The Homo Emperor Has No Clothes

Wouldn't be pleased with the modern times, either.....

We live in – as the unforgettable Baldrick used to say – strange and disturbing times. Times so strange that common sense is not applied anymore and too many people are afraid to switch on their brains for fear that the result might not be politically correct and, as a result, put them into trouble or at the very least disturb the course of their orderly lives.

Take alcohol, for example. It doesn’t need a genius to understand that a young man or woman raised up in a family of alcoholics might well grow up to be one himself. Particularly so, when the habit of getting drunk is seen as not only harmful, but morally neutral or even part of an alternative way of living only criticised by “bullies” and “alcophobics”. Or take violence in the family, with the obvious effect that violence experienced daily will exert on the young souls if they get to know the world through the eyes of their role models, people glorifying violence as a way of life which only bigots and “violophobic” dare to criticise. Or take again coprophagy or coprophily, with a young boy or girl growing up in a family of people eating or loving crap and continually hearing how intolerant and “coprophobe” the world is.

The list of perversions and dysfunctions could be long, but common to all of them is that it is purely a matter of common sense that without a proper education and transmission of proper values, the healthy development of younger generations could be hampered and grave damage done. This is why the role of the parents is so paramount and the vital importance of their example so universally stressed.

Of course, things do not have to always go bad. Children raised up in dysfunctional families can grow up to become perfectly balanced adults, and some may even get – from the very evil they see in their own domestic environment – the desire to excel in the virtues their own parents lacked. But it is obvious to the simplest common sense that their task will be more difficult, and that whenever they’ll succeed they’ll do it notwithstanding the bad or perverted influence of their families instead of because of it.
In general terms, it has always been a received truth that the sins of the fathers are transmitted to the sons, both in a religious and in a more practical way. Talis pater, talis filius, the Romans also used to say; people, these, who must have understood something of human nature if two thousand years later we are still fond of their sayings.

Strangely enough – and in defiance to the most elementary common sense – all this would not be applicable to sexual perversions. For example, we are required to believe that a child raised up by an homosexual “couple” would not be influenced by the sexual behaviour and attitude he sees in his home every day and which is presented to him as perfectly natural. The obvious observation that to grow up in the midst of perverts might make of a child a pervert does not touch them (officially, at least); it isn’t convenient to say so, therefore it can’t be true, and damn common sense.

Obviously, homosexuals know all too well what could become of their “adopted” “sons”. They do desire it. But they don’t tell you, preferring you to believe the stupid tale of the sexual orientation being something which can’t be perverted but is simply in one way or the other. As if Sodom had been the place where, stranegly enough, the sexual orientation had happened to be always the same one. What en extraordinary coincidence.

It is another evil perversion of the homosexual lobby to demand that their tale of the non-influence of their sexual perversion(1) be accepted as mantra whilst working to have children made in their own image (another interesting figure of speech by the way). Can you imagine the homosexual “father” proud of seeing his son starting to run after the girls? How could this father not notice what probable effect his son growing as heterosexual will have on the relationship between the two? How easily can an heterosexual grown in an homosexual household grow up to understand the perversion running in his own domestic environment? In the very best of cases it will be as in Chandler of the Tv series “friends”; in the worst of cases, much worse.

Thankfully, every now and then someone has the courage (and courage it is) to say that the emperor has no clothes, and that children of homosexual “couples” are much more likely than the average to grow up perverted themselves.
The discovery of boiling water, you will say. Still, this is something that has to be said also in the “research” environment, where otherwise madness would know no boundaries.

If this elementary common sense continues to be spread and brought to the attention of the public opinion, perhaps one day we’ll force the homos to throw away the mask and at least admit that in adopting a child they’ll hope that he becomes a homosexual and do nothing to avoid this happening, trusting that family values and a habit of perversion lived every day will be sufficient. This will even reinforce them in the fantasy of their own “normality” and is in any way coherent with their idea that homosexuality be “their normality” (which, by the way, every paedophile Catholic priest could tell you in exactly the same words).

Truly, modern society is allowing itself such madness in ideology-driven social “experiments” as not even the Nazis would have dared to dream of.


(1) can we please stop the bollocks with the “orientation”. A perversion is a perversion. You don’t say of a paedophile that he has an “alternative orientation”. You say that he is a pervert.

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  1. Great blog, and it’s a pleasure to read some straightforward expression of straightforward truths.

  2. Wow. No messing about there anyway. Mundabor you possess many characteristics but a tendency for political correctness isn’t one of them. Always a good antidote to the (increasingly PC) Catholic Herald.

    • Shane,
      as I have said in the other message, this is the beauty of having your own blog.
      Can you imagine such a blog post on “Homo Smoke”? There would be a choir of “I hate you” and “you’ve hurt me” from the homo/lesbian/atheist troops, with the moderation running to the delete key… 😉


      P.s. I haven’t forgotten your other truly beautiful booklets about socialism and other plagues.. 😉

  3. Hello Mundabor! I’m so happy I found your blog here. I frequently read Damian Thompson’s blog, and I was disappointed when you stopped commenting there (though I don’t mean to open up old wounds).

    You were one of the few commentators there that I actually read; it seems like half of the posters are either Fundamentalist Protestants, or some sort of unbeliever. I can’t understand why they would be interested in a blog about the internal workings of the Catholic Church in England, but oh well . . .

    Anyway, Alfred “Judy” Haddock (or is it Judy “Alfred” Haddock?) posted a comment mocking you on a recent blog of Damian’s, and some kind reader responded to her by posting a link to you blog here. I don’t find many people that I agree with so frequently as I do with you, so please keep up the good work.

    • Nihilsubsole,
      I am so happy everytime I read a message like yours! Whilst I am not the person over relying of what other people think of him, to see that my efforts (here and elsewhere) bear fruits is always extremely encouraging and I can see the one of the other bonus point coming when I kick the bucket and am in dire need of them…

      “Homo Smoke” is not anymore what it used to be. It has been choked by the political correctness pervading all the Telegraph activities and I must say that the blog editor is in the first line among those who ruined everything, and we know why.

      it is now a constant bickering (at least everytime I pop in there it is constant) between militant atheists spitting poison as if there’s no tomorrow, and an irregular Christian militia swearing they’ll leave every 12-14 minutes but then never being able to let the blog go to the dogs, as it richly deserves; or going away to found their own blog but then continuously coming back to that one.

      If you ask me one either is a refugee, or he isn’t and a blog is either worth writing in, or it isn’t. Anyway, the irregular Christian militia is highly emotional and perhaps not terribly effective, but certainly well intentioned.

      The funny thing is that I have left such a profound mark on that blog that months after my ban I still continue to be in the thoughts of the likes of Judy8/haddock. This isn’t bad at all as they in this way provide intelligent readers with a constant stream of information about where to click (or what to google) to start reading some sensible, no-nonsense, unapologetic Catholicism.

      As for me, this blog (and in retrospect, the ban from “Homo Smoke”) has been the best thing that could happen to me. I can write without fear of being cancelled, or banned; choosing the issue I want to talk about; at my own pace and in my own time (there is a “timer” function which is absolutely wonderful). It works a treat, it is highly satisfying, and there are no PC police around editing my messages.

      Call it self-emloyed blogging if you like. A beautiful world.

      A big thank you to all those who defend me when I get slandered (as I’m sure happens on a regular basis, I trust intelligent people can see through it, though) and who defend real Catholicism on the blogosphere.


  4. Mundabor, would be delighted to hear your opinion on any of the socialist pamphlets.

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