What if….

In a Father Z’s post, a very perceptive Bishop (outside of Europe, of course) makes a lot of intelligent observations about why the Novus Ordo is woefully inadequate and how the return to the Vetus Ordo will be the “saving grace” of the Church.

Of his many points, one struck me light a lightning: what if EWTN would start transmitting its daily mass ad orientem.

Think of it: the biggest Catholic sender on earth broadcasts its daily Mass with the Tridentine use. Very rapidly (after some weeks of feeble protest, perhaps; perhaps with a keen curiosity from the start) the Tridentine would become familiar to millions who never had the opportunity to assist to one before; nay, who didn’t even know that there was the possibility of attending to such a Mass!

In a matter of a few months, perhaps a few weeks, a huge number of them would not only become accustomed to it, but start to cherish the sobriety, the atmosphere, the solemnity, the sense of sacredness that the Tridentine conveys so well to all those who take the time and make the effort to understand it. Soon, these very people would start asking their own priest what about that beautiful, spiritual Mass they see on EWTN. What will the priest answer then, “we don’t do this”? “You are 45, but not a stable community?”.

In a world more and more made global by mass communication media, a single decision could have a planetary impact.

I do hope they’ll think seriously about it.


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  1. Irenaeus of New York

    My pastor has spoken of using the opportunity this advent (with the new translation) for making some big improvements to the NO mass. I think EWTN should do the same thing. The opportunity to reclaim pieces of our tradition will never be better.

    • Do you mean to transmit the NO in the new version or to have the gut to go back to the Tridentine? I do think that the time is now, only the curiosity and the media echo would be immense.


  2. Irenaeus of New York

    Well, I was thinking of your suggestion of ad orientem. If a parrish were to do it, this advent would be a wonderful opportunity considering the bishops will already be overloaded with complaints about the new translation. In other words, all complaint mail will likely be ignored 🙂

    I have to say though… I attended a NO mass in Philadelphia that always reminds me of what is possible with the new liturgy. It was a NO mass done in latin, versus deum, with gregorien chant, altar rails, by a priest who also offers the EF. It was the most beautiful mass I have attended to date. Unfortunately, because of the lack of strict instruction on how to celebrate the NO, I dont expect to ever participate in one like it again. What was once universal has now become unique like snowflakes.

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