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Cardinal Pell Vs Archbishop Nichols

True Shepherd: Cardinal Pell

I am pretty sure that the readers of this blog like Cardinal Pell. It will therefore please them to know that our valiant soldier has taken Christ’s Sword in his hands and is, once again, vigorously whirling it around.

His very effective communication style is miles away from the mellifluous and innocuous  tone of our Bishops here in Blighty. His sentences are rather short and rather clear. They are rather uncomfortable, too.

Apparently, in Australia the year 2011 will see parliamentary debates about two issues directly involving Catholic teaching: so-called homo “marriages” and euthanasia. As it happens so often, many local Catholic politicians are bravely deciding to shut up in the hope that no one notices that they’re supposed to be good Catholic when it’s uncomfortable, too.

Cardinal Pell has noticed.

Some snippets of a true Shepherd’s prose:

“If a person says, ‘Look, I’m not a Christian, I’ve a different set of perspectives,’ I disagree but I understand,”

If a person says to me, ‘Look, I’m nominally a Christian but it sits lightly with me,’ I understand that.”

“But it’s incongruous for somebody to be a Captain Catholic one minute, saying they’re as good a Catholic as the Pope, then regularly voting against the established Christian traditions.”

Cardinal Pell doesn’t make any discount to Catholic politicians trying to draw political capital from their religious affiliation and clearly tells them what this entails. He says that

“If you’re espousing something that’s not a Christian position, don’t claim Christian backing for that.”

He is totally unapologetic about his position, too. Try this (emphasis mine):

“I’m not telling people how to vote,” […] “I’m telling people how I think they should vote. I’m an Australian citizen and I have as much right to do that as any other citizen.”

“I’m telling people how I think they should vote”. When was this last heard in England or Wales? Alas, such clarity of Catholic message is unheard-of among those who have the task of proclaiming and defending it among us.
Do you want proof? Look no further than here.

I rest my case.


The Bishop Not Caught Asleep And His Press Officer

WordPress sends me an email from a Mr. Barry Hudd. With this mail (that I do not publish lest Mr. Hudd should have another funny moment), Mr Hudd informs WordPress that he is the Press Secretary To Bishop Moth and that my blog post has the wrong photo, namely of Bishop Moth instead of Bishop Burns.

Subsequently, he addresses a “legal warning” to me and informs WordPress that he will send “lawyers (sic) letter and subsequent legal service if this photo is not removed”

My reflections on this episode are as follows:

1) Mr. Barry Hudd is, if you ask me, more than a bit overzealous and trigger-happy. I really think that he should relax and try in a gentle way first.

If he had written a (nice, if he can) comment introducing himself and asking me to remove the wrong photo, I would have done it immediately and with many thanks. To write to WordPress in the way he has done indicates in my eyes a certain lack of, well, pretty much everything.  By the way I had been already alerted to my mistake by an anonymous commenter and had removed the wrong photo very early in the process anyway. But the anonymous commenter called me “silly blogger” for that, so I certainly didn’t acknowledge his – factually right – correction.

2) It strikes me as odd that the press secretary of Bishop Moth should consider it something defamatory ( or anyway deserving of “legal service”) that Bishop Moth be confused with Bishop Burns. Now I can understand that we are all human beings and Bishop Burns might not be Mr. Hudd’s (the Press Secretary of Bishop Moth) favourite Bishop, but this seems to me to go a bit too far. It was not a post about Dr. Rowan Williams, after all.

3) I do hope that the photo now posted is the photo of the real Bishop Burns. Should I, by mistake of mine or of my Internet source, still have the wrong photo, i am sure that Mr. Hudd (the Press Secretary to Bishop Moth) will be so nice as to send me a comment introducing himself and politely pointing out – if he can – to the mistake. I think this way it’s not only more pleasant, but faster.

4) Someway I think that Mr. Barry Hudd doesn’t like my blog.


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