US Army And Shower Neighbours

This here is authentically funny and shows all the blindness of political correctness. Enjoy!

For the record, I haven’t seen a gym in the last 20 years (no, 25) without individual shower cubicles; I also thought there were some people around who still knew what “decency” is; but I didn’t know that there were people able to think that males and females showering together is “disruptive”, but having to completely undress in front of a self-proclaimed faggot isn’t.
Funny old world.

As to “what happens in the gym”, I can assume that in Nordic countries – and certainly in the old Communist Germany – nudity in front of the other sex was seen as absolutely normal. That is, I would say, a bit more frequent than in the comparatively scarce gyms without proper privacy. Where’s Mr. Frank’s problem, then?


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