Yes, You Can! World Wide Outrage At A Christian Desecrating Mosque…..(?)

The Mosque whose desecration has been causing a huge media echo in the last days

I will blog today about the extremely grave episode that has happened in one of the cradles of Western civilisation, Florence and has since dominated world news.

As in the meantime everyone who doesn’t live on the Moon knows, an extremist Christian has succeeded in entering a Mosque in Florence and has violated and desecrated a place of worship. The entire action was filmed and has been on youtube & Co. for some days now. This caused widespread outrage among the Muslim community the world over, repeated threats from the Iranian government, calls to Jihad in all major Muslim capitals, great burning of Western flags, the killing of several priests and Christian laymen and in general frightful tensions between the Christian community and the Muslim one.

I am sure that every reader of mine will agree with me that such acts are extremely shameful and and that sincere Christians feel ashamed at what their co-religionist has done.

For this reason, it is also not surprising that the NY Times, CNN, BBC, the “Guardian” and in general the world media have condemned the action as one man, echoing the world wide outrage this senseless act has caused. This has been going on for days now so if you haven’t noticed, you must have been sleeping all the time or more probably, you are dead already.

This was to be expected, I hear you say. You can’t violate a place of worship of a religion with a worldwide following and around a billion faithful without the entire media world making a huge uproar about that, can you?………………………


Can you?

You can?


Oh well apparently (and to use a phrase very much en vogue, at least until the beginning of November) yes, you can!

The only thing you must do is avoid targeting Islam. Best thing to do is to target Christianity. This way, you will be sure that you will be able to dance on the high altar of the Florence cathedral without the world media noticing the episode in the least!

Now if you had proposed to, say, burn a Koran, this would have been different of course. One just doesn’t do such things unless he is a racist Nazi Ku Klux Klan fundamentalist bastard deserving of death by stoning and subsequent frying in camel’s urine.

But if you desecrate an altar to the point that it will possibly have to be reconsecrated, then it is very fine and no world wide outrage will erupt.
Similarly, there will be no calls to a Crusade, no danger for the life of Islamic clerics in European countries, no world wide self-flagellation from soi-disant intellectuals and no global media coverage to the point of nausea.

Which probably explains why nothing has happened in this case.


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  1. Maybe Catholics could take a leaf out of their book?

    • Might not be a bad idea Shane, though I am not sure we really should 😉
      What we should do, is to make very clear that we don’t act like them, and to expose the double morality of the media…

      The fact that we are not prone to stupid fanaticism and rampant victimhood is no excuse for the media to pamper them and ignore us and to have a double standard.


  2. A few weeks ago, during the lamentable “Burn a Koran” day here in the US, there was a man who, on his own free time, did end up burning a Koran in a public protest.

    He was subsequently fired from his government job (he worked for the state-run train system). Whether or not that was right is debatable, but I wonder: will this man who desecrated the altar be fired from his job? Will he be cut off from receiving his welfare check (if that is how he makes his money)? What consequences will he have to face in his private life, outside of legal action?

    I fear to say, he may very well be lauded in the Muslim community.

  3. He should be prosecuted and thrown into prison for this outrage.

    WHY did it take so long for him to be stopped?

    He’s lucky I wasn’t there. Our Lord may have turned the other cheek, but I wouldn’t.

    We have to resist the evil of Islam – and it is evil, be in no doubt.

    • Afcote,
      I haven’t read whether the man has been caught or had a job. I have an age and must avoid strong emotions.
      I’m sure what he has done is a criminal offence in Italy.
      As always: “chi agnello si fa, il lupo se lo mangia” (“he who makes himself a lamb, the wolf eats him”).


  4. If he’s a Somali immigrant into Italy, he has so scandalously abused the hospitality ill-advisedly extended to him that there can be no reason not to deport him back to the hellhole whence he came.

    • Ah, but you see where the problem is: it’d be full of lefties saying that no, you can’t punish the poor boy for a small mistake and such like.


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