“Murky Messages”, a Michael Voris Video

A typical vision of a better society

This is a very interesting Michael Voris video about the way Catholic shepherds lead their sheep when there are important decisions to be made.

As in the United States it is now election time (and a particularly important election this one is, whose repercussions could be felt for decades to come) it is very important that the message is given very clearly that in a democracy to be a Catholic is to vote as a Catholic should.

This would seem utterly redundant if we lived in a sane world, mindful of Christian values; but we live in a mad world where socialism and anti-Christian values are allowed to be smuggled as Christianity; therefore, there is a word or two to be said.

A society which allows abortion is a society which legalises genocide. The public opinion of every Western Country thought exactly the same until not many decades ago and abortions were only performed in Nazi Germany or in Communist countries. Only when Christian values started to be confused with “social” issues – and the clergy started to compromise with the growing anti-Christian values in order not to become unpopular – we witnessed abortion creeping within Western legislation as an exceptional remedy and – once the Trojan Horse that abortion is justified in certain cases had entered the walls – rapidly became de facto abortion on demand pretty much everywhere.

Similarly, a society which accept homosexuality as a lifestyle is a society that rebels to God and decides that new golden calves (nowadays called “diversity”, or with other very stupid names) should take the place of the old religion; all the while continuing to abuse of Christ by masking the worst abominations and exterminations behind a veil of Christ seen as “social man”; an expression which means pretty much nothing and can be used to justify pretty much everything.

You’d think that Catholic Bishops in the US would take the sword and finally start to tell Catholics to wake up, smell the coffee and vote with the first priorities of Catholicism in mind. You’d be wrong. Whilst there are a number of excellent bishops doing their job admirably (Chaput and Bruskewitz to mention just two), many others continue with the old inane, vague rhetoric of the “do not kick the cat and be friendly to everyone”-type.

Let us examine this nonsense:

“Go to the polls on election day and, through your choices at the ballot, act on your vision of a better society”

This pearl of wisdom comes from the bishop of Massachusetts, Cardinal Sean O’Malley. I think that Michael Voris is far too generous in saying that the message is inane. It is worse than that. It confuses Catholics and is totally heterodox.

Cardinal O’Malley thinks and speaks like a secularist liberal of the first water. There are no absolute truths he feels he must defend. There is no binding guidance, directly derived from the Catholic teaching, that he feels he must impart to the faithful. Not even the most obvious Christian values, like the defence of life, are strongly called to the attention of the voters.

We have, instead, a typical example of moral relativism exalted and taken as a worthy guide of the individual’s choice. “Act on your vision of a better society”, says the Cardinal. Good Lord, Che Guevara did it too, when executing prisoners by the dozen! Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot all did exactly the same! The statement is entirely a-Christian in its absence of Christian values, and entirely Anti-Christian in its clear implication that whatever “vision of a better society” one has, it’s fine.

Cardinal O’Malley is confused. He should be told the difference between Catholic values and man-made systems of values. He should be reminded why he is a Cardinal. He should be asked why he became a cleric in the first place. Every Stalin or Pol-Pot could have subscribed to the statement above, without any problem.

This is not what a Catholic needs to hear, let alone what a Catholic shepherd has the duty to say. Catholics need to be reminded of their values, and encouraged to give them the proper rank. They must be constantly reminded of their duties toward their faith and of the fact that there will always be a price to pay for them. They must be constantly warned from the danger of moral relativism, of easy pick and choose mentality, of being seduced by the Law of Man. This message must be sent clear and loud. Vague defences of human life interspersed with phrases like the one above will have only one consequence: that the misinformed or utterly deluded Catholics will continue to think that they can pick and choose with the consent of their shepherd. I will not insult the intelligence of the Cardinal by saying that this result is not foreseen and positively intended.

Messages like the Cardinal’s one positively encourage Catholics to go the wrong way and feel justified in doing it. A Catholic abortionist (an oxymoron I know, but he will probably not want to see it that way) will feel encouraged to think that he can vote for a clown like Nancy Pelosi and say that he is fully in line with the exhortations of the Cardinal! I wonder who would deny the validity of his assumption……

I so much hope that this is the last major election in the US by which Catholic shepherds are allowed to confuse the faithful and lure them in the false sense that they are right to have ideals and convictions, no matter what they are. They are right if their convictions are the right ones, and if they’re Catholics they can’t choose which convictions to have.

The Church is in a very sad state if even Cardinals do not live these simple fundamentals of the faith and haven’t the guts to act accordingly.


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  1. I find Michael Vorris’ videos very cheesy. I just can’t stand his demeanour – he comes off as too arrogant and unduly self-assured. The intellectual content of his presentations are embarrassingly mediocre. That said I do agree with him on many things, in particular the appalling state of the Church. One thing that I’m finding lately is that’s becoming very hard for me to digest modern Catholic publications – even orthodox ones. I’ve marinated myself in old preconciliar material to the extent that I’ve become spoiled rotten. There’s simply no substitute for old-style pre-Vatican II Catholicism, not even modern traditionalist Catholicism.

    • I must say, I like the man a lot.
      Everyone who has the guts to tell the truth in a assertive way runs the risk of being considered arrogant, there’s no way to avoid that. As to the content I don’t consider it mediocre at all and I must say that apart from some strong expressions (where I later discovered that I was wrong, not him) I can’t find anything mediocre in him, let alone embarrassing, let alone wrong.

      Still, a “vortex” goes on for three minutes and as such is far less rich in content than, say, a vintage CTS booklet. It’s a tidbit, not a meal.

      Voris has a product which people can easily follow and in time, the message sinks in. If you register to the internet site, you’ll see they have posted great compliments made to him by Bishop Bruskewitz, who is one of the very best.
      One must consider that the old publications, whilst beautiful, are 1) not widely available and 2) woudn’t be widely read anyway. Voris brings the good to the people, I couldn’t ask for more.

      If I must really be critical, I don’t like the habit of having those horrible open shirts (which he never seems to have in other formats btw). But really, I am now just looking for complaints.


  2. I have to say, I disagree with you on one point Mundabor. Pol Pot and Stalin would never agree to the phrase “Go to the polls on election day and, through your choices at the ballot, act on your vision of a better society.”

    Rather they’d say something like “Refuse to vote in that scam of a bourgeois election! Rise up and drive the exploiters out of power!”

    I suppose in that sense they had more conviction in their chosen ideals than the Archbishop of Boston.

    • I must disagree, nihilsubsole.
      Integral to the Communist ideology is that they will use whatever instrument thay have to to get to power and only after they’ve done it there will be no election.
      In several countries (including Italy) the strategy has always been “use democracy to kill it”. The fact is, commies knew only that in the rarest of circumstances they’d be able to just seize power with brute force. Mostly, they’d need alliances with moderate people (and gullible ones), or to get in positions of power through elections before they can do it.
      Their conviction pertained to the ultimate end, not to the means to the end.
      I agree with you that even a Stalin (a corrupted, evil man) probably had more ideals than Cardinal O’Malley. We are full of marshmsllow cardinals and bishops; soft and sugary, but that in the end have no taste.


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