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The Nanny, The Police And The Catholic Blogger

We are all aware (or better: we should all be aware) of the fact that the secular society tries – with increasing energy and a more and more aggressive behaviour – to ban Catholic thinking. This is a disease common to lefties the world over (they have it in their genes, I suppose), but it is particularly evident in the formulation of legal heresies like the “hate crime” and all it is being used to justify.

We are informed from the “hermeneutic of Continuity” blog that steps have been undertaken to allow the police to block whatever site is – according to the judgement of said police – used to “commit crimes”.

Whereto this can lead is easy to see. In a world where political correctness is at a premium over the old activity of thinking, almost everything controversial can be considered “hate crime” and the removal of relevant pages be asked of the police without any need to have this view upheld by a court. This is the wet dream of Heidi’s governess and of all those like her and a poof, lesbian, and every other pervert’s paradise.

If this goes on, the pressure will be on the police to act according to the wishes of all those who consider themselves “victims”. Catholic thinking and in particular catholic bloggers will be a very obvious target.

It is astonishing that a country so proud of individual liberties as to even refuse the obligation to carry identity cards can tolerate such an intrusion of what would be a true police state into his right of freedom of expression and information.

If anyone knows of Internet petitions meant to put an end to this madness please let me know and I will give publicity to the fact as soon as possible.


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