New Cardinals named.

No time yet for a more detailed analysis and please forgive the absence of the usual embellishments.

Both Dolan and ++ Vincent “Quisling” Nichols will have to wait. Italian troop raised around one-third in one go and provided that they are orthodox, this little Italian heart can’t be displeased.
High incidence of Vatican elements anyway. I think both these elements might work for Scola at the next conclave.

The names are all here.

Feel free to add your own thoughts on the Cardinals you already know.

The 80 years rule is making the position of Cardinal more and more detached from that of elector, as the latest numbers show.

More on this as soon as I can research a bit.


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  1. I’m over the moon to hear that Archbishop Ranjith is being made Cardinal. He is one the best bishops in the world. I really hope he becomes pope.

  2. Speaking as an American:

    Burke is truly a wonder, it surprises me to see someone so solid from “that” generation of prelates. He seems to have paid of it, as other American bishops treated him as if he were that slightly off uncle that must be endured instead of embraced at family events. He deserves the red hat. I’m sure your readers are already familiar with him.

    Wuerl is . . . meh. He’s happy to be Mr. Orthodoxy in front of safe audiences (like the Knights of Columbus), but once you get him out of that element, it is the same old soft-pedaling one is use to from career Church bureaucrats. I suppose as Archbishop of Washington the dignity can’t be denied to him. I’d prefer it if he couldn’t vote in the next Papal conclave, as where his theological sympathies lie is obscure. Unless the Pope lives for another ten years, though, it looks like he will.

    • Thanks Nihilsubsole,
      Burke is truly a great hope for every Catholic.
      As far as Wuerl is concerned, I sometimes go to the diocese internet site and see what kind of game they play.
      I liked this from the archdiocese of Washington.

      Click to access 09Marr_Insert_SSM.pdf

      It is from the controversial themes that you see whether they are in for a fight or just to let people feeeel fine.


  3. Told you Nichols wouldn’t be named for now. I am pleased that he hasn’t!

    There may well be another conclave in a year or so as quite a few will turn 80 in the next few months and there are a large number of people who didn’t get the red hat this time who may well be considered candidates – Fisichella, Coccopalmerio, Collins of Toronto, the archbishop of Florence, and so on.

    • You were right Afcote, I thought in consideration of the importance of the office Pope Benedict wouldn’t have left our favourite heretic without a red hat. With Dolan in NY was the same.
      I wonder whether there will be another consistory so soon as I have the feeling that now Pope Benedict feels rather safe that the college of cardinals reflects his own ideas about his possible successor and won’t feel the need of new appointments for some time, in the end 20 out of 120 in his third consistory is a lot.
      But I also notice that three out of the four you mentioned are Italians and the Italians were 40% of the Cardinals below 80. It must be our innate human qualities.. 😉


  4. Sorry, by conclave I of course meant consistory.

    I hope very much that there is NOT a conclave in the next year or so!

  5. Sorry Mundabor, but it is rather the curial positions/ archiepiscopal sees they hold.

    Florence always gets a red hat, ditto Turin usually, and Celli, Fisichella, Coccopalmerio and Veglio are presidents of Pontifical councils which is not surprising as it is natural that Italians should run an Italian-speaking bureaucracy.

  6. Like everyone else I am hoping Ranjith is the man to watch. In the absence of prayer, Paddy Power dot com may well be worth a visit if the little guy is 50-1.

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