Catholic Church Fiercely Opposes Irish Abortion Congress

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In another sign that perhaps, just perhaps, somethign is startin gto change and the Church on the British island is starting to become a bit more aggressive in Her defence of Catholic value, it is to be noted that the opposition to a congress of abortionists held in England (and comprising the usual murderous “chariteees”) peeves the liberal press enough to be mentioned with less than neutral tones in articles like this one, with the author amusingly concerned about the costs of going abroad to do what is a criminal offence in his own country and some of the commenters launching themselves in the usual absurd reasoning of the “if you have killed heretics you can’t tell us not to kill babies”-sort.

I though it fitting to give notice of this because it seems to me that the tones are getting at times a bit more similar to what they should always have been. To denounce the conference as “clearly designed to undermine the rights and welfare of children in the womb and the consistently pro-life position of the majority of people on this island” cannot be defined (thank God) a very diplomatic statement and the appeal “to all those who cherish the inherent dignity of human life in all its stages to join us in expressing opposition to this event” is also a nice piece of clear communication.

I concede that this is Ireland and that it is easy to speak the truth when one has a majority behind one, but it is still clear that on this occasion there is no fear of a fight.

Let us hope that this commendable behaviour will find more and more imitators also in the UK.


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  1. The Belfast Telegraph is a rag (see this for example) and many of the comments there are unreadable.

    Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if the bishops weren’t just ‘toeing the line’ like they did with civil partnerships. Air some pious statements to look all good in Rome, while ignoring everything else. Eg. for a number of years now the ‘Day for Life’ has been devoted exclusively to suicide.

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