Please avoid “Paul”, The Film.

I didn’t know Nick Frost. If I have already seen him somewhere he certainly didn’t do enough to impress himself in my memory. But I liked Simon Pegg after the exhilarating “hot fuzz” and the rather likeable (largely because of Megan Fox, I imagine) “How to lose friends etc”.

Well I must say I changed my mind about Pegg after seeing his last joke of a movie today. Besides being very lame and rather vulgar, “Paul” is distinctly, stupidly anti-Christian. I mean in a truly moronic way, with the two Christian characters one a drunkard idiot and one a young woman who, supposedly liberated from her superstition to embrace atheism, decides that she now wants to swear and fornicate and goes on saying rather infantile words for the rest of the movie. An eight-year-old would have been able to think something better than that.

As you have already imagined, Frost and Pegg are not only the protagonists, but the authors of the script too.

We live in a world where every idiot thinks he is an intellectual just because people laugh at what he says. On this occasion, though, I can assure you that the laughs at the anti-Christian jokes were few and far between and received with an embarrassed silence by most of the audience. The rest of the film wasn’t much better anyway, if you’ve seen the trailer you’ve seen the best already.

A bad movie written by morons who think that they have something to say just because they happen to be good comedians.

Do yourself a favour and avoid the dung of these infantile morons.


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  1. I’m afraid films stopped being artistic (and intelligent) in the mid-60s. With the odd exception, most of the dreck being flung at us since has been, to be charitable, unworthy of comment.

  2. A better thing to say would be “devout and easily offended christians aviod this movie”. Plus the fact is these guys are british and we british don’t take to kindly to our comedic talent being called morons. Stand them next to the tiolet humor and sex joke spouting american comedians and they suddenyl look all the more intelligent. Plus the fact that Pegg and Frost went out and did the research for all the sci-fi references themselves and to be called ‘morons’ for it is very insulting. Also that I am part of the demographic for the film (british, nerd) so this stings me personaly aswell. Britian is not as religieously extreme as America therefore it is making a joke out of that fact, just as Americans make jokes about Muslims all being suicide bombers.

    • midnightdarkness,

      to call one “moron” is offensive because it is meant to be.
      Besides, I am Italian (and this blog is English) and frankly, whether you feel offended or not is truly, truly not my concern.


  3. LOL, I found midnightdarkness’ comment very funny. Modern man is so ultrasensitive that he gets ‘offended’ over anything. I find people in English-speaking countries are the worst for this; I think it’s the cultural legacy of Puritanism (=> you can’t have a bit of fun and must always be externally austere). Anglophones take themselves so seriously; the idea of laying back, having a bit of fun and generally enjoying life is alien to the traditional Protestant worldview.

    • Shane,

      I thik it’s the very stupid praxis of this country to teach to everyone that he has the right to be offended and when he does, everyone else has the duty to apologise to him.

      Try that in Italy or France and see what happens 😉

      P.s. WordPress is a bit of a mess… again. Today I can’t even see my page properly. Poor chaps have had attacks for weeks now. I hope you can read this, i can barely read the comments…

  4. To Shane,
    For one I’m not Protestant nor am I Puritanical. In fact if you want to get right down to it I’m Wiccan, but I do believe in Religious tolerance (each to there own in other words and is the reason why I come onto sites like these) and have I no qualms against Catholicism or any other religion (except conservetive Protestants who nay say my religion, the very faction of christianity you mistook me for). Secondly your comment is a contraditicion in itself. I’m writing on a blog were someone has been easily offended about a film meant to be fun and yet you say english speaking people can’t have a bit of fun. Plus what you were saying about taking themselves so seriously is mostly aplicable to Americans who can be quite the egotists. Britian on the other hand is used to people making fun of us and just get on with it. In fact many comments against the film Paul were from offended Americans

    • midnightdarkness,

      when I’ve read of you being wiccan I thought you were saying it in jest.

      Please consider yourself offended by this.


      P.s. offended by the heat? Stay away from the kitchen…

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