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Pastor Angelicus

Those among you who have the rare ability to read German (a very beautiful language in its own right; not easy to assimilate for sure, but ready to compensate the one who puts the effort with countless pearls of breathtaking literary beauty) will certain enjoy this blog site.

In the superior two-column format allowed by the Blogspot structure (not found by me on WordPress at the time of beginning this blog, and sorely missed afterwards when changing format or even “blog provider” would have meant a major disruption, pain in the neck and possible loss of information; but I digress…) you will notice that the left column is devoted to the usual, beautifully orthodox, Catholic apologetics, whilst the right column is devoted to none else than the Pastor Angelicus: the favourite of conservative Catholics the world over and the last great Pope: Pius XII.

I translate the best citations therein reported near the original German text:

“Nur die katholische Kirche protestierte gegen den Angriff Hitlers auf die Freiheit. Bis dahin war ich nicht an der Kirche interessiert, doch heute empfinde ich große Bewunderung für die Kirche, die als einzige den Mut hatte, für geistige Wahrheit und sittliche Freiheit zu kämpfen.”

“Only the Catholic Church protested against Hitler’s attacks to freedom. Until then I wasn’t interested in the Church, but today I feel a great admiration for the Church, which alone had the courage to fight for spiritual truth and for moral freedom”.

Albert Einstein, 1940.

“In dieser Weihnacht ist der Papst mehr denn je die einsame aufbegehrende Stimme im Schweigen eines Kontinents. ”

“This Christmas, the Pope is more than ever the lonely voice raised amidst the silence of a continent”

New York Times, commenting on Pius XII’s Christmas address, 1942.

“Die katholische Kirche und das Papsttum haben bewiesen, dass sie so viele Juden, wie sie konnten, gerettet haben.”

“The Catholic Church and the Papacy have demonstrated that they have saved as many Jews as they could”

Raffaele Cantoni, Head of the Jewish Welfare Committee during the War, 1946.

“Mehr als alle anderen haben wir Gelegenheit gehabt, die Güte und Edelmütigkeit des Papstes während der Jahre der Verfolgung und des Schreckens kennen zu lernen in einer Zeit, da es schien, dass für uns keine andere Hoffnung mehr bestand.”

“More than any other had we the opportunity to know the goodness and noble mindedness of the Pope during the years of persecution and terror, in times when it seemed that for us there was no other hope anymore”.

Elio Toaff, Roman Chief Rabbi, 1951.

“Die ganze Welt schwieg über die Schoah, und da will man jetzt nahezu die gesamte Verantwortung für dieses Schweigen auf die Schultern des Souveräns legen, der weder Kanonen noch Flugzeuge hatte; der sich zweitens bemühte, seine Informationen mit denen zu teilen, die solche Waffen hatten, und drittens, in Rom und anderswo eine große Zahl derer zu retten vermochte, für die er die moralische Verantwortung trug.”

“The entire world kept silent during the Shoah, and now they want to unload almost all the responsibility for this silence on the shoulders of the Sovereign who had neither cannons nor aeroplanes; who, secondly, went to great lenght to share this information with those who had such weapons and, thirdly, in Rome and elsewere succeeded in saving a great number of those, for whom he carried moral responsibility”

Bernhard-Henry Levy, 2010

I understand that the celebrations for the upcoming beatification of the saintly, but rather ineffective (other would say: catastrophical) John Paul II will divert some attention, for the time being, from this truly saintly, truly courageous, truly Catholic, truly great Pope. Still, even in the weeks leading to what will certainly be a huge media event we should never forget the towering figure of our beloved Pastor Angelicus.

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  1. Irenaeus of New York

    I recieved a beautiful gift from a family member a few months back. It was the compilation of material that the Pave the Way Foundation put together which illustrated the heroic record of Pope Pius. What an amazing Holy Father.

    Like Abp Fulton Sheen(who wore Pope Pius XII’s pectoral cross), they both were astute enough to unmask and condemn the Nazi’s ideology well before the rest of the world.

    • Irenaeus,
      “pave the Way” has been the subject of a post on this very blog. If you use the search function you’ll find it in a second. Not sure the link still works, though.

      They are very fine people indeed.


  2. John Paul II inherited a church that had comprehensively razed its own traditions and instead of undertaking a campaign of restoration, the pope substituted a Mao style cult of personality to fill the gap. Indeed for many conservative young people Catholic orthodoxy was synonymous with the very person of the pope. He also did very little to address the sex abuse crisis now destroying the reputation of the Church in the world (eg. his protection of Fr Marciel). Beatifying him will cause grave scandal and reconfirm the widely held impression that the Church is not taking the sex abuse scandal seriously. The pope’s glitzy voyages around the world were more appropriate to Beyonce than the successor of an illiterate fisherman. Don’t even get me started on Assisi or the World Youth Days, or the heavy handed treatment of traditionalists under his watch. His tactics were reminscient of Kim Jong II in North Korea.

    • You are even more of an hardliner that I am, Shane.. 😉

      I personally do not subscribe to the “grave scandal” theory as in my eyes the beatification only witnesses his own personal holiness, which can be independent from all the mistakes (and they were many) of his pontificate.

      I personally also make attention to steer away from the “didn’t do enough against pedophile scandal” argument as it is my impression that this will be a favourite weapon of the Lefties. Personally the dumbing down of Catholicism, the populism galore on war, death penalty and crusades, the kissing of korans, the scandalous bishop appointments are much graver failures than a certain naivete (possibly due to innocence) and singular ability to back the wrong ones…..


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