The New Model Homo Army Introduces Itself

Absolutely beautiful contribution from Tim Drake for the National Catholic Register.

The points of interest and comparisons are too many to mention here. The sources are numerous, authoritative and – most importantly – intelligent. The parallel between the priesthood and the army is not only very reasonable, but it is beautiful in its own right.

Mr. Drake is very alarmed for the future of the US Army. He rightly points out to the fact that whilst the Church is indefectible, the US Army isn’t. He is spot on.

In my eyes, a very notable point is that the astonishing technological superiority of the West and the absence of wars from our own soil for such a long time have created such a complacency that the army has become just another field for liberal and pervert propaganda instead of being seen as an instrument meant to guarantee one’s own (and one’s nation) survival. I wonder how many of the above mentioned liberals and perverts would favour such measures if the risk of being raped and killed by an invading army was a concrete possibility. As things stand, the army is something liberals and feminist only notice when they criticise it, or when they criticise the government of the day for using it.

But the most important element to be noticed is in my eyes a different one: the de-Christianisation of the West that makes such abominations (and such utterly ridiculous measures) thinkable in the first place. What until not many years ago (with remembrances of war a concrete experience for most, a more solid Christian thinking and a keen perception of what an army is there for) would have been the subject of low-grade comedies is now supposed to become not only the norm, but be celebrated as an achievement to boot.

Mala tempora currunt. I do hope that the new composition of the Congress and Senate in the US will make it possible to repeal this abomination in the years to come but I do not doubt that, should not be the case, the problems will be enough as to force the US Army to backpedaling in just a few decades, as the Church did.


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  1. What we see in the affairs of the world is a reflection of the desire for holiness on the part of the general masses. Christians will always be few. While God will often be seen granting the desires of the wicked. “Fine, you want to go that way? Then by all means proceed”.

    There is a day when choice will be non-existant.

    By His Grace.

  2. Dear Mundabor,

    Thanks for this post! Would you allow me a small suggestion? When responding and linking to a source, and then commenting on it (as this post does), it is very helpful to the reader to summarize briefly what the link was about/said. Then the reader can make some sense of the comment without leaving the page and going and reading the source first. I will say, as a person not particularly gifted with the computer, that when I leave a page I often get lost and can’t get back to the original page! But even more experienced users probably will follow the order of reading the commentary first, and then going to the source. Much of the sense of the commentary is lost, without a small summary of what is being commented on, if that is the reading order followed.

    There used to be a very good model of a response essay (what this post technically is) put out by New American Schools (please don’t be put off by the name: they were in fact standards driven, and traditional in that, not liberal) that was quite sensible, and recommended that an introductory paragraph give the author and title of the work being responded to (and in our case, the link), date if meaningful, a brief summary, and a clear thesis statement regarding what the work said/means. Quotes from the work may follow to prove this thesis, or not (certainly yes for academic writing). The writer’s own commentary follows that with a separate thesis statement and supporting details.

    In the case of this post, I’m not sure I ever learned what the first new behavior of the modern homo army was, which I presume was the thesis of the piece, that being the title.

    I like to see us Catholic bloggers hit ’em hard with real clear Truth, and structure sometimes is the key to that. Structure and prayer, of course.

    Merry Christmas, Mundabor! Will you forgive my nitpicking? I mean well! You’ve visited my White Lily Blog, come back and give me heck for something!

    • Hello White Lily and you are certainly not nickpicking!

      The matter here is that I tend to assume that the reader will click and read my comments afterwards 😉
      I might write some words of short comment, though, so that everyone who doesn’t want to click is in the loop 😉

      What you can do to avoid problem is as follows:
      1) put the mouse over the link as usual;
      2) click the RIGHT button on the mouse;
      3) select with the arrow “open link in new tab” and click
      4) the link will open and you’ll have two windows, the old and the new one 😉

      In this case, the link says that a congressman doesn’t see a problem in straight males having to shower with openly gay colleagues, but he’d find it “disruptive” if men and women would shower together. It obviously makes no sense. It truly as as in a low level comedy, only it is the mightiest army on earth…. 😦

      Merry Christmas and happy new year!


  3. It is so very sad, isn’t it? I quit going to the gym because there are no ‘separate accomdations’ for the othered. It’s very uncomfortable. I was a teacher, urban school, magnet site for ROTC and I had all those kids, and I have been searching for real data on exactly how our fine military, ‘mightiest army on earth,’ as you put it, is handling a bunch of young people with no sense of purpose, no sense of God, no sense of discipline. And women mixed in everywhere, further complicating things. And now this. I keep waiting for them to explode.

    Anyhoo. And thank you for the suggestion about opening links in a new window. I must confess that at times I have twenty or thirty windows already open and am capable of getting quite lost among THOSE. So I hope you begin to provide a sweet little summary, as you did above.

  4. Irenaeus of New York

    This saddens me, because it will have an impact. The idea that the u.s. military would be percieved as some platform or cultural battleground for social experimentation, shows how the lavender mafia care nothing for the intended purpose of things. They would square a triangle and call us deniers if they could benefit. I was enlisted in the USMC when the DADT policy came into affect. As bad as that policy was, at least we didnt have to make special provisions for them… or even know about them. The internal discipline of the military kept the business clean. The perverts will now exalt every case of promotion as bias, the congress will start fasttracking openly gay officers for promotion merely because they are gay…. its all downhill…. Not only does disordered love lead to disordered loyalties, but homosexuality is not conducive to self-sacrifice, its conducive to vanity as pain relief for self-hatred.

    • Irenaeus, I fully agree that DADT was a big mistake anyway. In my time, in the Italian army homosexuality was ground for immediate dismissal and was recorded in the dismissal papers. And I’m talking of the Italian Army here, not of the Roman Empire’ legions.

      “The perverts will now exalt every case of promotion as bias, the congress will start fasttracking openly gay officers for promotion merely because they are gay….”
      Beautifully said.

      How do you see the chances that this mess will be repealed when the new Congress starts working? I didn’t have internet access over Christmas and couldn’t really follow things.


  5. Unfortunately, the US Armed Forces have been homo-friendly for many decades, long before the execrable Bill Clinton came to power. Promotions were always much easier to obtain if the “right people” knew you were one of the “chosen few”. Perverts were almost NEVER dismissed from the military, unless they were obnoxiously loud-mouthed about it.

    In the female forces, lesbianism has been rampant for well nigh on forty years now. And my brother, who served in the armed forces in the 1960s, was disgusted by some of the goings-on that he witnessed.

    All this new “ruling” does is to make it official, I’m afraid.

    • Might be Schmenz, but there is still a difference between covert perversion and open celebration of the same. No army is free from, say, criminals, but this is the same as legalising mass killing in time of war.

      What assessment can you/your brother make of the military prowess of the female soldiers in general? I always found it counter natural, but then again there are many women who are tomboys without being lesbians… this of course assuming that in the US army women can be part of combat units as it was in Russia, otherwise we are clearly in front of discrimination against men… .


    • Personally I found Jessica Biel as soldier in the “A-Team” movie spot on, though… 😉


  6. I was no big fan of DADT either for this reason: people who came out were discharged, yes, but with an honorable discharged. So, cowards and the like could just go to their commanding officers, proclaim their love for sodomizing other men, and be released from their tours of duty with no further problems.

    Frankly, the whole situation is messed up. I sometimes wonder why we care so much about a group of people, and their issues, who constitute 4-5% of the population.

    • Yes NSS, in Italy the discharge was dishonourable in order to avoid drafted boys to come out with the idea. Today there’s no draft anymore.


  7. You didn’t support DADT? Me either, at first, but seeing what the rest of the country was warping into, I was in the end hoping DADT would just be extended to the whole country! At the stage we’re at! I imagine nobody but Catholics realizes now just how serious this is. I always remember the chilling development here in the Chicago area last Fourth of July. It fell on Sunday, and the parade went right past our (traditional Catholic) church, turned the corner right at our crossing, and was timed to pass by shortly after the end of ten o’clock mass. Wow, I thought, how great for the kids in the large families that attend our church! And all up and down the block, at the private homes, people were setting up chairs, although they respected our corner, probably thinking we’d be joining them and use it. But no. Nobody from our church set up a chair or picnic repast. Because of the gay pride contingent, of course. We had to go home. We had to flee the scene, in fact. The rest of the world has swallowed it. They are casual about their kids’ salvation. We’re not, apparently. And I thought about it for a long time–I’m still thinking about it. What crossed my mind is, damn, when you can’t go to your country’s parade–you need a new country! It’s really sad, really dramatic–the people who are doing the hard work of parenting the next generation, so that that generation can take up the cross of supporting the huge number of aged who chose not to have children but to treat their sexuality as a toy, so those infertile ones can live–those hard working people who are the only Americans concerned about the future in a concrete, day-to-day sacrifice, they have to flee. It was so unjust it took my breath away. And because I am never the first one to think anything, I have to suspect this is known, and enjoyed, by those promoting this life style. Or denial is so powerful an emotional tool that every single step forward is a sheer miracle. Actually, although this hurts me very much, I’d still rather be me than them, and not for the after-life consequences only; it must be just hell to have to live with that kind of cognitive dissonance. Whereas I still sleep well at night, wrapped in God’s love.

    Mundabor: ROTC is a high school career program for the military. They have ranks and uniforms and enjoy some kind of recruiting advantage after high school. They participate in competitions around military themes.

    I think the chances are completely nil for this to get undone. The Republican party is not our party!!!!! And !

    • Beautiful words, TWL, and your concern for the education and salvation of your children does you honour. I do want to hope,though, that also many of the non-Catholics will have been disgusted by the homos, but probably they don;t dare to say it in public (yet).

      I think the solution is not to change country, but to change the country ;). If I think that your country is the oen who had the gut to resintate the death penalty in many States (though, I concede, ridiculously applied) and that after te carter years the Reagan years followed, I reflect that there is always hoep and there are always more dissatisfied people than it would appear at first stance. In the UK too, btw.


  8. @Whitelily

    I actually agree about wishing DADT was adopted by the nation as a whole. The fact of the matter is that sexual sins, of whatever type, will never be eliminated. However, sexual acts are intrinsically private acts. No one on this earth but the actors and their confessors should know about them. It boggles my mind that people go about publicizing their sexual acts as if they are talking about the weather: this goes for both heterosexuals and homosexuals.

    • I would personally say that homos have nothing to seek in the army, ever. Their recruitment should be banned and, if homosexuality is discovered after hiring, disciplinary measures should be taken.
      The problem here is that homosexuality is, in my eyes, incompatible with soldiering. Sexual acts are private acts but homosexual cannot be priests. Not even if they are celibate. It is purely and simply incompatible with the priesthood.

      DADT has set the door ajar and as always in these cases it is only a matter of time before someone kicks the door wide open.


  9. I was just reading today, but I closed the tab, that China’s policy is called the 3 no’s: no approval, no disapproval, no promotion. Boy those were the good old days! But China’s leadership is amoral, and Mundabor is right, DADT just leaves a loop hole. It was a comfortable loop hole. Now we’re back to the Restoration, or death. That’s the right place to be, laddies. We aren’t going to settle for living like this, are we? On the rim of the world, our children falling over?

  10. Oh allow me to say, if you don’t know this, according to a book called Friendly Fire, the military is already the employer of choice for the gay community. That doesn’t argue that the military is somehow ‘compatible’ with gayness. It argues that we’re less viable, less sustainable, less credible, every day. No, re-phrase: capitalism is less viable, less etc., distributism more viable, more etc., every day.

    • Truly alarming, TWL.

      The day the enemy is a bit thoughr than the Iraqi army or fiercely interntioned but hopelessly under-equipped talibans we might be in for a surprise……

      Feldmaschall Rommel was persuaded that the best soldiers were the Italians. Well, now we know another reason why.. 😉


  11. Indeed. By the way, you can call me Lily, but by all means stay with TWL, if you like, it’s dashing.

    Haven’t you found anything on the blog to comment on? How about the overall thesis, that everything we see around us is due, like the Number 23, to Vatican II? Number 23 was a movie by Jim Carey based on a math joke (I think it’s a joke!) that everything that matters adds up to 23.

  12. Irenaeus of New York

    “How do you see the chances that this mess will be repealed when the new Congress starts working? ”

    I doubt it. The republican party is showing itself to be no better than the democrats because we see the powerbrokers starting to rethink their stances againsts gay-marriage, abortion et al.

    BTW Women are not allowed in combat roles(i.e. infantry) in the USA though they are unfortunately exposed to direct combat in their support roles (as can be seen with attacks on convoys and ieds)

    Have a Happy New Year, Mundabor

    • Thanks, Irenaeus.

      in my eyes, the whole non-combat role thing stinks.

      Parity is parity and emancipation is emancipation. So if you want to be a soldier you should run the risk of having a hand grenade exploding in your face as everyone else. Or you can decide that soldiering is not for women, which is my opinion too.


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