and have a twitter account to retweet my messages if they like them or think others could be interested.

I promise never to write tweets of emotional/adolescent nature; I will probably write mainly references to blog posts or (very seldom) short commentaries on Catholic and political matters.


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  1. For people reading this, I’m also now on Twitter. Do follow:

  2. Mundabor, you need to follow more people (so as to be followed).

  3. Mundabor, one very easy way to add people is to click the list of people they follow (eg. 200 following) then click on the button with the man and the + sign (it means you don’t have to go into the profile and saves a lot of time) the more you add, the more you will be followed

  4. Absolutely not. Almost everybody does it. It’s the only way to get a following.

    • Thanks Shane,
      further question: if I start massively adding people I will not only spam them but I will be spammed by them, right? 😉
      Doesn’t this defy the object?

      What do people do, live with that and desperately try to filter the interesting tweets from the static noise?


  5. No I don’t think so. But you will build up more followers. It means when you tweet you’ll get more hits to your site and people will know when you’ve posted. You should add about 2000 friends.

    • You mean I should add 2000 people I follow? I can’t imagine I’ll have 2000 people following me anytime in this century and I might not make it to the next….

      Anyway I’ll do as you say and will add a lot of people in the next weeks, then see what happens from that.

      Anecdotically, it appears stat counts have already gone up and I have a number of referrals from tweeter already but today is the first day so it might be only a novelty effect.

      The thing is addictive though…. I’ll have to learn to stay away from it and only consult it when I want to have access to a ton of information…


  6. In about another month, if following people becomes a waste in some instances, you can always unfollow them. But put yourself out there first and get spotted. That’s the main thing. Now get adding.

  7. You should go into the twitter pages of Rorate Caeli, Protect the Pope, FrZ, Damo etc and add the friends they have.

    I agree with you that it’s addictive. I have to wait until tomorrow to add new friends because I’ve added so many today.

  8. I only signed up yesterday. Most Catholic bloggers were using Twitter and I felt left out 😦

  9. Lord, I feel old! “Twitter” is terra incognita as far as I’m concerned. 😦
    Is it something to do with mobile phones?

    • Mimi,

      what you are doing now is much more difficult!

      Twitter is like a mini-blog. maximum 140 character.

      it is pretty much self-explanatory.

      You need an email (you already have); a name (you can have a fake one 😉 ) and a screen name (lile “mimi”). That’s that.


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