David Cameron Now Openly Against Christianity

Two aspiring foster parents are denied the possibility because they are Christians.

The simple fact that they said to the officials that they would teach their children that homosexuality is sinful disqualifies them, says the judge, from adoption. This is a country with officially more than 30 million Christians.

The Prime Minister agrees with the decision.

I have already pointed out many times to the hypocrisy of the Prime Minister, an atheist cretin trying to disguise himself as a Christian when convenient.

Cameron has now officially thrown away the mask, and this will do him no good. No doubt, in the next days he’ll come out with some slogan invented by some of his sleek, probably homosexual PR-“cuties” to try to repair the damage. The other hypothesis is that the man is so ignorant of Christianity that he doesn’t even understand what he is saying.

Cameron is an enemy of Christianity. He is an enemy of everyone of us. To support him in any way, shape or form is to help the enemies of Christ.


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  1. Mundabor, of no real relevance to your post, but I just found this…

    “The age in which we live may be an ignorant age, an age of hero worshippers and autograph hunters, in which no man is of value unless he is brilliant or glamorous or featuring the headlines. But it is the age into which we have been born and it is the duty of Catholics not to despise the age but to leaven it with Catholic principles and with love. To fight the block ideals of the abortionists, and the birth controllers, and the sterilisers of the unfit, and the murderers of the old and infirm. And then to add what is missing to this Welfare State, a respect and a love for men. Have you ever when walking at night passed a warm lighted window and caught a glimpse of a family seated within? You have immediately a wistful feeling of exclusion. All this is what you can supply to a modern world, a window of light and love. The State will build you marvellous factories, and hospitals and schools, all built in cool cold steel, and marble and stone. It will be for you with your warm hands and heart to turn to your neighbour and light the fires in these ice boxes and turn them into homes. The State will give men security, but only you can give them love.”

    Most Rev. John Aloysius Murphy, Bishop of Shrewsbury, Advent Pastoral Letter, 1955

    • Beautiful words, Shane.

      The welfare state cuts solidarity out and substitute brotherly love with socialist “rights”-mentality. This is why it doesn;t work.


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