The European Court Of Human Rights Shows What Nazi-Activism Leads To

You might have read that, in another desperate attempt to be “relevant”, the (let me check…) European Court of Human Rights has decided that its judges are right and the Irish people, Catholicism, Christian decency and common sense wrong.

You find here a short description of what this court is. Basically,

a) it is nothing to do with the EU (besides the fact that many countries happen to be members of both)
b) it has been instituted by one of the innumerable treaties meant to give jobs to people deemed worthy of receiving favours from politicians (the main reason why such institutions exist anyway),
c) It has 47 European members. I didn’t even know Europe has made it to 47 states, but make your guess as to how many are modern democracies and you’ll know everything you need to know about this farce.
d) even Russia is part of the treaty. Which really, really says it all.

Basically, this is one of the many supranational institutions within and without the EU which are taken as an excuse to do something a national government wants to do anyway but is scared of taking responsibility for or are, alternatively, utterly and completely ignored without even the press making themselves ridiculous by asking that their ruling be put into practice.

In this case, which – as you can read here, regards a rather limited sphere of application and doesn’t force ( I mean: doesn’t even try) Ireland to repel tout court its ban of abortion, the reaction of the Irish government will tell us whether the local politicians want to take this as an excuse to give in, or stand their ground and show this activist “court” the longest finger they can find. The first reactions seem to indicate that Ireland will stay the course, and thank God for that.

But this is, really, not the question.

The question is how on Earth supranational “judges” think that they have the right to decide in the place of modern Western democracies in matters which are among the most radical and fundamental decisions imaginable.

This shows all the degree of perversion and effeminacy nowadays reached in mainstream European public opinion; a vast region where the news that some self-appointed “Supranational Supernanny” wants to tell to million of people what to think in matters of life and death doesn’t cause a deluge of calls for the immediate suppression of such ridiculously undemocratic institutions. Very simply, the idea that their “betters” should tell them how to “improve” is so ingrained in the imaginary of the emasculated population that the best you can hope is that such decision are simply ignored because of their evident stupidity. Probably what is going to happen in this case.

This is liberal Nazism at its worst. “Stuff democracy, we decide” is its war cry. Democracy is an obstacle to the creation of the “Just Nanny Society”, where the citizens are protected from their own decisions (though allowed to play democracy every now and then, if they behave) and some “judge” remakes the world at pleasure; and no Christianity please, it’s not “diverse” enough.

Fuehrerprinzip for the XXI Century, that’s what this is. We should start to call for the abolition of all such supranational judiciary bodies. They don’t count and they don’t work. They can only be used as an excuse by cowardly politicians and we really don’t need the ones or the others.


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  1. Irenaeus of New York

    The EU is doomed to failure. It is only a matter of time. Once it goes, all of these other global institutions will be questioned.

    I personally liked how this gentleman put it to them.

    • Irenaeus,
      I like Farage too.
      People criticise him for being very blunt and attention-prone, but when you want to put a small party to the attention of the great public there is no alternative I’m afraid..

      I do think that the Euro is, in its present form, mortally wounded already and the only question is how long and painful its demise will be, or how expensive the attempt to cure the incurable.

      When the Euro is gone, slowly all the rest will, I think, be re-examined in a more critical way.

      The astonishing thing is that whilst the idea of “one nation” is very much downplayed here int he UK, it is very much openly proclaimed in countries like Germany. Basically, everyone hears the story his local politicians think he’ll find easiest to digest….



  2. The Irish media reported this story widely, naturally with the slant that “Europe” had “ordered” Ireland to get its act together and make provision for abortion in such cases. The story didn’t get much traction, so they’re now running with another one about an Irish nurse with “terminal” cancer who “needed an abortion to save her life”, but was cruelly forced to go to England to kill her baby because the heartless ethics board of the hospital in Cork refused to admit that her life was in danger.

    It seems to me that the pro-abortion lobby are gearing up for another assault.

    • What astonishes me, Mimi, is the growing superficiality of the media, always eager to look for the big headline where actually there is none.
      I am of the opinion that Big Brother and X-Factor-like tv programmes have blurred the boundary between serious information and entertainment and as a result, newsmaking is seen as the search for entertainment rather than for accuracy.

      I wonder ho wmany journalists would have survived, 50 years ago, after writing that the Pope had “changed the Church’s doctrinal position” about condoms. Didn’t see any head roll, though…


  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Mundabor!


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