New Consistory Imminent After All?


Sure to make it: Archbishop Burke


The rumours are more and more frequent on the blogosphere and it would seem that a new consistory is imminent.

As the date of the appointment would be the Feast of Christ The King, which falls on the 21st November, and as it is the usual praxis to announce the names one months in advance of the official appointment it would seem that within a few days we’ll have the name of the new red hats.

Whilst one does not doubt that unpleasant names will be inserted in the list (I think here in particular of His Disgrace Vincent “Quisling” Nichols, often the object of less than pleased entries on this blog), there is reason to hope that this new batch of Cardinals will, on the whole, give us conservative Catholics added security that the successor of Benedict will be a step forward; or at the very least, not one backwards.

Besides the unavoidable disappointment here and there (Benedict has already disappointed more than once in his UK appointments and he is obviously not willing to risk an open confrontation with the clergy of England & Wales) it will be nice to examine the new candidates one by one and try to assess how much the new appointments shift the average toward the conservative side. I am also glad that this consistory finally arrives as – always speaking in general- the more Cardinals of Benedictine appointment there are, the better it is.

But we still don’t know and we’ll have to bear some uncertainty for a couple of days.

As I think Pope Benedict would say: Abwarten, und Tee trinken…


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  1. “Whilst one does not doubt that unpleasant names will be inserted in the list (I think here in particular of His Disgrace Vincent “Quisling” Nichols”

    Quite unlikely whilst Murphy-O’Connor is under 80, by all accounts.

    Here’s an interesting list:

    Click to access CardinaliliII.pdf

    • Thanks Afcote, very interesting list!

      As far as Vincent “Quilsing” Nichols is concerned, I hope you are right and it would make sense to wait until there’s no possibility of having two “papabili” from the same diocese; but as it was a first that CMOC was kicked out instead of going out feet first, it might be thought expedient that Nichols is not left without a red hat for too long.
      We’ll see.


  2. “papabili”? Nichols and CMOC?

    Dear God, please let it not be so! Fortunately, I think the chances of either of them being considered potential popes are remote.

    • Agree Afcote.
      None of them is papabile in the strict sense, not by any reasonable stretch of the imagination or collective drunkenness in Conclave. But every Cardinal can be elected Pope and therefore you’d have two people from the same diocese who can be made Pope.
      Anyway I doubt Nichols would have any big following in a Conclave even if CMOC were to go with satan and he elected cardinal. But to give him a red hat would give him more power here in the UK, which would be a great damage to Catholicism.


    • Good Lord,
      the man is really a slimy, hypocritical bastard.

      But the article is several months old now. I’ll make a notice of it and refresh the story when a fitting occasion arises. Knowing the man, I don;t think it will be a very long wait.


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