Spanish Government Can’t Guarantee Cardinal’s Security

Please read here what Spain has come to.

I wonder what the reactions would have been is a meeting of perverts (you know what I’m talking about, those with the many letters, LGTB or the like) had been treated the same way.

This without considering that the above mentioned perverts are fringe groups and the Cardinal represents the by far biggest religious organisation in Spain.

Spain had such problems in the past. They were solved in the end (and unfortunately, not without a huge amount of suffering) when an intelligent, brave and very Catholic man decided to stand up for Catholicism.

You never know, one day History may repeat itself.


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  1. Bring back Franco!

    • Honestly, I do not think the Spaniards would be worse off if something like that would happen. Democracy is all good, until it betrays Christianity. At that point, I can’t see any moral legitimacy for Christianity anymore, tough the practical advantages (say: no bloody civil wars) are still to be considered.


  2. “At that point, I can’t see any moral legitimacy for Christianity anymore”

    I think (and hope!) you meant democracy there 😉

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