Once Again, Laymen More Orthodox Than Clergy


Dr. Josef Mengele. Today he'd make a good Nobel Prize candidate.


One gets a bit tired of reporting of another escursion into the popular land of heterodoxy from a member of the Catholic clergy; still, oportet ut scandala eveniant and it is at least a consolation to see that whilst members of the clergy do everything possible to pander to the secular mentality, courageous laymen have no problems in telling it straight.

The last example are the contradictory declarations of Mgr. Carrasco, Head of the Pontifical Academy for Life about the recent and controversial announcement of the Nobel Prize for Dr. Edwards, the inventor of in vitro fertilisation.

Mgr. Carrasco appears not to be entirely bad and his official declarations, on several occasions, have struck the right tones; still he seems -like many others – unable to resist the temptation of making compromises with his interlocutor when representing an unpopular position and as a consequence ends up talking nonsense. Let us read his words again :

[Dr. Edwards] “ushered in a new and important chapter in the field of human reproduction in which the best results are visible to everyone, beginning with Louise Brown.”

“New and important chapter?” “Best results?” What is this, Christopher Hitchens talking the Church down? And this, from the Head of the Pontifical Academy for Life? It truly sounds like a spoof, but unfortunately it isn’t…

Thankfully, the Vatican has immediately recognised the blunder and has rapidly corrected the imprudent Monsignor, promptly stating that Carrasco’s declaration was in answer to a journalist’s question (read: he was imprudent and wrong, but without malice) and does not represent the opinion of the Pontifical Academy for Life. I do think that he was the victim of the “agree-itis” so typical of these times; of a mentality in which no one wants to say it straight, lest he appears rude and no one dares to deny some kudos to his opponent, lest he is considered a bigot.

No one? Well, apparently not. It would appear that there are people out there who don’t tarnish their criticism of Dr Edwards with …….. a resounding praise of how good his work was.
The International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations does not leave any merit to Dr. Edwards’ work. They merely recognise as factual the joy given to the misguided parents, but clearly criticise the work of Dr. Warner in itself. No trace of “new and important chapters” here….

Harder still is Lucio Romano, the president of the Italian association Science and Life. Romano’s remarks are extremely damning as whilst he recognises that Edwards was a pioneer of the application of livestock methods to human beings, he also clearly says that this is no progress for humanity, at all.
Basically, what he is saying (though not with such words) is that every Nazi doctor can be said to have been trying to achieve some progress, but he was forgetting an elementary sense of humanity in the process. Dr. Josef Mengele was involved in seminal medical work, too.

None of the statements of the laymen organisations can be called unorthodox in the least. The words of the clergyman in charge of the matter had to be hastily corrected.
These are the times we live in.


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  1. I should say that this Carrasco fellow is really very ignorant and has not really embraced the ethic of LIFE. He’s just a Vatican bureaucrat who is craven to the popular culture. Even as a very young woman in my early 20s, when Newsweek and TIME proclaimed this test tube baby development after the birth of Louise Brown on their covers, I had a feeling of foreboding about it…this can’t possibly be a good thing, I thought.

    Imagine the numbers of priests advising Catholic couples to “go for it” in regards to in-vitro fertilization. Masturbation, creating many more embryoes than needed, placing them in deep freezes…some involve donor sperm or donor egg. Catholics engage in this as much as the rest of the culture, I would guess. I personally know of Catholic couples who have test tube children. One couple resorted to donor sperm. Nothing, nothing, nothing in the 32 years of in vitro ferilization has anything even been spoken from the pulpit in these parts in this regard and I can think of one sermon that addressed abortion specifically and exclusively in the same number of years. It’s all in quest of not being offensive to the young. Lots said about social justice and fighting hunger and breast cancer, but nothing ever said about the proper course of conducting oneself in marriage and why the Church condemns birth control and in vitro fertilization. There is NO true Catholic identity alive in any significant number in this country, IMO. Scores and scores of Catholics going to Communion on Sunday, and the church echoing hollow on Saturdays during the confession 1/2 hour. It’s bizarre, it’s tragic, it’s surreal, it’s unbelievable.

    And just a bizarre little aside…Catholics have embraced the sexual smorgasbord culture in so many ways…there are so many women who have obviously had breast augmentation surgery in local parishes here wearing tight pants and tops to show off their bosoms. Many drive huge SUVs and have huge breasts and contracept when they don’t want kids and resort to in-vitro when they do. Catholics, in general, are NO DIFFERENT, in their cultural choices than the surrounding pagan culture.

    • RV,
      you always say it so beautifully.
      personally I was a child in Italy ay the time and the discussion was very hard, so much so that even children like me could not escape the relentless attention claimed by the opposing camps.
      For the sake of their souls, I want to hope not a single priest would suggest to a couple that fertilisation in vitro is the thing to do, what you write is truly alarming and lets me understand better how a Nancy Pelosi can go around without being stoned.


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