Federico Lombardi tries To Reinvent Catholicism

One of the countless Popes who were wrong, says Fr Lombardi.

The Vatican spokesman has an obvious desire to feel beautiful and to let all the world see that he is.

In doing so, he

1) goes against 2000 years of Catholic teaching, and
2) contributes to the nonsense about the new and “improved humanity” so typical of the “Spirit of V-II” crowd.

Father Lombardi is not very shy. He tells us what he wants. Being Italian, he must know that the word “want” is more emotionally charged in Italian than in, say, English.
In Italy it is considered rather aggressive and in real life you do not use such words among adults because of his strong content. Even in Republican times, every child is taught that “l’erba voglio non cresce nemmeno nel giardino del Re” (or: “The “I Will”-grass doesn’t even grow in the King’s garden”).

But no, Father Lombardi doesn’t care of Catholic teaching or of “I Will”-grass. He simply wants. “Beata gioventu’ “, one would say if the chap were young and naively revolutionary. But he isn’t, so one doesn’t.

We have two phenomena here: the proclamation of “Humanity2.0″, obviously improved from the 1.0 version, and the reaction with the installation of Catholicism 2.0.

“I don’t want it in any country, in any of its forms, for any person or in any circumstance”, says our chap openly insulting the million of devout Catholics, certainly more orthodox than he himself is, at a stroke. But it is not only a matter of being rude.

This is in open contrast with the Church Teaching, the equivalent of telling oneself a pacifist in relation to the doctrine of war. This is in obvious contrast with centuries of tradition not only in all (as in: all) Christian countries, but even in the Pontifical State, who had and applied the death penalty with regularity. This was also, until 2000, official rule of the Vatican City, until an obviously senile JP II (desirous to make himself beautiful, no doubt) decided to abolish it.

Still, JP II’s decision might have had (though obviously wrong, because obviously sending the wrong signal) a practical justification. The Vatican City is rather not what you’d call a hotbed of criminality and when they renounced to exercise jurisdiction in the only case where it would have found application (Ali Agca, of course) it was obvious that the rule was meant never to be applied in practice anyway.

But this with Fr. Lombardi is different. This is at variance with the teaching of the Church. Lombardi calls this “a step further”. With this mentality, priestesses are “a step further” compared to male priesthood.

This nonsense comes from the usual mentality of the Sixties, that humanity be now oh so improved. Methinks, it is the same mentality which “helped” the one or other bishop to consider depraved priests as merely having a need for psychological treatment.

Already the CCC on the matter is extremely questionable, because – even without being openly heretical – it flirts with heresy to please the crowds (in pure JP II-style, must be said). But this is truly senseless.

And the man is not even King.

The address to which to send your protest is, as usual:



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  1. Do you know when the last prisoner in the Vatican was executed? This has always interested me.

    • A famous movie, “In Nome Del Papa Re” (“In the name of the Pope King”) deals with the execution of two subversives in 1867 (Pope: Blessed Pius IX. Lombardi knows that of course 😉 ).
      I do not know whether these were the last executions at all, certainly were the last execution with a political motivation. Anyway, capital punishment was absolutely taken for granted.

      The extremely famous Italin musical comedy, “Rugantino” (you know some tunes, for sure) ends with the main character, Rugantino, executed.


    • Shane, on the execution (and the musical):

      The executioner in the musical is “Mastro Titta”, famous Roman character, really existed.

      “Mastro Titta” (real name: Giovanni Battista Bugatti, http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastro_Titta ) was the executioner of the Papal State. Between 1796 and 1864 he has, according to Wikipedia, executed 516 people. This makes an average of 7.7 executions a year until 1864 all over the Stato Pontificio. All of the Stato Pontificio had around 3 million inhabitants by the half of the XIX century.


  2. mundabor, that youtube video was delicious

    • Thanks, you want me to post it again?
      I thought you were objecting to the very poor video quality…

    • This is the 1980 version with Montesano/Chelli. He was (and still is) a very famous comedian; she was very sexy but not at his height in talent; her voice was also a bit too low for my liking, thought a lot of people liked it.

  3. why would you need to post it again?

    • The second one is the one I have posted first and took down when you told me it didn’t look good.
      You’ll see this has no photos of Rome but is from the original musical comedy.
      It has the correct version (the man sings first; then the woman) which you don’t find often in CDs and the like.

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