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Abortion In The Hospital Not Good Enough Anymore

Hi skilling is not worth a second trip to the hospital anymore.

It strikes me as (not!) odd that abortionist organisations carefully avoid to say what they do: procure abortions, kill babies, destroy human lives, enable genocides. Instead, they choose good sounding words meant to let them appear good citizens full of “concerns” for other people’s welfare. In the US they have “Planned Parenthood”, whose planning is clearly meant to avoid parenthood and in good old Blighty we have the, wait for this, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the nature of whose “advice” will be evident in a minute.

In modern-day Britain, the early murder of an unborn child (first nine weeks; if you want to know more about how the baby starts to look like by this time click here) is carried out  by taking one pill of poison in the hospital followed by another pill of poison one to two days later, always in the hospital. I am not a doctor but can easily assume that the local Dr. Mengeles want to retain control over what is happening and avoid the soon-not-to-be mother to make some mistake.

This is too cruel to the poor mother, say the “Pregnancy advisors”. Too much stress. Think of those poor women forced to have to face a second trip to the hospital to kill their babies. Inhuman, isn’t it? There is the risk of the cramping and bleeding (no one cares of the life being killed; how very “concerned”) and where do we put the emotional distress of being told where to kill your baby?

No, say the oh so concerned people at the BPAS: the woman must have “full control” of where the abortion takes place. It sounds so empowering, almost better than “planned parenthood”.

The idea is that abortion should be made as easy and uncomplicated as possible. You go to the hospital, get two pills, then kill your baby in the comfort of your home while watching a romantic comedy and a reality show. I can see the day where concerned advisors will ask for the pills to be made available at Boot’s The Chemist, in order to avoid to the distressed woman the unbelievably painful experience of a mandatory consultation and trip to the hospital.

What has become of us….


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