Recently Appointed Bishop Terminates Homo Mass In San Antonio

The real Terminator!

You wouldn’t believe it, but every now and then some Catholic Bishop here and there actually starts doing his job.
This time it happened in San Antonio, where the interim head of the Archiocese, the auxiliary bishop Oscar Cantu’, decided that Homo Masses are not a sign of “chariteeee”, but Homo propaganda. One would have to say a word or two about the fact that the local faithful had protested against this abomination for fifteen years and the hierarchy had not reacted, but today I’ll limit myself to registering the fact that someone has finally done what is right.
As they say, better late than Nichols.

Let us read what Bishop Oscar Cantu’ has written about the matter:

“The Mass … continues to send conflicting messages about the Church’s official teaching concerning the proper celebration of the Eucharist and living an active homosexual lifestyle,”

This short but rather damning statement contains three important points: 1) there are “conflicting messages”, meaning: you avoid open heresy but in fact undermine Catholic teaching on the matter; 2) the celebration of the eucharist is not properly made, if it is made for a “special interest group”. Catholic means universal. You are Catholic, you go to Mass. You are a homosexual Catholic, you go to exactly the same Mass; 3) Homo Masses end up being propaganda for the acceptance of “an active homosexual lifestyle”. This point is so obvious than in order not to see it one must have the shameless, arrogant cheek of a Vincent Nichols.

In this particular case, the scandal was (if possible) even bigger because the Masses were “offered” for a so-called “gay advocacy group” called “Dignity”. This group openly advocates the acceptance of so-called homosexual lifestyle* and is therefore not in the least compatible with Catholic Teaching on the matter. Basically, homo activists openly in contrast with the Church have been allowed to confuse the faithful and give scandal for fifteen years, under the very nose of the Bishop and notwithstanding the repeated complaints of the clergy. The interim Bishop has now put an end to this after the old one – the allegedly very conservative Gomez, Opus Dei and now in Los Angeles – evidently never found the courage to grow a pair and tell things as they are.

Bishop Cantu’ is only 44 years old. He is “merely” the interim Head of the Archdiocese, with the new Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller taking over next month. It will be very interesting to see what Garcia-Siller does once installed, Cantu’s move certainly will not make it easy to come back to the old homo-friendly practices.

A very promising young shepherd, this Bishop Cantu’. Kudos to him and let us hope that this will become a fashion.


* That’s what they call it. For Heaven’s sake, would you call incest, bestiality, pedophilia a “lifestyle”? The world has become mad if we allow anyone to define themselves as they please and demand that we all call them as they wish.
“Perverts” is the word.





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  1. “rather young for a titular Bishop”

    I see what you mean, but I think you mean diocesan, as a titular bishop is something else.

    • Thanks Afcote,
      you are perfectly right. Obvious time constraints to do allow me to check for every possible mistake, every correction of the sort is always extremely welcome!


  2. “Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantú, the interim head of the archdiocese”

    In fact it doesn’t look as if he has been appointed to the archdiocese, but is just administrator during the interregnum.

  3. “Dignity officials said they will pursue an appeal with the incoming archbishop, Chicago Bishop Gustavo García-Siller, when he takes over duties in San Antonio next month”

    Ah, indeed. There is a new archbishop taking office shortly.

  4. So I fear that Cantu is not the diocesan bishop and nor is he going to be, not yet anyway. As you said, he is rather young for that.

  5. Still, at least we know who to cheer for when a diocesan vacancy does come up, eh?

  6. You are right again Afcote, so apparently the man is destined not to be at the head of an archdiocese (which again would have been rather uncommon at 44, but you never know).
    This makes the courage of the young man even more remarkable in my eyes, then it shows that he is not afraid of doing what is right even when in a temporary position and at risk of endangering future promotions.

    I think that the most appropriate thing to do now is to re-write the piece in the way I would have written it in the first place, if I had had all information.

    Thank you again for your help!


  7. Speaking of appointments to dioceses, this time rather closer to home, I am very keen for news concerning the appointment to my own diocese, the archdiocese of Cardiff, so anyone with any knowledge as to the names on the terna and who is favourite, do tell!

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