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Cardinal Burke Strikes Again

Cardinal Burke is truly one of the brightest stars in the Church’s firmament.

Look here at his latest firework. The man attacks not one, but several tenets of the secular and liberal Catholic mentality at the same time. He is like a Gatling cannon (I know I have made this comparison already; I did it because I like it 😉 ) shooting at the errors of our time.

Condemnation of “secularist dictatorship” and of the “moral bankruptcy “of contemporary culture; explicit mention of Satan (you don’t say!?); claim of Jesus Christ as the fullness of Revelation (“hate crime”, methinks?); criticism of fake Catholicism (and one wonders whether CINO will soon become a frequently met abbreviation); criticism of secular mentality within the Church; criticism of the hostility of liberal university towards pastoral teaching; criticism of the widespread ignorance in all matter Catholic…. Cardinal Burke can put all this (probably more than what ++ Vincent Nichols had the gut or the conviction to say in an entire career) in one speech.

One reflects that this man is now officially among the papabili and is filled (by all wishes of a long and happy life to the present Pontiff) with a sense of optimism and expectation for the future of the Church.

More like him and the Church will come out of the V-II sump in which she has sunk herself in no time.


Wikileaks And The Concerned Ambassador

I am not a friend of Wikileaks.

Still, as everyone else I can’t close my eyes in front of the reality of information being now in the public domain and will therefore say a word or two about the behaviour of Mr. Campbell, the British ambassador to the Holy See.

Mr. Campbell has a fundamental problem: he thinks that true unity between the Only Church and heretical groups may be achieved in some way mysteriously different from the only possible one: that at the end of the process there are only Catholics of the right sort (as opposed to the soi-disant ones).

As Mr. Campbell misses this very simple point, he is unable to see what is happening with the Ordinariates. He sees them as something meant primarily for Australian and North Americans, because he can’t see that Ordinariates are meant for everyone who wants to be a Catholic. He can’t see the push towards unity (the real one) that this entails because to him unity is a unity of two churches, which as a concept is as Catholic as I am Communist. He suggests that Rowan Williams should have been “consulted” about the ordinariates because in his vision of the “two churches” he sees the latter as somewhat entitled to the information.

In a word, Mr. Campbell seems somewhat concerned about the well-being of the Anglicans as “church” and fully intentioned to regard the shop as such. This might be forgivable in a poorly instructed non-Catholic, but a Catholic ambassador to the Vatican should know a bit better than that.

Mr. Campbell misses the substance of what the Church is. As a consequence, he misses the reasons and motives of why She acts as She does. He looks at the Church with the distorted spectacles of his own political convictions and therefore it is no surprise that he can’t have a clear picture of what is happening.

In my eyes, the United Kingdom needs an ambassador to the Vatican who is able to understand the Church. If he doesn’t have the instruments to understand the Vatican’s motivations, how can he be properly explain them to his own political masters?


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