Ushaw And The Ordinariate


To stay away from him is not a bad idea

I  am neither the first nor the last to notice that the announced closure of the seminary, church and ancillary structures of the Ushaw College is uncannily near to the announcement that the newly created Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham is looking for both a “central” church and a structure able to provide for their administrative and formation duties.

It doesn’t need a genius to at least consider putting two and two together here. Some say that the new HQ of the Ordinariate should be situated in (or near) London, but I frankly cannot see why as the Ordinariate is not steered from Westminster or from the Bishop’s conference, but from Rome.

On the contrary, establishing the heart of the Ordinariate far away from Eccleston Square would in my eyes more convincingly stress the operational independence of the new structure.

Furthermore, if one assumes that there will soon be a number of churches operating with the rite of the Ordinariate (a batch of further 50 former Anglican clergy ready to swim, it is purported), it is not unrealistic to assume that a number of these will be located in or near London; the opportunities to enjoy beautiful Catholic Evensongs in the Capital should therefore be there anyway.

We’ll have to wait and see what decision is taken, but I am sure that I am not the only one thinking that this episodes has a certain smell of less-than-perfect collaboration between different parts of the Church.


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  1. In truth, Ushaw should have been shut down 10 years ago along with all the other English seminaries. In fact they have all been surplus to requirements for at least 15 years so I am baffled by all the excitement.

    I heard Newton at his press conference and he struck me as intellectually unremarkable and certainly not the evensong type. What is impressive is that he and his mates are obviously broke which is genuinely touching. If Ushaw had been sold before the crash then the money might have been put to good use. I’d rather Newton and his missus get the cash than it wasted on yet another ghastly initiative emanating from Ecclestone Sq.

    • I think the excitement is because by every one of these closures one understands more and more how the fabric of catholicism in the country has been weakened. The seminary itself will not be mourned I think, but this fact itself is what constitutes the problem and is, in fact, cause for sadness.

      I can’t imagine the ordinariate will have, given some time, meaningful financial woes. No doubt, Rome will give a hand and donations will help get past the first difficulties; in time, the communities might become more or less self-sufficient and the rest will come, I think, from Rome. I can’t imagine the CDF starting all this without factoring the money problems and having a solid plan for them. They’ll do fine. As for Newton, if he is orthodox I am happy enough.


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