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Let’s Take A New Oath: A Michael Voris Video


Yes, even the Scouts....


Interesting video of the always inspiring Michael Voris*, based on the concept of oath.

Think of it, one is surprised of how many people take an oath. Civil servants; military men; judges; jurors; witnesses…..

You would think that of all people, Catholics would be the one with the least difficulties in taking an oath. The granitic nature of Catholic teaching should make this so banal as to not even be matter of discussion, right? Unfortunately, we all know that this is not the case. This is not the case because heterodoxy has spread in many quarters of the Church; has been encouraged to spread by the very people who were in charge of avoiding its diffusion; and has now spread to the point that many Catholics do not even know that they have been fed with superficial common places in the best case and with heresy in the worst.

Yes, I do think that a demand of Pope Benedict to all the clergy to take an oath stating in no uncertain terms their total obedience to the Magisterium would create great difficulties. But this is not the reason to avoid it. In my eyes, the fact that it would create such an outrage is the reason why it should be done in the first place!
Alas: good as he is, Pope Benedict is no St. Pius X and we will not have any oaths during his pontificate; rather, we’ll have a mixture of admirable liturgical restoration – and great courage in starting to spreading the truth rather than politically correct soundbites – and accommodating episcopal appointments which help to perpetuate the grave situation we have today.

Until the situation improves – and it will be a long time before it does – the duty of spreading orthodoxy will fall, to a not little extent, on the shoulders of the laity. The more so in those countries (like England or France) where the clergy is – on average – below an acceptable level of decency.

Let us be prepared, then, and let us pay attention not only to the Magisterium, but to the news and debates surrounding the Church. It will make it more easy – when the occasion invariably occurs – to refute the lies, defend the truth and perhaps help the one or other soul on her way to conversion.


* al always, you might have to log in, which is fast and free.

Wise Words About Homosexuality.


Nice banner, by the way.....


The excellent blog of Deacon For Life has a beautiful statement of Peter La Barbera, the president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.

This statement has the merit of being short but rather complete and is truthful and charitable at the same time (let us remember that truth is very often charitable, whilst niceness often isn’t). It clearly exposes the usual trick of the homo lobby of trying to manipulate the wrong of physical assaults to homos to obtain acceptance for the abomination of sodomy.

As in these last days homo self-martyrdom has been present on both sides of the pond (with the homosexual man committing suicide after having being filmed on the one side and the recent events in Belgrade on the other) it is very appropriate, I think, to have some clear words said on the matter.

We must condemn evil, never use evil as a pretext to condone another.

Kudos to Deacon For Life for the beautiful entry.


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