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Good Lord, not an Assisi gathering again!

Assisi, St. Peter Church, 27th October 1986. A statue of Buddha is placed over the tabernacle. Buddhists make an offering with incense, Catholics priests assist to the ceremony.

I gather from “Rorate Coeli” that in today’s Angelus the Holy Father announced that

on the 25th anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Assisi for the meeting of different religious leaders in 1986, he will visit Assisi in October 2011 for a meeting with “Christian brothers of the different confessions, leaders of the world’s religious traditions, and, ideally, all men of good will”.

My first observations, a caldo as we say – are as follows:

1) I wonder how long will it take before the Church stops repeating JP II’s mistakes, just because he made them. JP II’s “franchise” might still be strong, but whether it is useful to orthodox Catholicism is a different matter altogether. Methinks, it isn’t. Not in the least. The old Assisi gatherings were a goddamn disaster and a shame. They should be remembered only to be ashamed about them. For details even more shocking than the photo posted above, please follow here (yes, it’s about “interreligious” projects in Fatima. No German? Ahiahiahi….).

2) I am absolutely sure that this will not be allowed to become another new-age-cum-Buddha heretical fest like the former occasions, particularly 1986. Pope Benedict is the one who stopped the original Assisi-gatherings (of which a further one was planned already when he became Pope) in the first place. In the matter of orthodoxy, nothing untoward is going to happen. Those who have experienced the Pope’s visit in England & Scotland know that he can talk very, very straight.

3) I do think, though, that this is a mistake. Whilst the Pope is never shy of pointing out that to him ecumenism means “you come to me”-ism, in this case the choice of the historically and emotionally laden Assisi seems to me the worst possible. It will easily – nay, surely – become a battleground among conflicting tendencies: the Holy Father’s desire to come to Assisi to point out what real ecumenism is, and the Birkenstock-clad cohorts of pacifist, third-worldist, socialist and covert-liberation-theology troops (many of them, I am afraid, Franciscans) that will unavoidably try to hijack the event for their own agenda.

In my opinion, the Assisi gatherings should have been left alone as an example of how not to do ecumenism. This initiative is bound to create false hopes in all those who don’t really get the Pope’s message and are always waiting for an excuse to say that the Holy Father is aligned on their position.

If you ask me, this is a bad start of the year.


The Sodoma Experiment, Part IV: The Many Parents of Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John

Soon to enter the lucrative and fashionable uterus market

New details continue to emerge about the Sodoma Experiment behind the birth of “little Zachary”.

I had written in an older post that I assumed that Dame Elton would have chosen his rented useful wisely (meaning: attractive, possibly intelligent though I imagine he thinks he is fully sufficient for that).

It would now appear that

1) Dame Elton has been registered as the “father” of the child. Besides wondering how, in this case, the other man is called (my hypotheses: “significant male parent”; “diversely endowed mother”; “civil mother”), this has fuelled speculations that Elton John might be, in fact, the biological father of the child. Therefore, a further motivation to this act appears to emerge: to protect what he must surely consider the most genial DNA on earth from extinction. Cheaper than building a mausoleum, though one can’t exclude that this might be the next logical step……

Seen in this way, the Sodoma Experiment is clearly another Christmas Gift that Elton John has made to himself. I wouldn’t want to be a “son” discovering that my so-called “father” got me after all other toys had become boring but hey, it’s just me…

2) From the same source we apprehend that the woman who rented the uterus was not the one who “donated” (“donated”? Really?) the egg. In my naiveté, I had assumed as much in an older post of mine, but my ability to understand the mind of such people proved far short of the mark.

Clearly, our “man” couldn’t find any woman providing him with the ideal egg and the ideal uterus at the same time. No, it had to be the best of the best (he does it with everything else, too) and in matters of Sodoma Experiments there are clearly no boundaries. Therefore, a carefully selected egg was chosen to be implanted into a carefully selected uterus.

It will be interesting to be there in the kindergarten when the boy is asked: “and what about you, little Zachary? Who are your parents?”

3) The entire affair is so romantic that Jane Austen pales in comparison. I can imagine future generations of poofs choosing their E&U (“egg and uterus”) together amidst little cries of excitement. No doubt, the “Daily Telegraph” will be delighted to publish their letters to the editor: “Little Elton has been delivered today. His delivering uterus is a 1.85m tall blonde Chernobyl-free Ukrainian and his egg has been donated by a Russian rocket scientist and recent Playmate Of The Year”.

I hope that this matter will inspire the lawgivers of the West to put an end to such tragic perversion of procreation, and of Creation.


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