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The Philadelphia Monster, Or Perhaps Just Another Abortionist

Not very different from Dr. Gosnell, for sure.

(Caveat: not suitable for sensitive natures.)

It appears that Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who ran a clinic in Philadelphia, practiced illegal late-term abortions for decades, among many others things killing at least seven born alive babies in a way I refuse to repeat to you.

Words fail me to express the horror of what he did; you click the link at your own peril.

I’d like here to focus on a different issue: the consequences of the culture of death.

It is absurd to say (as no doubt the abortionist troops will be very eager to say ) that safe, legal abortion would avoid such episodes happening in the first place. Legal abortion will probably make abortions less dangerous for the mother, but it will not change almost anything for the child.

Dr. Gosnell (unless he is a psychopathic monster) probably tried to persuade himself that the babies were not really human lives, which is the same reasoning of most abortionists desperate to believe that abortion is not homicide; he possibly reflected that if it is legal to put an end to this “foetus” (no idea how he called it in his mind; very probably not “child”) within x weeks than he is just offering a service allowing poor exploited women (insert here the usual feminist “oppression” litany) to get the same service on week y, which is what those in favour of late-term abortion also think; and he caused great pain to the poor babies whilst killing them in a barbaric way, what every late-term abortion does anyway.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell seems to us a cruel psychopathic butcher. But his cruelty is, in his general outlines, the same one going on every day in abortion clinics. It’s exactly the same thinking, exactly the same killing of a baby, exactly the same considering a child a mass of tissue with no right to live.

Between Dr. Gosnell and the so-called “planned parenthood” the difference is only in the roughness of the instrument, not in the inhuman cruelty and in the nazi mentality that is common to both.

The horror of what Dr. Gosnell did is the horror of the culture of death. It is the same ideology, it works in the same way, and it has the same effects.

Planned Parenthood merely avoids the use of scissors.


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