The Madness of Our Times: Elton John And “Partner” Get A Child

Now available as "Fathers", too.

As reported in a clearly festive and non-judgmental mood by what is becoming the most lavender-reeking newspaper in England, the once great “Daily Telegraph”, Sir (or should I say: Dame) Elton John has now – probably tired of other extravagancies – hired a uterus and procured a baby to be adopted by his lady-male-friend and himself.

The fact that this symbol of perversion is now 63 does not add anything to the monstrosity of the matter (men, and I mean real ones, have had children at old age in all ages past, particularly if they had the need to ensure descendants to family or kingdom), but helps one to understand to what extent the perversion of modern times makes a god of every ego-driven whim.

The man is not only old. He is homosexual to boot. His desire to “adopt a child” is not due to his thinking that Golden Retriever puppies are not original enough, or that – after Madonna’s episode – taking a black child away from his father and enlarged family is not so cool anymore. No, his uterus-hiring exercise is the product of the same militant poofdom which prompted him to have a so-called civil partnership contracted on the first day of this becoming legal in what was once a great Empire and has now become a laboratory for perversion experiments.

Dame Elton has an agenda. His decision is not about a man wanting to become a father, but about a fag wanting to show that he can become a father. For this, Labrador puppies are not good enough.

No doubt, this latest monstrosity (which would have terrified the most rabid feminists of 100, or even 50 years ago and would have been considered an absurdity even by homos themselves until very recent times) will be saluted by Satanic England as the newest achievement in the march toward “equality” and celebration of “diversity”.

These are the times we live in and even the supposedly conservative “Telegraph” sees it fitting to make of this just another “celebrity” article.

Time to wake up, folks.


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  1. Liberal activists and their allies view society as a kind of laboratory in which they can conduct their screwball experiments.

    They are indifferent to the Common Good.

    For this reason, they fail to grasp that adoption should be about what is in the best interests of the children; it should not be about providing children for adults who happen to want them.

  2. This was one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time. Mundabor, you certainly don’t hide what you think!

  3. I agree Omvendt, in this case the adoption is obviously a way for Elton John to acquire an expensive and increasingly rare adornment, not to make sure a child has a healthy, safe home life.

    All of this is, from gay marriage, to abortion, to easy divorce, is at the end of the day tied back to the acceptance of contraceptives. It makes children and marriages consumer items, that can be designed, altered, or even thrown away as the user likes.

    • I agree with you both.

      Notice (my last post) that before the “sperm experiment” they had tried to adopt an Ukrainian child suffering from Aids. Now this would have been a mediatic bomb, “Superpoofs save the world” would have soon spun a carton and a Tv series…..

      (cynical, you say? Attentive, I’d retort..).


      (goes away whistling “like a caaaandle in the wiiind…” )

  4. OUCH! Exactly the sort of no-holds-barred telling of truths that I’d thought no longer existed in increasingly satanic England! Delightful! Refreshing! You were angry when you wrote it? I’m *still* angry! How could they get away with this when children are (often rightly) snatched from homes on less provocation. This is worse than an abomination. This poor baby doesn’t stand the remotest chance of normalcy.

    Keep up the good fight!

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