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Courageous Bishop Refuses Communion To Militant Homos

Please, please one like him in Westminster too!

Why, oh why have we to cope with a joke called Vincent “Quisling” Nichols when the US have so many Bishops who could be sent here to relieve us of our misery?

You can read here what has happened in Minnesota, where Bishop Nienstedt has refused to give communion to a group of militant homos wanting not only to receive communion notwithstanding their open rebellion to the Church, but even do so wearing a visible sign of their revolt, rainbow buttons and sashes.

The decision of Bishop Nierstedt would be to commend unconditionally, and a rare good news worthy of being shouted out loud, if the fact had not been tainted by a grave episode of scandal after the mass, when a priest obviously squarely on the pro-Homo side has hastily celebrated a Mass for the homosexualists, during which they were allowed to (try to) receive communion by the same priest.

It is now the clear duty of Bishop Nienstedt to bring his disobedient priest rapidly and clearly into line, then isolated episodes of orthodoxy are – whilst always commendable in themselves – much diminished in their importance and in their teaching value if dissent is allowed to flourish among the very priests of an orthodox Bishop.


Monsters With A Liberal Face

Defend us in battle!

Please look at this video, but not if there are children around.

Listen to it attentively; perhaps listen to it again.
The atrocity of these liberal Nazis is so appalling, their absence of every sense of humanity so complete that the woman is unable to understand the enormity of what she is saying. An old woman; a life so completely wasted.

And what she is saying is of such cruelty that one shivers at writing it again here. And she repeats it; and is astonished at the reaction she causes. Who knows, she might even be really astonished, but more probably she tries to feign innocence to mask her cruelty.

These people are firmly in the hands of Satan. One listens to the lady and understands, touches with his own hands so to speak, how Nazism could happen. I can vividly picture the lady as a gas chamber operator in a Nazi extermination camp, destroying countless souls (she calls them at one point “selves”, then the word “lives” or “souls” would be revealing of her cruelty already) but thinking that it is okay, that she does it in order to put an end to their suffering and is therefore like a good mother; and then being astonished at discovering herself in sitting on a dangerous bench in Nuremberg.

Please forward this video to as many as it is sensible. There is really no need to spend time in explaining or commenting it.

A Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel will certainly do no harm.


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